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  1. No...it covers up the fact that Sanchez is playing like a little ****ing girl.
  2. We are done if Leon is seriously hurt for a while.
  3. 23 - 30 304 yards 5 TD 0 INT Yes..I said it...
  4. The future Mrs told me that I should just switch teams. Right...
  5. Yeah he didn't play that great today. Either did Sanchez. In fact, I think Sanchez played the worst of anyone. I also think some of those passes thrown to Keller that were behind him, or out of reach were thrown by Sanchez. So, going with your theory, should we trade away Sanchez if we want to win?
  6. I really want to see us end this game by halftime. 27-3 would be nice.
  7. So glad he's back. I haven't read any positive news on Strickland though. Anyone hear anything?
  8. The company I work for needs a good printing company for their business cards and letterhead. We need the raised lettering cards. Anyone familiar with any good ones in Central NJ? Thanks!
  9. http://www.wgr550.com/Fire-Dick-Jauron-Billboard-to-go-up-in-Buffalo/5442258
  10. Definitely have to win the next three. It will shut everyone up by saying it's the "same old jets", including me.
  11. I got this trade proposal. Would you do this? Tony Romo & Brandon Jacobs for Eli Manning and Leon Washington
  12. It's nice to know that we are in first, but it's only week 5. Long season and being in first after week 5 is not reassuring when you are a Jets fan.
  13. This is the typical Jets we all know. Up and down. Horse ****. I am just venting and maybe overreacting right now but im so sick of this all the time. Defense was NOT there. WTF??
  14. I want to download some Jets backgrounds or themes. Is this possible? Where can I go? Thanks!
  15. Xbox360: Combatant324 I really only play Madden.
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