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  1. Two things. One - Edwards had ZERO catches last week. I doubt that will happen again. Two - I have Dustin Keller. Win win for me!
  2. Looks like this trade for Edwards is REALLY going to pay off for me.
  3. I definitely would too. I just wonder if he really didn't like being in Cleveland and wasn't focused 100%.
  4. How is it possible that he drops any passes when he can make catches like those??
  5. Oh they play in the AFC East? Which team?
  6. lol exactly. I would be pretty pissed.
  7. I think we are taking over a contract that only has this year left on it and the he is a free agent.
  8. Anyone hear anything? I just think they should hold off and do Leon's first...
  9. All Jet fans think we can make a run! But...we are the Jets so we do our best to keep our mouth shut so we don't make a fool of ourselves.
  10. http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/player_main.aspx?sport=NFL&hl=153928&id=842 The Raiders are reportedly bracing themselves for the possibility that head coach Tom Cable could soon be arrested for his training camp fight with former assistant Randy Hanson. The NFL could also suspend Cable for violating the Personal Conduct Policy if he is charged with assault. "Everybody is trying to figure out who
  11. wow our playcalling last year wouldve been perfect here. RUN. WTF - passing it on 3rd and 1 with the o-line that we have?
  12. OK we have proven over and over again that our D can stop them. Please, please score a TD here!!!! We can really do this.
  13. We get the ball here at half. Drive down the field, score a TD and we are looking at being down by 7 in the 3rd quarter. It can happen.
  14. we knew sanchez would have his "rookie games". Unfortunately this is one of them. 3-1...still in first place though.
  15. He offered me Braylon Edwards, Jon Stewart for Coffee. Should I accept?
  16. He offered me Ginn Jr and Jon Stewart for Coffee. I countered with Coffee and Crayton for Walter
  17. Yeah I think he has potential this year after last weeks performance, i think it's worth the risk on my end since my number 1 receiver is coles.
  18. Just asked him for Holmes. We'll see. I'll go for Kevin Walter when he turns me down for Holmes.
  19. I have Glen Coffee. The guy who has Gore wants to trade for him. I need a WR desperately in a PPR league. Coles is my number one. His WRs are: Vincent Jackson Braylon Edwards Santonio Holmes Kevin Walter Tedd Ginn Jr. Josh Morgan What would be a fair trade proposal for me to make for him?
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