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  1. A restaurant called Wordsaladworks whose buffet consists entirely of terms like "shows promise" and "should be a starter next year" and "solid role player." Its only customers are Jets beat reporters, the #drafttwitter guys who get together every March to choose a random defender as "the best player in the draft," and the most severely brain-damaged JN posters.
  2. Career years, young core, developing young talent
  3. I spoke way too soon. “He’s great at getting out of the terrible contracts he signs” absolutely pales in comparison to “How is it the GM’s fault when we pick a terrible player?”
  4. As long as we can all agree that the first two drafts don’t count. I have no idea why you keep saying this like you just solved The Mystery of the Execrable Executive. Of course he’s getting an extension.
  5. I think “he’s great at getting out of the terrible contracts he signs” is my favorite Maccagnan defense.
  6. TFW a GM is entering his 4th offseason and the team is no closer to a championship than they were when he arrived
  7. It wasn't an egregious pick because Walter Football thought it was a reach. It was an egregious pick because Hackenberg was and is a terrible quarterback. The player I wanted instead was literally any other draft-eligible player left on the board.