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  1. I don't see why this is even a story? The Pats have had a female QB for ages now, and nobody cared about that....
  2. Unless he's found snorting cocaine off a dead hookers ass...I don't see him falling that far.
  3. theDominator and shuler are correct. This is the field I was trained for (before I made a career change) and it works the same pretty much everywhere. The writers only write the main text of the story. Nothing else. They do not make the headlines. Or choose the pictures. Sometimes they don't even get to write the lead paragraph. The headline is made by the Editor along with the copy editor. Once the writer finishes his text and hands it in, he doesn't see it again until it's in print (unless the editor sends it back for changes). He's doesn't get a choice whether or not he wants to "put his name on it". If he doesn't like what they did to "his" text? This will be his editors reaction: https://youtu.be/NIgfiSzCy1o
  4. He's one of the few players on that team that actually seems to give a sh*t when they lose; and they get rid of him. Brilliant.
  5. While I agree with the firing, I don't hate Rex enough to wish Cutler-the-coach-killer on him.
  6. Atlanta GM Thomas Dimitroff's job is not safe according to nfl.com. Not a named source. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000453860/article/falcons-gm-thomas-dimitroffs-future-not-safe While he's not perfect, he's still head and shoulders above the other names mentioned, imo. I'd be very happy if the Jets land him. I'm sick of first timers learning on the job.
  7. It's not legal to pass while lying on the ground. The 46 is weak against the (short) pass, which is why no team would think about using the 46 as a base defense these days. But it still has it's uses, and like I said: Rex loves it.
  8. Rex loves his dad's old 46. And with these players I have to assume we'll see more of it this season. Ellis at nose, Richardson and Wilkerson at Tackle, with Coples as a rush end. Harris could do a decent Singletary impression as MLBer, with Landry moving into the box. Pace and Barnes over the TE and you're set.
  9. Actually, he has been arrested before. For domestic violence against his girlfriend during college.
  10. Don't forget Otis Wilson. He had 10 sacks in 85. With him and Marshall lining up on one side, and Dent on the other it's no wonder QB's soiled themselves when playing da bears. Don't get me wrong, I agree that their D-line was amazing. But with the 46 you need good passrushing LB's too, and we don't have that yet. But much of our d-line is still young. We can adress that in the next draft (I hope).
  11. It's clear that we've been hit and miss in the draft. But I agree with will's post; the biggest problem is how we've traded picks away like they grew on trees. We have no talented youngsters pushing the vets, and no cover for injuries.
  12. Don't like the Giants, but I don't really care about them. I don't consider them rivals. Besides I always root for any team that plays against the Pats. Except when they play the Dolphins. Then I pray that a big sinkhole will open up and swallow both teams.
  13. Witht he kind of team Rex is trying to build: A leader, that protects the ball and makes good decisions under pressure.
  14. Can't speak for anyone else, but I wanted to get rid of sh*tty before we even got Sanchez. Besides, if I want to criticize Sanchez I'd do it. Like this: Sanchez needs to improve his completion percentage. It's not good enough for a starting NFL QB. Still, he's young and still developing. If I want to criticize Shotty I'd do that. Like this: Shotty needs to improve in every area to be a good enough OC. Still, I'd like to run him over with my car. Repeatedly.
  15. This is why I have a hard time feeling sorry for NFL players when they are crying about needing/deserving more money. They already have more money than they should ever need, but they are just pissing it away.
  16. I was really surprised that Herzlich went undrafted. Sure, he had a very aggressive type of cancer, so there's a risk. But not even a 7th rounder? Really?
  17. Seems to me we have bigger needs than RB. But hopefully they know what they are doing.
  18. Let's see what shape he arrives in at the start of camp first. If he can run more than 40 yards without puking, maybe I'll feel more optimistic.
  19. Yes, the Jets should have shown more class. They should be nicer. Maybe put on a dance number to raise the Patriots spirits after the loss? On their midfield logo. The Chargers really seemed to enjoy that, when the Pats did it.
  20. Things I was more upset about than Harris' lack of speed: 1) That he made a move on Brady instead of plowing right over him. Perfect opportunity to roughen him him without breaking any rules. 2) The way the offense wasted such great field position by going backwards. 3) Folk. Seriously.
  21. My hatred of Brady does not end with a win. I'm stubborn, mmmkay? As for the call, you know what? Maybe I remember it wrong. If so mea culpa. But as I remember it the prone player was not past the line of scrimmage; in which case it's Intentional grounding.
  22. Some great rivalry games too. Steelers vs Ravens. Jets vs Pats. Bears vs Packers. Makes the playoffs even more fun.
  23. The horse is dead. Stop beating it! Considering the Jets history with draft picks, I'm amazed at how well we've drafted the last few year years.
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