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  1. Hard to be lights out when Von Miller is blasting Wayne Hunter immediately after the snap.
  2. Ending? If he comes to the Bears this year he'll certainly go to the Lions next year after Stafford's inevitable injury.
  3. I can't believe this is actually being discussed. Chad already played a year under Schotty - it was his worst full year as a starter. Chad also wouldn't survive 3 downs behind this OL.
  4. He didn't try to get money from anyone, but he was still a scumbag. And after what happened to him, no one's gonna pull a stunt like that again.
  5. Argh, I came into this thread just to make that reference.
  6. This was great. I commend those people.
  7. Argh, I keep forgetting to bet on these.
  8. Do you grow an inch taller every time you make a new account?
  9. Isn't the proper Irish pronunciation "hooer"?
  10. I wouldn't wish him on JN, I like this place too much. He's better suited for JI.
  11. Well this just got exciting.
  12. You're a waste of perfectly good oxygen.
  13. Ugh. You're not getting nearly enough **** for this. Nonsensical lyrics derived from heroin use over 2 chord rock. The only way he got to this "legend" status is because he offed himself. I guess he knew what he was doing. I don't know if we're better off with his death so there will never be another album, or if he had lived and faded into obscurity. Anyway, Frank Zappa Anton Newcombe Devin Townsend Tim Buckley
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