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  1. I'll disagree here. As bad as Kotite was Lou Holtz was much worse. Anyone remember the NY Jets fight song Holtz thought would motivate professional athletes? Holtz QUIT (not fired) with two games left in the season. Win the game, fight like men We’re together win or lose New York Jets go rolling along … When behind don’t despair Because we will win if you care... And wherever we go We’ll let the critic know That the Jets are here to stay!
  2. The guy from N.E. doesn't have control of the 53 man roster and if Houston's GM spot does, then how can the cheats* block the hire?
  3. We lucked out when Sam fell to us. The Browns made a mistake taking Baker - yeah, time will tell, but I'm betting on Sam being the far superior FQB . Then the Giants take a frigging RB when Manning is almost toast. What was more likely after the trade up is that the Browns take Sam and the Giants take Baker and the Jets end up with Rosen and lose three second round picks. We've had a run of great luck and it's about time after 50 years.
  4. If Christopher Johnson is such a shrewd CEO how come he didn't fire both Bowles and Maccagnan after the '17 season?
  5. Yeah, but they beat the cheats* and although I hate the Gints they have my everlasting respect for denying buttboy & company anymore stolen SB championships. 18 and Duhhhhhhhh - best ever.
  6. Macc sat in on Gase's interview but it doesn't mean he endorsed him, in fact I think Macc was afraid of an alpha like Gase. Sam was an absolute LUCK OUT. Gints fans will be regretting the day that moron Gettelman passed him by for a RB and the Browns taking Mayfield when Sam was there will prove to be a major FU almost as big as the Gints taking a RB. Jamal at six was a mistake, but he's proved to be better than I thought he'd play. Macc gets zero credit, including Q falling to him at three.
  7. You should find another word for 'pegging'. Google pegging and ass, just make sure there's no children around.
  8. Rivers Mariota Jackson Watson I see Sam as the 2nd best out of that group and he could easily outplay Rivers. He is going to take a huge step forward under Gase's offensive scheme. The addition of Bell, Crowder, Herndon's 2nd year and Quincy running routes other than WR screens gives the Jets a good chance to put a dynamic high scoring offense on the field. One huge key will be if Harrison can play at a serviceable level. When Sam came back last year after the injury his game improved a lot and that was due to him not having to play shortstop while fielding the snap. A WC spot this season is certainly possible but I think next year will be our chance to play with the big boys and take the division, even with a tougher schedule. I expect Douglas to address the OL, CB and WR1 in next years draft and FA.
  9. This guy nailed it, he must have an inside source.
  10. I'm stoked over this hire. BUT - I'm waiting for him to actually sign the contract and have a press conference.
  11. SAR I goes back further than JI/JN. He was a legend on the usenet newsgroups, I believe it was alt.sports.nyjets. Although I don't agree with him being an attention-whoring troll he does have a persona. Back in the newsgroup days he was very funny and about as non-PC as you can get - many 'off-color' jokes.
  12. Stats can be very misleading, especially QB stats. INT's can be caused by the receiver tipping a perfectly thrown pass, timing routes where receivers aren't where they're suppose to be, end of half/game hail Mary throws. Forcing a throw in a late game comeback attempt (when the team is down two scores or more), lousy receivers that won't even try to knock down a pass they can't catch. Completion percentage is also affected by many factors, but mostly by check downs and called screen passes. It annoys me when a QB chooses to check down to a safe throw rather than attempt a more difficult pass that was available down field, thereby avoiding a potential INT and increasing the Comp %. A 2 yard check down on 3rd and 10 makes me scream at the TV. I have watched every game Tannehill played for the Phins and I base my evaluation of his play on observation, not stats. I don't care what his comp % is, he is an inaccurate QB, especially on deep throws. The guy is a JAG at best and will kick around the league as a backup for the next few years. The Phins cut him well before they knew they were going to get Rosen. I give Gase credit for Tannehill's best season. That's my opinion, again, based on watching the games.
  13. Wasn't that a win and in you're in last game of the regular season against Rex and a Buffalo team that was eliminated? The Jets came out as flat and unmotivated as any team I've ever seen.
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