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  1. Seattle is holding out for our #4 pick and JD just might be willing to 'strike' and get Zach a legit WR.
  2. Jets are lucky the OTA's start before the draft. I agree I don't want to use #4 on an OT but if Becton looks bad in OTA's it would be negligent of JD to go into the season with that question mark at OT.
  3. If the first round goes edge the first 3 picks AND Becton looks questionable or is unable to participate in OTA's then JD takes either Neal or Ickey with 4 and goes WR with 10. CB/WR in the 2nd round.
  4. He'll get the other 7 wins this season along with a come back player of the year award.
  5. It's not just the weight with Becton. It's his cardio, he needs to be able to stay on the field and play a complete game without tapping out.
  6. Zach's big bother.
  7. JD wanted Hill so bad he could taste it. Bringing in a top 3 WR without trading either 1st round pick would have been a grandslam for the Jets and Zach.
  8. Fighting the dogs was bad enough but Vick and his buddies tortured the ones who wouldn't fight. Electrocuted, drown (put in a pool with no way out), beat them to death. Lowlife scum.
  9. This is the way I see it - the Jets got played again. Sucks when your team sucks and has high taxes.
  10. I hope Darnold gets a chance to start in Carolina. They added a lot of talent and I'd like to see him given a real chance to play with a decent team.
  11. I question the AVT pick. Taking an OG in the top half of the first round shows he did not understand positional value with that pick. Look at LT who we just signed in FA, that's where IOL should be built along with low 2nd - 3rd round picks. I wanted a shot at a play maker with that pick. Other than that JD has done a great job in FA filling non premium positions and setting us up for the draft.
  12. Excellent start to year 3. JD addressed obvious needs in FA showing he starting to understand positional value. OG, TE, S, CB are positions that should be filled with FA or with mid-level draft picks. I still can't understand passing on Cooper for a 4th or 5th . It seemed a no brainer In terms of helping Zach. Now he needs to hit on at least 2 of the first 4 picks.
  13. Good signing. FA is where good teams pick up IOL. Not with a top 15 1st round pick.
  14. Wait, it's all Adam Gase's fault. He forced JD into picking those terrible players, or so I've read many many times.
  15. I'm not happy with the job JD has been doing and if he sits on his hands during FA I'm going to jump on the fire him bandwagon, unless he kills the draft.
  16. Like a pitcher that throws 100+ mph it doesn't matter if they can't throw strikes.
  17. IMO OG is a low value position. I like AVT a lot but drafting him with the #14 overall pick in '21 shows JD didn't understand positional value. I want a play maker at #14 and address OG through FA or day 2/3.
  18. Just used the customizer to turn on the 'Larger font size for posts' feature. Helps with the old guy eyes.
  19. JD just might be feeling the heat. He said at the season ending presser that he knows the Jets must improve. A big FA signing or trading picks for players wouldn't surprise me.
  20. Surprised that the LB number is 18M+. I'd like to see the OL broken down but I guess IOL never get tagged, only LT or RT on the Oline.
  21. I'd never belong to any club that would have me as a member. Actually, after JD pulled the trigger on Zach I wanted him to get all the reps possible and to start from day one. The Jets bet the farm on Zach and he should get every chance possible to prove he's a FQB.
  22. Only three rookie QB's rated worse than Zach since 2001. Two decades.
  23. Rarely do you see pre-season brought up to support the worst rated player at their position after the 'actual' season is over. Anyway, nothing matters except how ZW plays in real games next season.
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