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  1. OH GOD! Great now I have to hope for Bienemy, Lewis and Mullen
  2. Everyone fixated on play calling, jets are hiring a CEO type coach to oversee entire team. The head coach will have coordinates for offense and defense. Know matter their background means very little
  3. Fluid meaning if Jags are dumb enough to take Fields over Trevor
  4. Hopefully the Jaguars new brass are members of Jets Nation
  5. Thank you Gase. Now get the F@ck out!!!
  6. Sewell is better than Becton who would move to RT also Maccagnan would never draft OL in 1st and 2nd rounds
  7. Their not taking Fields! Darnold will be QB
  8. Doesnt sound promising but we can only go up from here
  9. Didn’t realize Macagnan was in Miami also! Stop sucking this guy's dick!

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