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  1. Leo is not worth 12 million and it was a great move by JD to unload him to Gettleman. The Jets should not offer Jamal any extension. He's under contract for 2 more years and then he can be franchise tagged for another two. That will cost less than an extension for 15 million per year.
  2. A walk away is a second and a conditional third from a team that's expected to draft in the top half of the 2020 draft,
  3. No way JD turns down that value for Jamal, even before his temper tantrum, it was NEVER offered. Keep him under his current rookie contract and **IF** he plays up to a top 5 SS then tag his BS ass ***TWO*** times. It'll cost less than given him a guaranteed long term new deal.
  4. Try using a few paragraphs (hit enter) to make reading a very thoughtful post easier to read.
  5. JD made the right call - Jamal is the idiot for playing it like this - he made a HUGE error and it'll come back to bite him in his huge egomaniac over rated ass.
  6. If. IF ***IF*** , the Jets were offered a #1st JD would have jumped on it it faster than a bacon cheese burger pre-COVID-19. And you know JD would taken a high second to to get rid of this malcontent and use the cap space and draft pick for important positional players.
  7. Delusional at best. Jamal is in an alternative universe where box SS are at a premium.
  8. The Boy's would trade the POS SS box SS for a 4th and nothing more. JD will tell Jerry to eat carp especially after he leaked the BS trade rumors he leaked.
  9. That was never the offer. Otherwise like you say we'd have multiple IMPACT PLAYERS at PREMIUM POSITIONS for a box SS malcontent.
  10. Hey, I was right there with you. I started a thread where I had just watched 3 games in which Maye clearly outplayed Adams and all I got was a bunch of down votes (like I could give a crap). I hope some moron GM will give JD fair value for the ego maniac so GW can play Maye at SS and Ashtyn Davis as a true FS and the Jets receive draft and cap compensation that JD will use to significantly improve the team.
  11. JD can franchise Adams twice before he becomes a UFA. A 28 year old box SS hitting the market will not get a big $$$ guaranteed contract.
  12. I was with up until that last statement. A box SS is not worth that much cap space. Either he takes a very team friendly deal or we keep him for the 2 years remaining on his rookie contract and then can franchise him not once but twice for less $$$ than the contract you propose.
  13. The Jets can't give him away for a fire sale price to any team, even a bad NFC team because they might decide to flip him to a contender. They might give the Jets a 3 and a 5 and turn around and get a 2 and a 5.
  14. CJ deserves a huge share of the blame. When an employee publicly states that he refuses to talk to his HC and GM and then goes over their heads to the CEO or owner. The owner should have in a very firm way told the crying temper tantrum headcase of an employee to go through channels and not choose to placate him.

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