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  1. dbatesman

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    Ah man I forgot, everything Maccagnan has done is Actually Good because he couldn’t possibly have done it any other way
  2. dbatesman

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    On this roster? No one. But someone like, say, Allen Robinson would have been nice.
  3. dbatesman

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    No one's blaming him for anything. His presence on the roster is of zero importance. That's the reason people are wondering why we're paying him $10 million.
  4. My brother in law is an IP attorney, PM me if you want his contact info
  5. dbatesman

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    Yeah, that'll really haunt us
  6. dbatesman

    Things are actually looking up...

    Yeah, I don't get this either. He's a dunce and a lunatic, not to mention the fact that he would never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever take the Jets job. Ever.
  7. It makes sense. Maccagnan's one undeniable skill is the ability to cover his own ass. Firing Bowles now just gives everyone six games to realize that the roster is a used diaper. This way, he fires Bowles in January and sells ownership on how unfair it would be to fire him without letting him pick his own coach. Good times.
  8. dbatesman

    It starts with talent

    retaining the worst GM in the league to own the SOJFs
  9. Oh man, didn’t realize. Let’s hand him $80mm guaranteed
  10. A guy with a major injury and a suspension on his resume? Sounds like a born Jet!

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