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  1. It's a frickin' "THE GANG GREEN" site!


    Ok, that means SNY is purchasing:

    1. The Gang Green.com
    2. NY Jetsfan.com
    3. A site to be named later - Possibly Sooth?

    Way to go Woody - take control of the media - Did anyone else read Orwell?

    I get it now, the new site is going to be called 'JETSNEWSPEAK.COM!" :bag:

    Wtf? They just redesigned their site too. Effed up they did that.

  2. Guys -- I heard something about SNY doing something with that domain name. I was trying to make a joke out of the announcement thing. But now that the jetsnation.com link is out there my joke is kind of ruined.

    That being said, we were not sold and I don't know what three sites are involved. Building a super power of Jets sites is an interesting concept though. One that we want no part of. We like it just the way it is now.

    Not sure how the other site members are going to feel about getting acquired though. We are and always will be JetNation.com. The original, we were here before the TV show regardless of what they put on that site.

    Jetnation.com is the best and always will be the best!

    I wonder which sites are involved.

    What other sites besides TGG and JI are out there??

  3. So I failed on June 30.

    Paperwork says: "If this vehicle is not rpesented within 45 days from today, it may be subjected to another complete inspection."

    right below that is...

    "However this vehicle must pass inspection by 07/31/2009 at any facility, or it may be subjected to registration suspension."

    My mechanic said I had 45 days. - had to order some parts - getting it fixed on Tuesday.

    DMV's paperwork is really confusing.

    Anyone know the truth?

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