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  1. I’m more concerned with the medical stuff we do know about
  2. I hope it doesn’t escape notice, amidst the many and various Narratives of the next two weeks, that the lovable, Cinderella story, America-is-rooting-for-you Bills went out in a flurry of tantrums and cheap shots, led by their bitchmade sh*tkicker of a quarterback, who loves to play up his Big Tough Country Boy rep but flops like Manu Ginobili and bitches to the officials more than Brady ever did.
  3. A pastor named Jack Easterby has set himself up as Rasputin: Lone Star, and is generally thought to be leading the franchise right now. Caldwell and--in particular, McCown--are both strongly and vocally religious. You can connect the dots.
  4. Saleh seems like a great dude, but I wish we'd get more content from these interviews. In the presser and in his interview with Kay, Douglas mentioned that Saleh checked all their boxes, but no one ever pressed him on what those boxes were. Everyone talks about how Saleh has a great vision for building the team, but I haven't heard any specifics on what that vision is.
  5. I get this sense too. Hope it’s just my innate pessimism. Sounds like he didn’t want to come here anyway, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. The bit on analytics was interesting. It’s going to sting if Saleh kicks a lot of field goals.
  7. Agreed. I also want to hear that his offensive philosophy is to score 30 points a game, but I’m already bracing myself for a bunch of redass crap about toughness and running the ball and winning in cold weather.
  8. When people blame the fans for the Jets being bad all the time, this is exactly what they're talking about.

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