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  1. Housekeeper of the Year
  2. dbatesman

    Jets OTA’s Day 2

    this is bullsh*t
  3. Reading sh*t like this makes me want to scream. This is his fourth offseason. Any dead wood on the roster is his fault.
  4. Its called a competitive rebuild genious
  5. Coulda been the Ravens sh*tting in our mouths for three hours!
  6. you’re gonna feel really dumb when the Raiders coaches make him good
  7. dbatesman

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    A conditional seventh for Hackenberg is a heist.
  8. dbatesman

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    How dare they?
  9. Much worse, particularly because he tore up the other knee in a similar way at Clemson. My point was just that while there are real concerns about his injury history, it’s not because of his playing style per se.
  10. Problem is, he can’t do that, either.
  11. No it didn't. He tore his ACL trotting across the practice field.
  12. That poor pig doesn’t even know what’s about to hit it