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  1. just laughed so hard I started choking on my own spit
  2. Good. Go away and leave us alone
  3. Mauldin was drafted when we were rebuilding, so it doesnt count as a bad pick
  4. Holy hell this is going to be such a disaster
  5. dbatesman

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    Maybe it just felt that way
  6. dbatesman

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    In Maccagnan’s defense, he did put together a team that lasted two full years before needing to be blown up and rebuilt
  7. dbatesman

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    Remember when his first big move was trading for Brandon Marshall
  8. dbatesman

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    Is this a serious question?
  9. I wouldn’t say no shot. I’m sure whatever we end up with will look like the photo in spirit if not in specifics (i.e., like something rejected by the Arena League).

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