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  1. This thread should be an edifying exploration of the legal and ethical implications of the gender power imbalance in sports media
  2. This is false. Mehta's an access whore. If you give him good copy, he'll protect you forever. Not totally surprising Adams would be one of his guys.
  3. I certainly hope he’s right, but there’s no reason to trust anything Mehta says about anything.
  4. dbatesman

    Sam Darnold at the ESPY’s

    Half the people in this photo look like this is the greatest night of their lives, and the other half look like someone just told them their dog died.
  5. dbatesman

    Schefter: Jets Releasing Devin Smith

    2015 was the year Maccagnan won Executive of the Year, right?
  6. get your doofy To Catch A Predator lookin ass back in the unemployment line, bitch
  7. They’ll be fine as long as they have Josh Allen.
  8. With a bunch of bitchy subtweets about “certain elements of the Jets fan base” thrown in, yes.
  9. Glenn gets it just fine. But he’s chosen to die on this particular hill, and doing so seems a lot more noble when you’re selective about when you’re going to argue in good faith.
  10. Nobody actually thinks he’s obsessed with safeties. Jokes to that effect are just shorthand for “it was really ******* dumb to spend first and second round picks on safeties.”
  11. Bosa was 11 lbs. heavier and still destroyed Gholston in the three cone and short shuttle.