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  1. He has the right nickname...I want no QB who is fired during a playoff run...
  2. gojets1234


    Sums up my thoughts exactly...great job!
  3. Three JETS die cast B-2 Bomber 1968 Mustang P-51 Mustang :)
  4. Three JETS die cast B-2 Bomber 1968 Mustang P-51 Mustang :)
  5. gojets1234

    Once again Chad holds back this team

    If my aunt had balls she would be my uncle...
  6. gojets1234

    Who would you choose ..

    Colts Patriots Ravens :box:
  7. gojets1234


    if we find him in the 6th round I'm all for it...
  8. J-E-T-S...WIN! Chad is not the only reason we won but he definitely contributed. Does anyone think there is a better QB for this team this year? Please remeber when we had Brooks Bollinger starting. It was only a year ago. I'm not saying Chad is all that and a bag of chips but he gets the job done...and he still has a lot to prove come playoff time. The same could be said about the majority of QBs in the NFL. This season has been fun. I enjoy going to the bar again and watching the JETS and having a smart and well coached team playing each week. Sometimes the players don't play up to expectations but the team is playing hard and competing for a playoff spot. Enjoy the game one at a time.
  9. gojets1234

    The Official Jets Fans Only Thread

    :box: Jets rule! This thread is awesome!
  10. gojets1234

    Brady and Moss

    Found this on the 10 spot...didn't see it posted before...enjoy:yahoo: making the rounds on YouTube. Brady is a song parody set to the tune of Kenny Rogers' ballad Lady, complete with beefcake shots of the Pats quarterback and lyrics such as, "How I long for you to hit me in the slot." According to the Boston Herald, the man behind the song is a married Texas attorney with two kids who goes by BradyFan83. It's definitely worth a few chuckles. BF83, a former musician who now pens Web parodies on the side, wrote for Randy Moss to the tune of Barry Manilow's Mandy called, you guessed it, Randy.
  11. Any chance you can back that up with any money? $$$
  12. Great kicking plus a very good tackle...special team player of the week material!
  13. gojets1234

    Hell yeah Chad!

    The JETS win and your whining...get over it!
  14. gojets1234

    Game ball: Kevan Barlow

    Give the DAMM ball to mangold!
  15. gojets1234

    Bill Simmons on the Jets and Pats

    I don't know what the rest of you want but I would love to see the JETS in playoffs and eventually meet up with PATsies. We will play the schedule in front of us and as long as we are in who cares. The objective is to get in, compete and see what happens and the pats and the others look like low hanging fruit. :box:

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