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  1. People like to dump on Woody, and rightfully so, but the average Jets fan shares his view of roster construction: if you’ve heard of a guy, he must be worth dumping a bunch of future assets to acquire
  2. I took Hardman as Moore’s replacement. It feels like they need one more receiver, and I could absolutely see Woody being stupid enough to want Beckham, especially if Rodgers is pushing for him.
  3. For sure. Getting rid of a 22-year-old injury-prone psycho making $1.4mm next year frees us up to pay a 30-year-old injury-prone psycho $10mm next year. Good stuff
  4. Didn’t he have to cut his pro day workout short because he was sucking wind?
  5. No doubt. And by now it’s pretty clear that that’s the top priority.
  6. I can’t believe we’re even talking about this. The Rodgers thing has broken everyone‘s brain
  7. The Jets have also spent the last decade-plus stepping on every rake they can find, so I’m not sure the Packers of all franchises are intimidated to be in our “domain”
  8. No doubt. My bet is it would be closer to 10.
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