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  1. The first hit out of bounds was definitely an illegal low cheap shot and should have been flagged. Saleh should have been at the ref's neck. Zach was not hurt on the illegal cheap shot. Zach was injured on a legal *clean* QB hit. Hope he gets back soon and takes this opportunity to learn by watching (like many here advocated).
  2. I'm saying Jamal sucks. And he'd suck on any team. The fact is he is a 210 pound slow ass LB who can't cover or catch and misses tackles.
  3. Once a guy shows he doesn't have it you cut your losses as soon as possible. Just common sense.
  4. Hope I'm wrong re: Becton but his injury history in the NFL is not a good omen. And I don't do draft boards but I've watched the draft and cried when Jets passed on Warren Sap and tons of other players that fans wanted.
  5. If there is a gold standard GM there's zero chance he takes the Jets job. But once you determine the current GM sucks you make a change and give the new guy a chance. I'm old enough that I'm coming around to SAR's philosophy. I don't have many 5 year rebuilds left.
  6. Obviously nobody can PROVE that they can draft as well as GM's but picking at the top of the 1st round is easy. Even then some GM's eff it up, like Gettlemen, Idzik and Macc (I hope JD is not going to make that list). The draft gurus on this board would have picked much better players than those clowns. JD has had three high 1st round picks and only AVT looks like he'll turn out to be an excellent pick. Becton is a question mark and was a big gamble by JD. Zach looks terrible and we all know the problems he had so far so I won't list them here. Again, I fully support Zach and hope like h
  7. Just because JD picks two starters per draft you have to wonder how many other teams they'd start for.
  8. Are you saying that Jamal would have caught those two gimme INT's if he was in NJ?
  9. I'd rather Mosley rests and lets the hammy heal than playing and re-injuring it costing him the remainder of the season. Whether he plays or not will not change the outcome. So let him sit.
  10. Totally agree AVT is worlds better than Jamal. BUT I can't give credit to JD for 1st round picks when 90% of the forum could have done just as well if not better. JD has had three 1st round picks: - Right now it looks like Becton will turn out to be injured the majority of the time. It was a risky pick to begin with, hope I'm wrong. - Zach - the jury is out but THUS FAR he looks like he's in way over his head and might not ever find his way. - AVT - excellent pick. Building the OL foundation. Good GM's make their money by PICKING starting productive players on days 2 a
  11. Gettlemen is worse than JD at picking players.
  12. I can't wish for injuries but I hope Cindy gets a crap load of sand stuck up his vag.
  13. Yes, Miami was/is on the short list. I just think it's just the 1st step for Watson and once he sees that the Dolphins don't have cap space (his salary) or draft picks he'll try to shoot his way out to a contending team that only needs a QB.
  14. The Texans won't give Watson away for only one first rounder and a throw away 4th. I hope. If Miami does pull off this trade the Jets need for them to pay big time with future 1st round picks otherwise the Fin's will own the Jets.
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