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  1. We'll have to see how that plays out. A CB at 4 better be able to shutdown the best WR he faces every game and not play one side but follow and shutdown their best WR all game. CB illegal contact rules minimize their impact - especially this upcoming season with emphasis on illegal contact . Franchise LT is the 2nd most important position and taking one at 4 was the smart move. JD refusing to admit his mistake w/Becton and address the position was the dumb move. Considering our OL situation, Becton, Moses gone, Fant in his last year, the dumb move was to ignore the position and go for CB. LT, Edge or WR should have been taken before CB.
  2. I hope we don't sign Brown or some old guy just looking for one last contract. He'll play two games before going on IR for the year.
  3. No problem. Didn't mean to offend. NFL is changing from the old days but we can still enjoy the season.
  4. OK - we disagree - let's see how the season plays out. Shutdown CB is history with today's NFL rules and emphasis on scoring and a CB is a total waste of the #4OA pick. Interesting how many fans are "not interested in re-litigating it" after their positions are proven incorrect and some of those threads get locked by coincidence.
  5. OK - the OL is not in bad shape IF we get Brown this season. But he's a stop gap solution and I regret that JD blew the opportunity to 'possibly' draft a 10 year LT and refused to admit his Becton mistake and took a CB - a much lower valued position with today's rules. I also like Gardner but I'll hold off on the "potential superstar CB" stuff until he 'one on one' shuts down the WR's in the AFCE let, alone the NFL.
  6. That doesn't mean it was the right move. and Give Ickey a little time and he'll be very good.
  7. "I’m more than happy to agree that they should’ve done more at OT. Just saying that, yes, I was adamant then and haven’t changed my opinion that the Jets should not’ve used the #4 pick on an OT, and nothing’s happened so far to change my mind on that front. " Your evaluation of Becton didn't "change my (your) mind on that front" - that LT was still a major weakness? I don’t like to dwell on things that didn’t happen, though, I’d rather focus on what they’re going to do now. I don't like to just forget things that did happen and let those responsible walk scott free. But yes we need to move on and sign a serviceable LT and see what this team can do.
  8. We'll have to disagree with the 'position of strength'. Counting on Becton was foolish.
  9. It's a different game now - Revis would be flagged every play with his style of play. New rules that favor the offense and scoring TD's is what the NFL wants. This emphasis on illegal contact will reduce man coverage and devalue a true shutdown CB.
  10. If you get it wrong 10 times in a row it doesn't mean you should stop trying. Passing on a FLT when one is available is not the way I want my GM to build the team. JD needed to admit he was wrong with Becton and move on - but he drafted a CB and passed on Ickey. If your team is in a draft position to select a LFT, after the FQB is in place, you take him.
  11. Your LT doesn't have to be a high 1st round pick but LT is acknowledged as the 2nd most important position when building a team.
  12. I guess JD didn't have time to read this or do his due diligence because if he did he took a huge gamble with the Jets future. He had a six year deal and felt like going for the home run and passing on the 'almost' sure thing in Wirfs. Instead he struck out like Joey Gallow. When management makes decisions that set the team back YEARS they need to be held accountable and not given another chance to eff things up in the next draft.
  13. Hopefully you don't get to pick in the top 5 of the first round but when you do and you need the second most important position - LT - and when one falls to you - you grab him. JD knew LT was needed and was a very important position. He picked Becton with his first pick, which turned out to be a mistake - OK - it happens. But don't make it worse by ignoring your mistake and passing on a legit FLT prospect.
  14. Positive Vibes On;y - Just like the tee-shirt JD wore when interviewed on Boomer and Gio this morning.
  15. Don't understand how some fans did seem that they were "bizarrely delighted on passing on a tackle high in the draft" when it was obvious to many fans Becton couldn't be counted on and we needed a FLT and one was sitting there at #4. FYI - New Rule Emphasis this season might affect CB's - further devaluing the position. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-tells-referees-to-focus-on-illegal-contact-fouls-in-2022-season-145111716.html NFL tells referees to focus on illegal contact fouls in 2022 season. The NFL has issued officiating instructions to referees for the upcoming season: focus on illegal contact fouls. An illegal contact foul occurs when a defensive player initiates contact with a receiver more than five yards down the field while the quarterback is still in the pocket. The penalty is five yards and an automatic first down.
  16. Question is when did Becton hurt his knee? Before the brace, before Saleh said something about 'discomfort', when he was limping around in practice or when he was pancaked ?
  17. The team needed a LT, second most important position after QB, more than a CB. Gardner is looking good but a luxury at #4OA, Reed, Hall and Echols would still be an upgrade over last year. Another subject - I wonder if we're going to see one on one coverage with those no-name slow WR's and Sause?
  18. If Zach is a bust and we end up with a top 5 pick in '23 I want JD gone.
  19. JD's top OL moves. - Becton over Wirfs. - Traded a 1st and two 3rd round picks to move up to pick #14OA for an IOL. Shows a lack of positional value. - Taking CB at #4 and passing on Ickey. LT has greater positional value and was a much greater need.
  20. Didn't look like he got 'rolled up on' - just off balance and pushed back and if that was the knee with the new brace I can see him playing it safe and hopefully this will be just part of his recovery.
  21. Not sure about Wirfs but Cindy's All-Pro Center is out for the year.
  22. I really like Sauce but Ikey would look real good at LT right now.
  23. The move was to draft Wirfs and extend Fant. Thank You Joe Douglas Thank you - (OL guru who picked Becton over Wirfs because Becton was a LT) Wait - JD switched Becton over to RT - was that the 'actual plan' all along?
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