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  1. Just used the customizer to turn on the 'Larger font size for posts' feature. Helps with the old guy eyes.
  2. JD just might be feeling the heat. He said at the season ending presser that he knows the Jets must improve. A big FA signing or trading picks for players wouldn't surprise me.
  3. Surprised that the LB number is 18M+. I'd like to see the OL broken down but I guess IOL never get tagged, only LT or RT on the Oline.
  4. I'd never belong to any club that would have me as a member. Actually, after JD pulled the trigger on Zach I wanted him to get all the reps possible and to start from day one. The Jets bet the farm on Zach and he should get every chance possible to prove he's a FQB.
  5. Only three rookie QB's rated worse than Zach since 2001. Two decades.
  6. Rarely do you see pre-season brought up to support the worst rated player at their position after the 'actual' season is over. Anyway, nothing matters except how ZW plays in real games next season.
  7. Hard pass on Thib. I'd take Walker if Neal, Hutch and Icky go 1,2,3 and JD/Saleh decide to go Edge at #4.
  8. Becton started 14 games his rookie season and tapped out of a lot of games, if I read the stats correctly he had 80% of the O snaps. Then last year he suffered plantar fasciitis during spring workouts, which knocked him out of OTAs and mandatory minicamp. Then when training camp started, he struggled in pass protection before he suffered a concussion during joint practices with the Eagles. The injury was not his fault but turning a 4 - 8 week injury into a season ender is concerning. The OL guys look good at the combine and I wouldn't mind either Icky or Neal - (but both will be gone).
  9. Just tired of the Jets being used and discarded like a .....
  10. No way does Cooper chose the Jets as his next destination. I just hope JD doesn't let the Jets be used when Cooper is negotiating his next deal with a legit contender.
  11. Kiper once said the Jets don't know what the draft is all about but now he mocks a S at #4 and a C at #10????
  12. Just heard on GMFB - Peter Schergs(sp) reported that Saleh will not attend the combine because he has 'too much to catch up on'. Douglas and his team are reported to attend. Interesting...
  13. College pro days are even worse. Guys running around in shorts playing catch with their friends. Give me game film and evaluate how they play in an actual game.
  14. It's time to move on from Marcus. I always thought he was a better player than Jamal but now he's 29 and coming of a serious Achilles injury (which will slow him down for at least next season) plus he was so stupid that he though he could get away with not reporting a DUI to the team/NFL. Then 3 weeks later he's arrested again for driving with a suspended license.
  15. So I'm out of control because I call Becton a questionable pick and very likely a bust? If that's what you think then put me on ignore.
  16. It was obvious a LT was a necessity and WR needed help. It didn't matter who was coaching, the positions selected were needed (except for Morgan) but JD picked a bust in Mims and even the coaches are publicly questioning Becton.
  17. After 13 years as a NFL scout I expected JD would be a little better at talent evaluation in his rookie year.
  18. Context please. Discussion was if Gase affected JD's picks. And yes 2020 was a terrible draft.
  19. That's some unassailable logic right there and the jury is still out on the 2021 draft. Please respond to JD's 2020 draft picks and tell me which ones were 'picked' by Gase.
  20. Nonsense. JD owns that draft. OT in the 1st round was a given and so was WR in the 2nd. JD picked terrible players. Did Gase insist that JD take Becton over Wirfs? Did Gase insist that JD take Mims? Did Gase want a safety with the 3rd round pick? Did Gase want a developmental QB with the 4th round? JD blew the 2020 draft all by himself and he better hope Zach plays up to the #2 OA pick this season or he'll be either gone or on the way out.
  21. I agree with the bold text but have accepted that the Jets are all in on Zach. w/o an option to replace him the Jets can only hope last season was an aberration and he plays like a #2 pick and turns out to be a true FQB next season. * I WANT Zach to succeed because if he does that means the Jets also succeed and if Zack stinks again next season I want him gone, not because I hate him, it will be because he can't play QB at the pro level.
  22. OT/Edge/WR/CB/TE are where teams should invest top draft and FA capitol. The OL can be built with 2 good/all-pro tackles and serviceable IOL. There aren't enough 1st round picks to use 5 on the OL. I get that it's an offensive league and the Jets need weapons but the D also needs help.
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