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  1. I used to think a car was just a way of getting from point “A” to point “B”—and, on weekends, point “C”—but that was the old me. That man died the moment I laid eyes on the 1987 Toyota Tercel!
  2. When it comes to player evals, the only person I trust less than a Jets scout is a former Jets scout.
  3. Via https://twitter.com/DataWithBliss/status/1524907337592590357
  4. Poor pig has no idea what‘s coming
  5. I get his point. Generally speaking, trading down is better than trading up, especially for a running back. But there's a lot cutting against that. For one thing, we had a ton of capital--we didn't trade away a bunch of future picks; we just spent the ones we'd accumulated. We started the draft with four picks in the first and second, and came away from those rounds with...four players. For another, the Jets are ******* terrible (If we did a leaguewide draft of current NFL players, how long would it take to get to the first Jet?). Getting a bunch of depth guys in the 4th and lottery tickets in the 6th doesn't do much for us. Most importantly, if the Jets want to have any hope of being even halfway decent in the next 2-3 years, Zach has to get good, and fast, so you pay a premium on a running back you think can be an immediate difference-maker. It's not a viable strategy if you do it every year (hello, Mike Tannenbaum and Ryan Pace), but at some point you just have to get some guys who can actually play.
  6. If history is any indication, #4 is guaranteed to be one of the PRI guys.
  7. I don’t have anything to add except that this Fescoe guy was for a time known as BULLDOG BOB and during the Todd Haley era had exactly the kind of rant you’d expect from a guy who calls himself BULLDOG BOB
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