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  1. wow we look awful. this looks like the typical jets we've learned to love.
  2. Obviously the Pats aren't in town. Will the crowd be just as loud? Just curious.
  3. They are offering me McGahee and Larry Johnson for Brandon Jacobs. Thoughts?
  4. Yeah. I've never heard the crowd so loud before. It was so nice to hear. Hope it's like this at the next home game.
  5. Maybe a local community college would hire him as a defensive coordinator?
  6. What was the point of that today? I watched it on TV, but I could imaine that was incredibly loud in person. Was that used to piss off the Pats only? I sure hope so.
  7. Maybe he'll join Herm in the broadcasting booth?
  8. I love it. Guess his "bellychick" strategy isn't so good after all. Just sayin'
  9. Definitely a top 5 defense right now but lets give this a few more weeks before we reallllly make a prediction.
  10. The crowd...the team...the coaching....AMAZING!!!!!!
  11. LOL thank you for all the wonderful responses. I sent her the ebay link!
  12. She has tickets, but no parking pass to tailgate? Anyone selling one or is there any other alternatives to what she can do? Thanks!
  13. http://www.patriotsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=49025 They all seem to be pretty confident. I really hope we destroy the patsies. We deserve some damn respect in the league for once.
  14. We don't need to worry. He's never 100%. He will be just fine.
  15. To all who think I am a little girl when it comes to bugs... 100% right. Put a moth on me and i'll rip my shirt off. Trust me...it's happened. I HATE bugs.
  16. LOL. Glad I can give you a laugh. Can crickets really move that fast?
  17. I have but apparently there are a million different kinds.
  18. You don't think it's one of those brown banded ****roaches? http://www.premiumpestmanagement.com/images/stories/roaches/brownbanded.jpg
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