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  1. It would depend who’s on the board. I generally always support picking up additional picks (especially a future first), but this roster is so starved for talent at so many key positions that I’m actually not sure trading down is the right move.
  2. No need. This is 100% leading to a DM request for feet pics.
  3. Someone (Lonelyhearts IIRC) correctly pointed out that people are missing the question. It’s not “is Darnold definitely or definitely not the guy?” It’s “has Darnold shown enough that we can stop looking for the guy?” And the answer to that, so far, is no.
  4. Arguing that Darnold's floor is Philip Rivers, and that that is Actually Bad, absolutely makes you wrong.
  5. Yeah, we'll be in real deep sh*t if Darnold turns out to be Philip Rivers
  6. I like that Joe’s such a demented old boomer that he thinks “you like tacos” is an insult
  7. Don't ask me how I know this, but that Francesa clip is like five years old.
  8. Not really. If anything, I think we should be doing more to publicize the fact that Adams has almost as many interceptions as Neville Hewitt
  9. Wow, tied for first on the Jets in fumble recoveries
  10. Do you have a tshirt that says this that you wear every Sunday
  11. I think the point is that people want him to play aggressively and still avoid mistakes, but thanks Y3k
  12. Washington Beyond Awfuls, 2010-2019: 60-92-1 (.392), two playoff appearances New York At Least We’re Not Washingtons, 2010-2019: 63-90 (.411), one playoff appearance
  13. It was fun watching the velcro shoe crew narrative switch from “lol ya right Macc tried to pick Rhule’s assistants 🙄 [scoffs so hard he chokes on his own spit]” to “actually, a guy who regularly injures himself while eating with a fork insisting that he gets to pick his head coach’s assistants is smart footballing”
  14. He’s more likely to lose by double digits than he is to win, but on the other hand maybe none of the losses are his fault, so really who can say

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