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  1. excited for the half-dozen usual balloonheads to charge in here and explain how this is Actually Good and in fact proves that Woody is a good owner
  2. There’s been a report like this once a week for like six months now
  3. Blowing out my diaper because the greatest football player of all time did not show sufficient respect to the Jets, a franchise worthy of respect,
  4. I love that there’s an actual human being in the Year of Our Lord 2021 who is compulsively driven to prove that building through the draft is Actually Bad
  5. Long past time for him to go depart for the Great Dive Bar Ladies’ Room In The Sky
  6. We have the Panthers' 2nd round pick. Rooting for Darnold to play terribly is the opposite of bizarre. Making excuses for a guy the Jets traded six months ago feels a little weird though.
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