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  1. Well, Josh Allen is Actually Good. Nice to know that literally everything that happens in sports happens solely to torment me personally
  2. “So you guys think Christian Hackenberg is bad? Maybe look up John Elway’s rookie stats genious”
  3. Love doing this exercise with literally every single sh*tty QB we draft
  4. You know I’m all in on Jim Bob. But giving Williams the big chair raises the not insignificant possibility that Johnson takes the interim off his title come January.
  5. Glad to hear it, because whatever gets Gase out of here is a positive, but Williams should be packing his bags too. The defense is regularly out of position, constantly commits dumb penalties, and can’t tackle for sh*t.
  6. Sure does! But I never claimed I was always right—just that Pac is always wrong.
  7. Mangini's problem is that, like everyone who comes out of New England, he thinks the most important factors in building a winning organization are running Junction Boys practices and treating everyone in the organization, from players to custodians to ballboys, like something he just scraped off the bottom of his shoe. I don't think he has the temperament to be a head coach, but he could be a major asset to somebody as a scouting director.
  8. Anytime you want to compare records, pull the Jamal Adams waifu pillow out from between your legs and square up broseph
  9. lol literally came here to post this. Pac is undefeated at being wrong
  10. I feel like there has to be an inverse relationship between Jets ratings and JN traffic
  11. The Jets have been a mortifying embarrassment for most of their history. Why would the NFL suddenly decide to intervene now?
  12. The defense sucks this year because we lost Darryl Roberts. Adams has nothing to do with it

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