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  1. Contingency plans; Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson

    Dream scenario followed by wet dream scenario
  2. Bit's 2018 Mock 1.0 (assumes Kirk Cousins to NYJ)

    @bitonti Can Nelson play tackle?
  3. Must be a good idea since all the smart, good franchises are in on it
  4. He was also 8th out of 11 in completion percentage in the Mountain West, but in fairness to him, Kent Myers was surely throwing to at least three future All-Pros.
  5. The truth is....

    I like your style, Orlando.
  6. It's not hard. Replace your morning coffee with Sterno and jam a knitting needle into your ear and you're halfway there.
  7. By far the best posts on this site are when joewilly12 finds some article germane to the topic at hand, and then just copies and pastes the title in some weird font without copying the article itself or even the link.
  8. Literally no one is arguing this, and in fact the people you're referring to are generally arguing quite the opposite.
  9. Free Agency & Draft Mock 2018

    This has to stop.
  10. Free Agency & Draft Mock 2018

    Because then he can be a brilliant diamond-in-the-rough find and not just some scrapheap rando who filled a roster spot for a season.
  11. Since Cousins is going to be a free agent, I think Elway's track record in attracting FAs is more relevant than his draft picks. Now that I think about it, didn't Elway sign some free agent QB a few years ago? Can't remember the guy's name, but I feel like I saw something on Sportscenter about it.
  12. I think it's probably also the two Super Bowl appearances in five years thing, but I could be wrong on that