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  1. Please take into account the teams Allen and Lamar had surrounding them and then take a look at the garbage Idzik and Macc drafted/FA signed the past seven years. Sam exceeded all expectations and will excel after two years of being in the same scheme and more importantly the players JD will add to the team.
  2. The best thing Macc ever did was to LUCK into Sam at #3 overall. That trade was horrible. Giving up three 2nd round picks to move up from #6 to #3 was stupid. Macc stepped in crap when the moronic Browns took Baker at #1 and Gettleman took a RB at #2 leaving the Jets with what will be the undisputed best QB from that that draft and only 2nd to Mahomes in the decade. That draft should have gone Sam #1, Baker #2 and the Jets having the choice of Rosen or Allen - both losers.
  3. This is laughable. Baker showed just how much he sucks, surrounded by top level talent and he crapped the bed. Allen choked like a scared little girl in the playoffs, he looked like he was lost. Lamar is a RB and will be very shortly exposed as a QB who is very inaccurate. PFF stats are pure BS. How about actually watching the games and taking into consideration the surrounding circumstances and then making a decision of which QB has a higher likelihood of being a FQB.
  4. They're both a running QB's first and a passing QB's 2nd. Deshaun is better than Lamar but that doesn't say much at all. Look at Mahomes, he's a true QB who utilizes the running game when the D gives it to him. He's more than capable of playing a straight up pro QB style of play. He can read D's and isn't limited to a one read RPO. Lamar and Deshaun can be shut down with a good D that makes them play QB and not a RB that can throw a few easy passes. Of course, if/when those guys get dinged - ankle sprain, hammy or knee injury they will be forced to play a true QB style of play and D's will feast on them when they don't have to worry about the QB being a RB. Not to mention their longevity as a running QB doesn't look good.
  5. Nope. Lamar had TWO points on 17 throws. He's a skinny RB playing QB, he won't last very long at all.
  6. Barr played Macc like a fiddle. He used the Jets to up the Vikings offer, just like Cousins. That's happened way too often in the past. I hope JD is able avoid these guys.
  7. Lamar Jackson is a running back that can't pass with any accuracy. "Jackson struggled in the precision passing event, an event with moving targets labeled from one to five points and scored just two total points on 17 throws. "A lot of bad throws," Jackson said of his performance in the first event. "A little wind with me. It's all good." As soon as the event aired, Jackson immediately took to Twitter." It waz Bad🤣🥴 — Lamar Jackson (@Lj_era8) January 24, 2020
  8. I definitely see your point of view. The Jets really didn't have any developmental type players they could substitute for their 'starters'. I would have sat Jamal and the hell with his sack record for safeties just to see if the Jets had anybody (besides Maye) that could take his place after the Jets trade him. Resting Sam was a double edged sword. Yes he benefited from the additional snaps but factor in that he didn't an OL blocking for him and he very well could have been injured. My preference would be to continue to play him. I just hate end of the season, final two meaningless games that the Jets win and end up losing out on draft picks.
  9. The '49ers had the same HC for 3 years and they didn't have to deal with a roster that was filled with players that would be hard pressed to even make 2nd string on most teams, that's what the Jets were left with after 7 years of Idzik and Macc. The exceptions are few and far between. The Jets have an all world SS which is probably the least important position on any team and signed Mosley which was a good move even if the Jets overpaid and QW will be much better next year. Of course I believe that the Jets have found their FQB. But to be realistic it's going to take at least two years although it's not impossible for the Jets to go far into the playoffs next year just very unlikely.
  10. No - it was a dollar tourny. I figured he hit the flush but I didn't think he had A-10 suited.
  11. 12 Wins after just one off season of rebuilding after seven years of Idzik and Macc??? Not very likely.
  12. Please have a grasp on reality. Gase is here for at *least* two more years. JD has a six year contract and he and Gase are tight as a ...... Gase gets a contract extension next year and the SOJF haters have a conniption. They both know how to build a team and it starts up front. Good things are in the future.
  13. Anyone who *claims* to be a Jets fan for 58 years and then abandons them for the Dolfags is a liar and POS troll. EAD.
  14. Yep - that's exactly right and we play the Dolfag's twice, Buffalo is a split and so is the cheats*. Jets have a good chance of taking the division. Although I see one a one and done in the playoffs - but it's a great start!!
  15. The way to go is to give the HC/GM a long term contract - minimum six years - so that they can build a team without having to worry about a short term win-loss record. Don't try to lose games half way through the season, but play and evaluate borderline players when the season is over. I'm not saying the Jets should give up half way through the season but when the last two or three games are *meaningless* it's stupid to play to win so that the HC can improve his winning percentage for his next HC'ing job. Ownership should give these guys the security they need to build a team over two or three years w/o having to worry about planes flying overhead and the NY media calling for their heads.
  16. Gettelman knows his job is on the line and I see him taking an immediate 'impact' player and not on OL who might take a year or two to develop, otherwise he's history. Good on the Jets as another OL slips down the draft.
  17. I see that as pocket aces and two more on the flop. But with Robbie (I'll nut in a Cop's wife's eye) Anderson it'll turn out to be a cold deck. I've lost with four Queens but the other guy caught a royal flush on the river. This will be what the Jets will see with this moron. Pay this guy big $$$ and the Jets will regret it for many years.
  18. Garret did such a terrible job in Dallas with a team stacked in talent and in a very weak division. The Boys still had to sit out the playoffs with an 8-8 record, just one game better than Gase's all stars. To be fair Garret was saddled with Dak in Dallas, but now he has Danny fumbles to power the offense. I don't see this working out at all.
  19. Cousins is a OK QB who just happens to choke in big games, when it matters the most.
  20. There isn't a HC that could have adjusted the game plan to take advantage of the garbage players the Jets had to trot out there considering 7 years of Idzik and Macc, then look at the amount of devastating injuries. It's really simple, the HC can *NOT* make chicken salad out of chicken crap.
  21. Is there any way he could be traded and the Jets pick up a portion of his 2020 base salary?
  22. He was a very heavy user of angel dust (PCP). That stuff will mess you up, paranoid beyond belief. He needed a drug intervention.
  23. I'd take a 1st and a 2021 3rd for Adams. A 3rd for Bell and we only eat half of his salary/cap hit is the max we could get for him. Keep Williamson

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