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  1. True, but I hope he hates GB and he might not care where he goes as long as it eff's GB new management.
  2. True, but this guy is wack and might change his mind and until the trade in completed I'm holding back.
  3. JD better not eff around and let GB trade AR to another team.
  4. Feels like JD is getting flipped over and done dry by GB's GM, Jets now have to overpay and absolutely can't let AR get away. JD couldn't have played this any worse.
  5. I think JD supported this move because it offloads some of Zach's poor performance onto MLF. This also provides team Zach with another excuse - a 2nd offensive system in 3 years. JD refuses to admit he blew the #2 OA pick.
  6. At least we get a better draft pick but we'll have to suffer another year of these fools.
  7. I read somewhere that this will be win 100 for Flacco. Bet he gets it and Jets lose 4 draft positions.
  8. Saleh signed a 5 year contract. No way Woody eats the 3 remaining years. Saleh will be here no matter what.
  9. After watching the Salah's press conference today this guy is starting to disgust me, he's like a scummy lying politician. I agree MW was hurt and never should have started last game. But after that unnecessary hit he took he looked to be in a lot of pain and it was obvious that he couldn't pass accurately and without pain. Take him out of the game - Saleh doesn't appear to care about MW's health bc Zach is all important. Fire these a$$holes - JD, Saleh & his incompetent staff and then cut or give away Zach.
  10. This is with the same team that went 1-5 with Baker and that was before they traded away the best RB in the league and a decent WR in Robby.
  11. Hope the kid pulls through.
  12. Hey Joe Douglas - that's what elite arm talent looks like.
  13. This year he won't have 2 top 10 first round picks.
  14. Time to switch over to the Sunday Ticket NFL Mix channel so I can watch some good football and keep my eye on the Jets debacle.
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