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  1. Steelers' top picks injured during minicamp NFL.com wire reports PITTSBURGH (May 11, 2007) -- The Pittsburgh Steelers' top two draft picks, linebackers Lawrence Timmons and LaMarr Woodley, were hurt during the first day of a three-day minicamp and might not practice the rest of the weekend. Timmons' groin was wrapped following the morning practice and Woodley injured a hamstring. Neither injury is believed to be serious, and both players will be re-examined before the first of two practices May 12. Timmons, from Florida State, was the 15th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. Wo
  2. Has David Harris as a back up LOLB and David Bowens as a back up ILB. Very interesting. It is also interesting that Darrell Revis is no where on this chart. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/teams...nId=15&team=nyj
  3. First off Victor Hobson has played middle/inside linebacker. Here are 2 scouting reports from 2003 that list him as a MLB: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/football/draft/hobson-victor.htm and one that lists him as an ILB http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/2003/draft/players/3367.html Mangini drafts football players. That is why he drafted Brad Smith, a QB last year and put him at WR (A position he never played by the way). Mangini is of the Belichick Parcells school of thought. He will draft versitile LB's that will have the where with all to play and learn al
  4. David Harris and Victor Hobson had almost identical senior years at Michigan: Harris 103 TKL 16 TFL 4 Sacks 1 INT Hobson 99 TKL 15 TFL 5 Sacks 2 INT Mangini converted Hobson from a MLB/ILB to a pretty good OLB in the 3-4. Since Harris is taller, faster than Hobson i think Mangini will put Harris at OLB essentialy pairing Hobson and Vilma in the middle. If Hobson is able to get 6 sacks in the system there is no reason why Harris, with 4.54 40 speed, could not do as good if not better. You ask why we didn't draft Spencer, Moss, Woodley, etc? I think Mangini felt t
  5. This is a great read! After the signing of Bowens I thought The Jets would not go after an OLB the first day. After reading this awesome synopsis I am glad that there is still a chance. I too would love to see Spencer at 25. If not, then Woodley or Crowder in the second would be fine by me.
  6. They (Jamie Dukes) said what we all know. We need a better pass rush and suggested someone like Jarvis Moss in the first round. He alluded that he thinks the Jets will go LB with their first 2 picks. He suggested Jarvis Moss and Tim Shaw. I hope it's Anthony Spencer and David Harris but hey....Jamie Dukes was the only guy to say the Jets would be competitive in 2006 on that network so maybe he has some clairvoyance .
  7. Cimini writes: "By paying so much to Coleman, and by retaining von Oelhoffen and re-signing graybeard Bobby Hamilton, the Jets are giving the impression that they
  8. No we want a fully focused Brady so Pats fans can use that an an excuse when we kick their ass up and down the AFC east
  9. I think Bowens would have been more of a "depth" pick up. I would rather pick up a good ILB like David Harris in the second or third round for depth.
  10. Tanenbaum was on the FAN yesterday and said the reason why he liked the Coleman signing is because Coleman knew the "system". Dallas ran the 3-4. Is Cimini the best the NY Daily News has to offer? Jeez and what exactly fueled his speculation? The intetrest in Bowens and the re-signing of Hamilton? Thank god Cimini is a beat writer and not a detective
  11. Well I think the Dolphins ran a 4-3 so he was playing RDE in the 4-3. Apparentley Dan Quinn loves this guy when he coached him at Miami. He is a versitile player who will most likely be moved to LB. I think Mangini is stacking up on big, fast linebackers and will continue to do so in the draft
  12. ouch! Maybe he is working on sprints this off season
  13. Great point! The Parcells, Belichick and now Mangini way is to rotate the LB's that is why he wants versitile players. I don't think Bowens will just play OLB. I think each LB will play all positions and give different looks to confuse the opposition. This is why I think Vilma might be on his way out. He can't really play all LB positions. Anthony Spencer, Lamarr Woodley would fit that mold. I read Parcell's Biography by Bill Gutman and he explained how Belichick rotated all LB's against the 49'ers in 86'. And that confused Montana. LT would be on the inside, Carson on the outs
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