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  1. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/01/10/report-jets-could-still-make-offensive-coordinator-change/
  2. Mac should properly identify which Qb he rates the highest and stay the f@ck away from him and draft his least favorite!
  3. Hopefully McCown breaks his f@cking leg and puts to rest him being on this team next year as a starter! People calling for him also wanted sh*tzpatrick back also. Time to move forward pay Cousins draft offense with 1st 3 picks and go for it the next couple of years!!!
  4. Why is Robby Anderson questionable?

    Hurt his hamstring in practice
  5. Eli or josh McCown next yr ?

    Cousins! and f&ck the other 2 old bastages
  6. Kapernick: a way out

    Fk Kaep, Fk his pig sox, Fk his Castro shirt and Fk his bitch of a girlfriend!
  7. Brisset - Luck

    Drew Brees
  8. Hack ceiling is the basement! Went from horrible to bad in 1 year his ceiling if he`s lucky is 3rd stringer
  9. Pryor Released

    Sign the BEAST!
  10. Geno is light years ahead of Hack and that's sad