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  1. Gase fought his way out of Miami because Stephen Ross wanted to tank for Tua and Gase wouldn't play ball with that crap.
  2. I don't believe that Macc had anything to do with the Gase hire. He did sit in on the interviews but his only responsibility was to get coffee. Gase deserves extra credit for kicking Macc out and bringing in JD.
  3. Your post said that he was so injured that he had to miss the Dolphins game after he sat out against Lamar on National TV. Plainly stating that he was so injured he had to miss the next game when in fact he played the game the next week after wussing out. It was Jamal's big chance to show the entire NFL and the sports world just how good he is and he chose to sit out rather than be embarrassed by Lamar Jackson. Are you says that a player has never sat out when they could have played. See John Abe in the playoffs. Stop trying to spin your BS post. I don't have the time or desire to go back and find it. I'm done with this bullsh*t - blow it your ass.
  4. Your post stressed that he missed the Dolphins game AFTER he chose to sit out on the biggest stage - a Nationally televised game against the Ravens and Lamar Jackson. He played the week after and had 8 tackles. I think you're accusing @Jetsfan80 of a post that I made saying Jamal chose to milk an injury and sit out ducking Lamar Jackson so he wouldn't look bad.
  5. Maybe I got it crossed up but in no way am I defending Macc. He pulled a golden horseshoe out of his butt when Sam fell to him at #3 overall after he traded three #2's to get to #3 overall before he knew Sam was going to be there. What that should have gotten him was in a position to take Rosen after the Browns picked Sam #1 and the Gint's took Baker at #2. Side note - Gettlemen - how much did that generational RB improve the Gints record? I hated the Mo WIlkerson pick and contract.
  6. Young healthy people have more of a chance of dying from a lightening strike than from COVID.
  7. Defending Macc's MO after 5 years? Wow, that's a stretch. If there was an eff up move that could be made Macc would jump all over it. Where's Macc working this season?
  8. I think that he came into a really bad situation and there wasn't a whole lot he could have done to scheme or call plays with the guys that he could put out on the field. I have Directv Sunday Ticket and have recorded every Dolphins game for >15 years, because I hate them and want to watch them lose. It makes me feel a little bit better after watching the Jets crap the bed most games. I came away with the opinion that Gase is a good HC when given a decent team with a QB1. Let's watch next season and then give him a fair evaluation.
  9. The Jets had the worst OL in league history and injuries all over, not just at the OL but throughout the entire line up. But Gase is at fault for not calling plays or scheming an offensive game plan that could exploit a defense that could stack 8 guys at the LoS and not have to worry about any mid to deep pass plays because Sam was under instant pressure.
  10. Jadeveon Clowney is a 27 year old free agent that suffered a core muscle injury that potential team doctors - at this point - can't evaluate if he's recovered from and will be able to return to his former level of performance. He wants a long term big $$$ contract with guaranteed dollars. Not going to happen with JD at the helm. If he will accept a one year prove it deal - 18-20M - then I'd be happy to pay him the cap dollars that we'll free up tomorrow when Johnson's cap hit is freed up.
  11. Dude, I don't think that's what he's saying. If you think JA is worth as much as a pro bowl edge then please let me know where I can get some of that weed you're smoking😁.
  12. Bell had 66 receptions last season behind that worst in the NFL OL.
  13. Hang in there .... you don't want to miss Sam, Gase and JD lead the Jets to another SB victory. Seriously - best wishes for a full recovery.
  14. Get your facts straight. He sat out against the Dolphins and then he decided to sit out the next game - a Nationally televised game against the Ravens. But after a miraculous recovery the following game against the Steelers he had 8 tackles ( zero sacks and zero passes defended).
  15. Jamal chose to sit out against the Ravens on a Thursday night PRIME time game. This was his chance to show just how good he was. But Lamar Jackson would have made him look silly on national TV, GW would have assigned JA to spy Lamar and keep him from shredding the Jets D and Jamal would have been exposed as a poser. JA can talk the talk but when it comes down to it he can't walk the walk. That's why he wants the big contract NOW instead of proving it like all the other 3rd year players.

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