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  1. Read this on KFFL....did not see it posted anyhwere. Sorry in advance if it is.

    Jets | Tannenbaum to meet with Condon Saturday

    Fri, 24 Feb 2006 20:25:14 -0800

    Ken Berger, of Newsday, reports <A href="http://www.kffl.com/team/27/nfl">New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum will meet with agent Tom Condon at the NFL Combine Saturday, Feb. 25, to discuss QB Chad Pennington's contract situation. The two sides have until Friday, March 3, to hammer out a compromise on Pennington's contract, which calls for him to receive a $3 million roster bonus that day. If the Jets cannot get Pennington to agree to a substantial pay cut, the team appears prepared to release him before Friday. While rehabbing in Florida, Pennington recently told Condon that he wants a chance to reclaim his starting job and lead the Jets back to the playoffs.

  2. Chad: Keep me in green

    Pennington believed to have told agent to resolve situation with team



    February 24, 2006

    Chad Pennington is rehabbing his right shoulder in Florida, but his arm apparently is in good enough shape to point his agent in the right direction before a crucial meeting with Jets management at the scouting combine.

    Jets officials arrived in Indianapolis yesterday, as did Pennington's agent, Tom Condon, who is believed to have gotten very specific marching offers from the injured quarterback.

    Pennington very much wants to stay in his green and white No. 10 jersey.

    Although Pennington already has rejected the Jets' offer to take a steep pay cut to return next season, he is believed to have instructed Condon to do everything in his power to keep him with the Jets.

    Whether the feeling is mutual will become apparent by the time Condon and Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum meet face-to-face this weekend in an attempt to resolve the quarterback's contract.

    During a lengthy interview session upon arriving in Indianapolis, Tannenbaum said the two sides have had "many conversations" and are "in the middle of active negotiations."

    The talks are aimed at finding a way to lower Pennington's $12 million salary cap figure for 2006. The Jets already have the ability to lower that number to $7.5 million by guaranteeing Pennington's base salary of $6 million next season, but the cash-strapped team wants to go even farther.

    The deadline is March 3, when Pennington is due a $3 million roster bonus that the Jets don't want to pay because he is coming off his second right shoulder operation in as many seasons.

    Running back Curtis Martin, who has restructured his contract to give the Jets more cap room, endorsed bringing Pennington back yesterday on ESPN Radio.

    "I will play with Chad any day, I don't care what anybody says," said Martin, who nonetheless couched his support based on Pennington's health.

    "If his shoulder comes back healthy," Martin added. "I would like to see if it does."

    Tannenbaum said resolving Pennington's situation "can happen today" or "can happen three meals from now. It's hard to say."

    It all depends on how often you eat - and on whether the Jets have decided that Pennington is too damaged to rely on anymore.

    Coach Eric Mangini said in Indianapolis yesterday that he is "very comfortable" with the Jets' cap situation after millions were shaved off this week with a flurry of roster moves.

    But the situation could become complicated if defensive end John Abraham decides to sign his $8.3 million tender as the team's franchise player. If Abraham signs the offer, which his representatives received yesterday, the Jets would be required to clear the cap space by next Friday.

  3. Today, 03:51 PM #1 Top


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    Hi, Im new to the board....


    Hi, I just registered here at JI, and I was at theganggreen but I got banned. They take everythink seriously. I came to JI to start fresh, I do post alot but I dont call myself a postwhore. I already love it here I hope I get to know you guys alot better.


    Same guy?

    Nopers. Not me! :cheers:

  4. Hey everyone -

    I am new to this board. Long time Jets fan. I was over at theganggreen.com and they banned me. I got into an argument with a moderator over there. Don't worry, I am a peaceful person.

    I have nothing against the site, just a couple of the mods. Great site.

    I have been lurking around jetnation here and really liked the way everyone posts around here. I am glad to be a member!


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