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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to stop by and say that DORK or whatever it’s called is made-up voodoo BS, but TD passes thrown under pressure? That’s the real deal baby
  2. I actually think Shepherd is fine, particularly considering where he was picked. But he’s kind of an odd guy to cite if you’re looking for an example of “everyone said this guy was a bust but look at him now.” More to the point though, the one thing the Jets have done consistently over the past decade is spend first-round picks on defensive linemen and then wait for them to develop. Unfortunately, most have developed into crap.
  3. The problem is, he wasn’t actually on the field that much, because he missed six games for pissing dirty.
  4. Shepherd played less than 21% of the defensive snaps last season.
  5. Yes, if this situation were totally different, people would probably feel totally different about it.
  6. About the Jets making the playoffs. Not a fan
  7. I try not to complain about stuff like this, but can someone edit the thread title? It’s a long way until draft day and if people are going to post random unsubstantiated crap, they should label it as such so the rest of us know not to waste our time with it.
  8. I keep wanting to say “weird flex but ok” but every time your next flex turns out to be even weirder
  9. He's an unrestricted free agent. Not sure why he needs to make a public display of fealty to a team that didn't deem him worthy of a contract extension, but go off king
  10. The vibe of this thread is def super chill
  11. Isn't he basically saying he cares more about winning than about money?
  12. Would have to say Sam has been the best in the postseason so far
  13. Feels like the Titans have proven you don’t need an elite QB to win a Super Bowl. JMO
  14. This is such a weird thing to care about, and you are entirely on an island with it. Some more transparency from Douglas would be nice though.
  15. This this this this this this this. This. Jason Taylor is a disease and signing him was borderline treasonous. The only silver lining to the loss in Pittsburgh was knowing that jerkoff would never play in a Super Bowl.
  16. When he said they hired “four computer folks,” I knew they were headed in the right direction
  17. gotta love a team making hiring decisions based on what will placate the dumbest members of the fanbase

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