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  1. JD BETTER make the most of this opportunity. I don't want these picks to just turn out to be starters, hell, on this Jets team I could draft players that would start on the crap roster we have now. I want the draft picks - all at premium positions - to be top players that could start on almost any team. With that many picks I expect to see a few all star All-Pro caliber players.
  2. There's no explosive runs unless the OL can block and open up running lanes. JD better listen to his own philosophy on team building. Impose our will on the other team starting with the OL and DL. Build the foundation and then add the final pieces.
  3. JD's golden rule is to watch the QB running around in shorts playing catch with his friends. He has to stand on the field and watch the ball come out of the QB prospect's hands. Never mind the game film. JD had better be right.
  4. If Wilson turns out to be a bust then it'll be another GM who trades him and we'll receive very little trade value in return. It's been said many times here that this is JD's defining move. I do agree that the Watson trade would have been very foolish.
  5. That's why I wanted a trade down haul of draft picks and to roll it again with Sam for at least one year. But, the reality is that Wilson will be the pick and as much as I doubt he's going to be a good NFL QB I'm now 100% supporting him and hoping that I am wrong.
  6. I would have taken a trade swap with SF only if JD had decided to roll with Sam. We could have traded down again or had our choice of non-QB picks. I don't want any part of Garapollo.
  7. We'll have to trust JD's evaluation and his ability to actually pick 2 quality starters at premium positions. I want to see the OL become the foundation of the Jets. Slater at LT and Becton at RT for 10 years. This will be another defining move for JD. He has to hit on his picks in this draft and provide support for Wilson.
  8. What would the Jets have to give up for that move? #23 and #34 seems like a steep price to pay. Although I'm all for building the OL.
  9. RB and TE are non premium positions and if JD wastes a top pick on one it will be very telling. I want OL and WR with #23 and #34 but if an exceptional edge or CB falls to us then it a decision JD will have to live with.
  10. Damn straight. Now that JD has made the decision to go forward with Wilson he must do everything he can to support him.
  11. The "legitimate complaints about Joe Douglas" will start if he doesn't do his job in this draft and that includes taking Wilson. His FA signings and the other draft picks will have to - in own words - hit. The bottom line will be as you said "we should expect a team that looks competent and competitive". If this teams looks like crap, for any reason then JD deserves serious criticism. We'll know if he's any good at the end of 2021.
  12. No - JD wasn't ready to entertain offers for Sam at that point. Read JD's quotes.
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