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  1. They should have hired Kaepernick
  2. Kapernick: a way out

    Fk Kaep, Fk his pig sox, Fk his Castro shirt and Fk his bitch of a girlfriend!
  3. Brisset - Luck

    Drew Brees
  4. Hack ceiling is the basement! Went from horrible to bad in 1 year his ceiling if he`s lucky is 3rd stringer
  5. Pryor Released

    Sign the BEAST!
  6. Geno is light years ahead of Hack and that's sad
  7. John Ross at 6?

  8. 2017 JETS OL Looks Solid

    Cam Robinson @ 6
  9. Cousins/Petty Comparision

    Petty is not going anywhere! Not giving up on him after 2 years even if he doesn't show much this year. Hack will never see the field, you cant teach accuracy! Sign Glennon and let the other 2 fight it out for backup!
  10. 48 Interceptions

  11. Fitz is hot garbage.

    I`ll take the trash can!
  12. Fitz, Geno or Petty?

    Anyone but Fitztragic!
  13. if its not bud light ima complaining!