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  1. Seriously if for some reason Wilson can't go I'd really like to see what we spent a 4th rounder on last year. We're not winning or making the playoffs this season and to pay to have a legit backup who can maybe win an extra game or two serves no purpose but to hurt our draft picks next year. Get a legit backup when we have a legit chance in one or two years.
  2. Darnold has 3 years experiencing rushers in his face 2.5 seconds after the snap. Wilson - not so much.
  3. Yes. Darnold has the bust label after being traded and really has nothing to lose while Wilson is the NUMBER TWO OVER ALL PICK and is expected to play very well. If Wilson looks like a lost rookie it'll be a very bad start to his career, So yeah, it's like I said - it's ALMOST a must win situation.
  4. This is going to be a pressure packed game for Wilson. Can't think of a tougher situation for the kids first game. Darnold is in a no lose situation while this is almost a must win for Wilson or the talking heads will all be screaming the Jets made another bone headed move letting Sam go and that Wilson is a bust. On the other hand if Wilson has a great game it'll give him a cushion for when he does have a bad game (like all rookie QB's do).
  5. There's no guarantee that Darrishaw would have lasted until 23 and the Jets could have lost out on both he and AVT.
  6. Jamal was a STRONG SAFETY who couldn't cover the slowest TE in the league.
  7. As long as this kid doesn't turn out to be a ZERO he can sport any number he wants.
  8. Maybe the Packers win a SB if they used that 1st rounder on an premium position impact player.
  9. Usually the beat writers give the new QB and/or HC a first year honeymoon period writing fluff and they wait a year to start tearing the new guys down. Looks like Wilson won't be given that luxury. Hope he starts off really hot.
  10. Kids these days - wedding pic with sneakers on? PS - they probably cost >$400.
  11. Even with a bad foot he should be able to stretch his hammys every day.
  12. With his contract he's almost impossible to trade. Thanks Macc. We'll just hope Salah can get something out of CJ and who knows maybe he'll turn out to be a major asset. He looked great in the Buffalo game before he was injured. My major beef with him was collecting a 10 million dollar check and then sitting out due to COVID. Which is OK except for the fact he was seen in a bar without a mask on.
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