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  1. Doesn’t look like he’s doing play by play though. A rank amateur
  2. For anybody tracking tweets, remember that Robert Mays is subbing for Connor Hughes today
  3. There have been some truly amazing apologias for dumbass Jets moves over the years, but even after all this time, “#actually the Jolley trade was a swap of picks” still reigns supreme
  4. I wouldn’t trade Mike White for Watson
  5. Penny-ante foolishness. A complete waste of two days
  6. Another county heard from. This definitely needed its own thread
  7. there’s like a half-dozen posters here whose whole thing is running some tired shtick into the ground, and this thread is their Woodstock
  8. imagine caping for a billionaire, thinking about ways to save him money, and it’s not even Bob Kraft or Steve Bisciotti or the Rooneys, it’s Woody Johnson lmfao
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