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  1. Probably soon, personnel guys are always in demand
  2. When do you think Maccagnan will get another NFL job
  3. Because there’s no modern precedent for a quarterback with Allen’s collegiate statistical profile succeeding in the NFL.
  4. whatever number****er, grind some #tape and youll see Polite is awesome
  5. Chase Winovich out there with the Pats’ first-string defense.
  6. The post has been edited to ensure that "Ginger" is not misgendered. dbatesman regrets the error.
  7. Just wanted to give a shoutout to "Ginger," who has been a JN member in good standing for nearly 10 years but has never actually posted. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the cornerback market. In the meantime, enjoy your day, "Ginger"!
  8. I don’t know which beat writer started the emoji thing, but whoever it is should be thrown down a well
  9. What if we’d drafted Mahomes instead of Adams and had four extra premium picks to build a team around him? /ducks
  10. dbatesman

    JN Run Club

    That thing looks evil.
  11. dbatesman

    JN Run Club

    Second this. My IT bands have always been tight, to the degree that I was getting valgus collapse on back squats and crossing my fingers every time I went down that I wouldn't shred both knees. Rest didn't really help, but switching to Bulgarian split squats sure as hell did. I would also recommend one of those S-shaped trigger point massagers to help clear out the stuff that foam rolling alone can't get to.
  12. Cool! My OP was about how bizarre it is that the article dragged Beckham into this, so I'm not really sure what the point of any of this is, except to argue that David Patten is more "important" than Randy Moss.
  13. Agreed, I'm sick and tired of hearing from loudmouth divas like [squints at cue cards] Calvin Johnson
  14. The Lions went 49-86 with Calvin Johnson on the roster.
  15. Also, Warfish is right. The Mayfield stuff has reached pathological levels.
  16. I like how half the article is just taking shots at Beckham, who has nothing whatsoever to do with this story, capped off by this gem: “Beckham has done nothing but lose, except for that one time he went to the playoffs, but uhh that doesn’t count.”
  17. Kiko Alonso is gutter trash. I wouldn’t let him play for my team for free.

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