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  1. Eat crap - troll. Haker sucks dick and Sam will be far superior to Faker in the seasons to come.
  2. Is 14 in Green and Villain the foe the same person or are they butt buddies? I'm putting both on ignore.
  3. I hate the Cheats* more than I hated the Dolphags in the past, but I'm rooting for them to give the Gints BS 'Danny Dimes' fans a douse of reality. Jones is a 3rd round pick at best. All he can do better than Eli is scramble for a few 1st downs. Gints fan suck for abandoning a two time MVP winning SuperBowl QB.
  4. I don't watch much college FB and I can't remember a single game that Baker played. What I can see from last year to the present is that Baker, in the NFL, is short, the slowest guy on the field and is very inaccurate. This guy is surrounded with top level talent at WR and RB and the Browns have an excellent defense. Put this turd on the Jets, after six years of Idzak/Macc, and he'd crap the bed every game. Thank the Browns and that idiot Gettleman for gifting us Sam.
  5. Faker has got to love the focus on this nonsense because it distracts from one of the worst performances by a NFL QB in recent memory. Short, slow and inaccurate, but he makes up for that by feeling dangerous.
  6. Agree, add to that their WR's push off and never get called for OPI. It's not just Belichik that cheats, Cindy deflating balls and the League protecting him to the point D's are afraid to touch him for fear of a penalty and a fine.
  7. I'm so happy that we dodged this bullet. If the draft fell the way it should have we would have Faker full of crap Baker instead of Sam. It's funny that his supporters somehow try to tie Bakers dismal performance - on a talent loaded team - to doubts about Sam, who was the highest rated QB the final four games last season playing on a team built by Idzak and Macc.
  8. I'd like to see Rex in Washington. He'd bring a couple of years of excitement to that cluster cluck of a team. Most importantly he'd play the gints twice a year and he'd make Danny Dimes look like the overrated over drafted rookie he is.
  9. In my experience pulled muscles are mostly due to lack of adequate stretching routine, especially with older players. Granted a player can slip and incur an pulled muscle but some guys just pull up while running or changing direction. With the limited practice time the team has, as a result of the CBA, it's up to the players to do this on their own time rather than trying every supplement on the market.
  10. You just need to have realistic expectations. After the last six years of total incompetence by the GM/HC I don't expect a playoff caliber team to magically appear in the first year they're gone. I do have a good feeling that we've finally found a FQB and that Douglas and Gase will build a contender in the the next two to four years,
  11. I wasn't impressed with him although you have to consider the Eagles have an excellent and large OL. I think Q needs another year in the weight room along with proper nutrition, 20lbs of muscle will help him. I will admit that I turned the game off in the 2nd half and Q could have looked better in the 4th quarter.
  12. Agree with you on what the market dictates is all you'll get in return for the players teams are willing to trade. Whatever is more beneficial for the Jets - trade for low picks or keep the player and let him walk after the current contract expires is the best course of action. Factor in possible comp picks when making the evaluation. Also agree that original draft position has no bearing on the possible draft pick that player in now worth. The players performance on the NFL field after the draft is what determines their worth.
  13. OK - then we keep them. Trading for low return in value makes no sense.
  14. I'd trade any or all of those three but *only* if we get fair value. Robbie - 3rd round Leo - 2nd round Adams 2nd (2020) and a 2nd (2021) And I wouldn't eat any of their salaries as part of the deal.
  15. Macc was in way over his head. He didn't have any concept or plan on how to build a team. His reputation as a talent evaluator was undeserved. He flat out sucked and how he lasted for five years is beyond me.

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