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  1. I don't give Macc any credit for Sam. The two teams ahead of us, Gints and Browns, both needed QB's. Sam and Baker should have been off the board before the Jets picked and Macc would have taken Rosen over Allen IMO.
  2. Wait two to three years and he'll turn out to be a RGB III clone and a bottom 1/3 QB. Players with his build and him turning into a RB every 2nd or 3rd play will *not* last against a playoff level team when they put the hits on him. Sam will be here for the next ten years. Best luck out Macc ever had.
  3. This guy is obviously a troll and should be banned. I'll just put him on ignore.
  4. I guess this is *all* Gase's fault? Even Beli*cheat* couldn't do any better with this talent and injuries. Have a little patience and give Gase and JD a chance to recover from the atrocity of a lath of talent that Macc left the Jets
  5. I like Gase and I think he's the best HC the Jets could possibly get in the next two years. After that, with JD focusing on building a kick butt OL, if Gase looks bad - then he'll be history and the Jets *will* be able to attract a legit HC and not some rookie that's going to have to learn 'on the job'. With a true FQB and an quality OL this will be a coveted HC spot and I hope Gase is the guy that takes us all the way. My opinion of Sam's performance has increased significantly after this game against what I feel is the best team in the NFL. I really liked that he was able and willing to tell Gase that he was wrong or said some stupid crap about Sam's decision's when he was under *instant* pressure considering Baltimore's D and our OL. When Sam made that face and waived his hand at Gase I *knew* Sam was the 'one' to lead the Jets to a SB before I die. Sam will be here for *TEN* years and if Gase is 1/2 the HC I think he is, then he'll be here when when win another SB in three years.
  6. Gase did coach against Lee twice a year and had some idea of his level of talent. I don't miss Lee at all, watching him get pushed around like a high school player.
  7. No - I used a few different ID's through out the years. I think it was HermBall at JetsChat and I can't recall my usenet or NYTimes IDs. I remember you and Henry and the epic throw down between you and AJGallo.
  8. Is last years OROY going to be even mentioned as a difference maker this year? And last season what did the OROY get the Gints? A 6th pick overall where Gettleman picked Danny Dimes when he had Eli and OBJ to complement the RB. The Jets held the OROY to *ONE* yard on 13 carries. That pick was maybe a 1990's NFL good choice. Passing on Sam will be the end of him and put the Gint's at the bottom of a lousy NFCE division for years to come.
  9. I thing the difference between collage and pro's conditioning and nutrition programs are night and day. Now it's a job with a chance to make a lifetime's earning in 3 to 5 years. The intelligent players will work harder than they had to in college where they were the big man on campus and getting laid every night.
  10. Darron Lee was a complete waste and Gase made a statement to the team by trading him for a lower pick than Macc held out for, I think Gase would have cut him if he couldn't get even a 7th round pick. Getting rid of Macc's garbage as soon as possible sets the tone for the remainder of Macc's picks - produce or you'll hit the road.
  11. Hey, @sar what's the best Yankees board, PM me if this doesn't fit on a football board. TIA
  12. I like the draft analysis talk but the only real rating are where these guys are picked by the professional GM's. Hint - Macc was NOT a top 30 GM.
  13. Gettleman has been a horror show as a GM. Picking a RB at #2 overall while Sam (and other QB prospects) where there for the taking was a 'past Jets' Macc/Idzak move. Eli was cooked and that moron thought that OBJ and Eli with a top RB would/could turn that disaster of a roster into a contender was a really bad move and it'll cost the Gints for years to come. Hey - Where is the Danny Dimes coverage? Passed on Sam and ended up with Danny Dumps. LOL
  14. If I recall correctly - didn't Mo get busted for weed while driving to a Jets practice? He got paid and retired and is now smoking the best herb in the world. Hey, that's a win for him.
  15. Kalil was worth the shot. His play should have made him the backup to Harrison. But, if JD didn't sign Kalil what would have happened if Harrison got dinged and was out for 3 to 5 weeks? The Jets needed a backup at C and they decided to start the wrong guy. I really like Harrison, watching his interviews, the guy really seems to be a class individual and I hope the best for him in the future.

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