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  1. Obviously that would suck, but it would also be extremely hilarious
  2. Stephen A. Smith is a dipsh*t, but this is absolutely not why people think Cal McNair is a racist.
  3. Same GM, but a different ownership group, so who knows. And I read somewhere a couple weeks ago that Payton planned to bring Fangio with him wherever he ended up.
  4. Not sure this group ever got the wheels on, to be honest.
  5. We’re vibing, brother. I’ve been enjoying the playoffs until today. For some reason that DeVonta Smith catch that wasn’t a catch but ended up being a catch sent me into a tailspin. I actually said out loud “nothing that cool will ever happen to the Jets.” Been in a bad mood ever since.
  6. Well, take it up with them, because I’m not a Zach slurper and I certainly never said LaFleur was the root cause of the Jets’ offensive problems. My point is that there is no evidence whatsoever that the issue was LaFleur being some throwback hardass and the players being too soft to handle it. If anything, it sounds a lot like it was the opposite.
  7. I get why this sounds good, because it lets you paint the players as a bunch of tissue-soft zoomer crybabies, but it doesn’t hold with anything I’ve read. The only person saying he was “too mean” is Steve Young, who’s basically a Wilson family PR flack. FG, Mogglez, and the aforementioned Rosenblatt piece have all said just the opposite: that LaFleur is conflict-averse and basically avoided coaching any of his players because it would involve confronting them.
  8. I was iffy on firing LaFleur for a lot of reasons, but this is a pretty stark way of putting it. If what Mogglez and FG say is true, LaFleur wasn’t doing any actual coaching; he just spent every week holed up in his office drawing up plays on his giant monitor.
  9. There really is no better genre of JN thread than when some guy goes “oh so you think the Jets are stupid, huh??? [scoffs so hard he chokes on his own spit] well if you Einstiens are so smart riddle me this what would you have done” and like a dozen people immediately reply with astute, well-reasoned answers that are way better than whatever the Jets did.
  10. No surprises there. The OC job is a microcosm of the franchise itself, in that it’s a radioactive cesspool that any actually qualified candidate would run screaming from.
  11. In fairness to Chicago, I think this is what happens when a poverty franchise gets ahold of a QB they didn’t think they had a shot at. Remember during 2018 TC when Hughes tweeted “folks: this is what a franchise QB looks like” or some other such mortifying bullsh*t about Sam Darnold?
  12. This would be very funny because it is an article of faith among Bears fans and media that Fields is—not will be, but already is—a franchise QB.
  13. This, plus the Rams having a top-10 offense and Russell Wilson winning Comeback Player of the Year
  14. Wasn’t this the reason the Broncos hired Hackett?
  15. This is like a perfect distillation of Rex. RYAN CLARK: [offers perfectly cromulent reason not to do something] REX: **** you. that only makes me want to do it harder
  16. I'm coming around to your idea that the mystery team is the Dolphins, and as much as I loathe them, I have to admit it would be a major BDE move to forfeit a first round pick for unsuccessfully tampering with a guy and then go out and successfully land him a year later.
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