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  1. dbatesman

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    Maynard or Klecko
  2. dbatesman

    Updated Mike Maccagnan Draft History

    Rebuild 4.2 is going great guns
  3. How many of these ******* threads are we going to get
  4. The second one is from like three hours ago
  5. I would stack my record up against that nine and a half fingered weirdo’s any day of the week
  6. actually we’re entering Phase XVII of Rebuild 3.1, so there’s no pressure to make the playoffs this year
  7. you know what would prove the Jets were desperate? Hiring their first choice for HC. but he turned them down so boom not desperate. lol the SOJFs are begging for mercy now
  8. Remember when Matt Rhule turned down the job because Baby Huey wanted to hire his coordinators for him
  9. dbatesman

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Never been more excited for someone to answer a question

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