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  1. I pledge to openly root against whoever we draft
  2. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but it appears we have a major-league badass on our hands
  3. It should be illegal for there to be an Asante Samuel Jr. who’s old enough to play in the league. Just disrespectful
  4. I think it's the opposite. If Allen puts the Bills season at risk because he doesn't want to get the shot, ten thousand Zubazed sister****ers will be on his front lawn with pitchforks and torches inside of 24 hours.
  5. This is the answer, btw. I don't really care if players skip voluntary workouts, or what excuse they use if they do, but the league should 100% mandate that every player and coach has to be fully vaccinated in time for camp (or OTAs, or whatever mandatory thing is first on the calendar).
  6. That’s usually how it works. NFL players do something, then the nurses are right behind them. I’ve seen it a thousand times
  7. Wilson, I guess, although he’ll probably be terrible
  8. thanks for being above .500 for literally one week of your career, and also for getting mono
  9. Thanks for posting these. Athletic numbers are always valuable in gauging prospects, but especially in the Jets’ case—IIRC, a bunch of our picks last year were high-RAS guys.
  10. great googly moogly
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