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  1. Sure is Al...the Dolfags proved once again that they suck ever year around this time...Gotta love the way the game ened though...too funny....if i was a Dolfag season ticket holder , i would ask for my money back..BBahahaha
  2. I want to see the Jets Kill the Bengals and the Pats Lose to the lions..that would make my thanksgiving that much greater.
  3. The Jets will crush Cindy in a Blitz,he will then retire with his beeber hair due in tact..Then we take the division by 3.
  4. I wish Leon the best, he did what any of us would have done if we were in his place..This is a Business first, then a Game second. I wish we would have keep him, but sometimes it doesnt always work out the way you want it to. Good Luck Leon..you are a Gamer for sure.
  5. Max your Fired!! you put this mess on Jetnations front page..Wow, Garb got what she wanted all along.....Attention Enjoy Second Place Theresa
  6. Wow garb, this is a New all Time Low for you....I Love it Enjoy second place
  7. Larz your Sig is now my new back round..You have just been Sig Jacked Sir..LoL Thanks L.I Mike

  9. Wow SJ, I see you got those Blue puma's on bro. Those are Gangsta and Hood, Or some would even say thug turdish...lol. You are the 2009 Elvis man. You made it
  10. I wish that were the case man,But i make more chesse now so it allows me to go to more games. I will see the gang in Miami, Hope to see you there bro. Go Jets

  11. I will be there, I bringing 3 people with me and we are going to give the dolfags hell!!! I have my new Sanchez shirt i will be sporting..Holla back people GO JETS
  12. Hey Max what up man, sorry I have not been posting, I switched jobs and im not really near a computer like i use to be..lol but we are having a great season so far. it's like a dream haha p.s Don't wake me up yet

  13. I was there last night, and i watched Manning being Manning and Chad ...well being chad. I dont think chad threw a ball over 15yds...sad I know. I would like to thank the Colts for knocking off our division rivals and letting us own first place in the div. I would also like to thank Chad for throwing a 4Qt pick, it just wouldn't be a game without Chad ...well being Chad...hahaha:D
  14. That would be to good to be true SJ. Speed ,great hands, Tall with keller on the other side. That would be a nitemare for teams to plan against. Pick your posion
  15. Great move by our front office, I couldn't be happier. Our D is going to be lock down this year. Bank on it.
  16. Dear Bill Could you please find it in your heart and Pants to give Garb some Hot Sunshine. Its been a while since she's had some (if you know what I mean ) she is about to explode. This (Jetnation) is not a place for her to pleasure herself. Can you please make it stop. Thanks in advance Pal Not Your Friends, The Jetnation Family
  17. That's what I thought "Two drunk Fans wishing on a Star" haha
  18. Everyone knows that Cassell is a free agent this year and (Brady might be back) Anyway, I was at a bar the other day and over heard some Jet fans saying that the Jets were in the running to give Cassell a big payday for his services. Has anyone else heard this? or was it two drunk fans wishing on a star lol ? Discuss
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