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  1. http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/DMN-Our-first-look-at-the-schedule.html 2. Speaking of the Jets, they are actively shopping guard Alan Faneca, defensive end Shaun Ellis and linebacker Bryan Thomas and will probably waive these players after the draft. You might be surprised to read Faneca
  2. Letting Edwards go after this year would not be a loss at all. Let's draft a WR in the first round. Any good FA WR's this year?
  3. Give sanchez the rest of the year to learn this offense to to grow as a QB. Give the two of them the offseason together. I think Braylon might be distracted by his personal life too, but he really hasn't been thrown to that much. Give Braylon another year for sure. I think he will be a great fit next season.
  4. You're really annoying. This game is all on Sanchez, not Rex. Give the kid and the new coach a year to really get into it. We all knew going in that we were probably not a playoff team.
  5. No way we make the playoffs. Just accept that this year is done. The only thing we can hope for this year is that Sanchez will learn. That's it. Next year we can talk again.
  7. Sanchez really needs to step it up if we have a shot here.
  8. Nice post. That's pretty cool.
  9. No but I guess you could just go get some ear muffs. Maybe get it the same color as your snuggie so it matches?
  10. Wouldn't you rather have a snuggie than a wedgie?
  11. http://www.suzzlypromo.com/snuggiepromo.html Not sure if it will work. I did it and according to them I will have my free snuggie within 6 weeks.
  12. I believe in Rex too, but he needs to start being more of a head coach and not a defensive coordinator. If he can't, then he won't make it in this league. Sure, the Jets may come out strong against the Pats...but do you really think we can make it 10-6 or 11-5? We are a 9-7 team at best. In another year or two, this team should be dangerous providing Sanchez and Rex Ryan are what we want them to be.
  13. I think Rex is doing alright. The problems he has can be fixed. If anything, I think we need a new offensive coordinator.
  14. He'll end up with the Raiders. Larry Johnson is such a scum bag.
  15. Shamwow is a joke. I was so excited when it arrived in the mail...purposely stained my carpet....stain still there.
  16. Here's what is going to happen. Jets will need 1 win out of their final 3 games to make the playoffs. We'll lose all three.
  17. Cool. Thank you for the advice. I didn't even think of the smaller companies not really cleaning their trucks etc. Thanks again!
  18. I saw it too. Definitely worth every dollar to go see it on the big screen.
  19. Does anyone know of an affordable moving company in central NJ? I am moving about 30 miles and would prefer a flat rate type of deal. Nothing crazy, a small truckload size since I'll be moving all boxes. I just need the furniture moved. Thanks!
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