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  1. it's not being positive, it's just a fact. I'm livid about losing the game in 3 plays just like everyone else

    most of Jets nation will eventually realize once they get their collective heads out of the sand that it's FAR from over and the schedule is not that grueling.

    There's plenty of fight. I'm tired of these whiney b!tching fans who cry too early. For all those that have "had it with the SOJ," then LEAVE b/c there's plenty of football left to play, adjust, redeem, AND WIN!

    so you're tired of me already?

  2. Season is FAR from over at the 1/2 way point.

    we're 4-4, which is better than the 3-4 record of 2006 and 2-5 of 2002 after 8 weeks.

    Pick your heads up, it BLOWS that we lost the fins, but it's FAR FROM OVER and we're still in it.

    Now just SUCK IT UP, AND BRING HELL DOWN ON JAX in 2 weeks!!!!!:box:

    Your positive attitude will not go far here. :) j/k

  3. You bought all in. That's all. Most Jets fans did.

    But we all need to chill, and be patient enough to wait for the team to get built. lol Not sure that will ever happen though, ;)

    Yeah but don't we say that every year? We just gotta be patient...let the team rebuild. UGH.:confused:

  4. Sitting at 4-4 with the following schedule.









    I think we can't finish up anything less than 11-5. I just dont see it happening.

    Can someone tell me why I got so excited after our 3-0 start?


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