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  1. Fant's agent has got to be salivating. We need to extend him and sign D Brown. If Becton's limp off turns out to be another 4-6 week injury ......
  2. Fully agree. Zach can add an important aspect to his game by running, we all agree he's elusive, let's make the D game plan for it.
  3. Wow. I am so ready for this season. Real football.
  4. I believe a balanced attack works best. Today's NFL defenses are too good to run against when they know what's coming and stack the box with 8 or 9 guys. That ends up in 3rd and 8 and puts Zach in a bad position.
  5. Allowing self serving promotion on another platform is OK. These are the trolls that the mod's should be kicking and not long time suffering Jet fans.
  6. Zach should get every rep possible no matter what the record is. We've got to know whether to move on or not before the '23 offseason F/A and draft.
  7. Panthers refused to pay Baker 5 million, made him take 4.85 million and have him eat 3.5 million of his guaranteed salary. Panthers are NOT in love with Baker or they wouldn't have taken such a hard line, possibly losing him. Baker walked into a great situation - stacked team - and produced one good season with one wildcard win. Darnold walked into the Jets and even most of the guys who hate him will admit he's never had any talent to work with. But I know - Darnold would suck if he was surrounded by HOF'ers. Darnold took the reps w/the ones today and Mayfield will get them tomorrow so it seems to be a fair comp setup by Rhule. Side by side Darnold is the better QB and will start the season. Now - back to our MILF loving wonder boy who'll surely outperform both of those clowns in Carolina.
  8. I really hope Becton does well at RT and would like to see him earn LT next season by his play this season. Question - if Fant goes down for an extended period this season - say 6 to 8 games - do you move Becton over to the all important LT spot or does Saleh play whoever is next man up on the depth chart and hope Zach doesn't get killed.
  9. How well did this positivity only BS work last season? Oh - yeah last season was All Gas, No Brakes. Let's check how well PVO is doing this season after 8 games.
  10. Becton looks great in that pic. Nothing negative to say except I question why the Jets put him on the PUP list when he's obviously made weight - looks to be right around his combine # of 364 lbs. I hope this is his 1st step in proving all the Big Bust guys wrong, of which I'm still one until I see him on the field during a regular season game.
  11. I also have had Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. I ran @35 mile per week for >20 years but something kicked it off one year. It hurt so bad - much more when you 1st get up or walk - that i would sit at my PC for more than 4 hours having to take a piss because it was so painful to walk 15 feet to the bathroom. Concept 2 ERG (rowing machine) is what I use now.
  12. That may have been due to JD making his intentions clear that he was not going to trade down. JD fell in love w/Zach after his pro day - where Zach was nailing every pass that he'd practiced for the prior 6 weeks - but once the live bullets were firing Zach couldn't complete a 5 yard pass and finished dead last in every possible QB stat, backed up by the eye test of anyone who watched. JD owns Zach, BigBust and he way over payed for the AVT (Interior OL taken in the top half of the 1st round - not mention the insane trade up to #14 to get the difference maker an IOL will make in terms of team wins and losses. Plus Saleh is his hand picked HC. This is JD's make or break season.
  13. SF traded a ton of picks to get to #3, Jets could have gotten the same if not a better deal for #2. I recall several discussions about trading down, I believe you were in favor of trading down.
  14. In my mind JD doesn't get a pass, he gambled 1st round picks on very high risk players. Becton was his 1st pick and WILFs was sitting there, but no, JD the OL Guru takes Becton. So far that hasn't worked out well. Then, JD turns down SF's trade offer and instead picked Zack w/the #2OA. The jury is still out on Zach and Becton but IF they're busts I want the guy responsible for picking them gone. NOT given another chance.
  15. You can't see the difference between Becton and 'all the rehabbing players who were injured last season'? Nothing stands out to you about Becton's actions that make you question his desire to play this game.
  16. I'll bet he has a higher % of nailing 40+ Milfs than he does 40 yard passes.
  17. Who really cares that you think some poster wants him to fail because he 'called it'. We all want to see Becton play like he did when he kicked the crap of everyone in front of him for the the first 5 or 6 games of his rookie season. Where has that guy been?
  18. I watched every second of last season and I failed to see where the lowest rated QB in the league, in just about every category imaginable, has 'talent. Anyone can see'. Maybe you mean when Zach played against that top level teams in the mountain West or where ever BYU played.
  19. That really sucks. How's he going to hold up during the season if he can't even make weight for training camp.
  20. JD turned down SF's HUGE trade offer and chose to pick an extremely long shot w/Zach. Those picks could have built the foundation of an contending team that just needed a QB. That QB could have been drafted this year or traded for. You don't pick a QB just because you have the #2OA pick.
  21. Zach gets next year guaranteed. By your own admission the team has been greatly improved - and I agree. But if Zach is still in the bottom of league in stats and the Jets finish with 5 wins or less in JD's 4th year I want him gone.
  22. Yep - he stopped dirting balls throwing 5 yard passes.
  23. JD bet the farm on Zach, he does NOT get another chance if Zach fails. And did you watch the last game of the season vs Buff? 53 total net yards. 7 for 20 for 87 yards - wow I'm glad Zach finished strong.
  24. This is just more BS from Saleh. Then why is he on the PUP list? Let's see if Becton starts Game One and if does he'll probably tap out before the end of the 2nd quarter.
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