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  1. this is exactly the kind of stuff that is trying to ruin this board...I have no idea what I wrote EVER for you to write this kind of reply to me...I hope it gets you banned dude. I'm sick of people driving away all the old time AND potential new posters from this board

    Don't try to play the victim now you bitch.

    Don't accuse other people of making personal attacks and then you won't have a problem of people attacking you! My comment wasn't even directed at you (or anyone specific). You had to push and make it an issue.

    I don't care that you're pissed. Take this as a lesson in life not to mouth off pointlessly. When I made this thread I knew I'd get the posts I got and I didn't have a problem until you decided I was making a personal attack.

  2. My point is, you shouldnt. Look at the source, realize the world we live in and move on. He's told me numerous times how stupid I am and how I have no Football knowledge, think I give a ****? In fact, it actually makes me feel good when I see threads like this.

    Serphnx. Smash has pulled this sh*t 1,000 times before.

    I'm pretty sure it was just once, and I was actually joking that time (it was in response to something Smash wrote to you).

    When you got mad what did I do in response? I just laughed it off and you know it.

  3. This has to be a joke. No one can be so boneheaded. Even a tree would have more intelligence than that!

    P.S: Mods if that is considered personal attack i will delete it.

    Actually I take this as giving the benefit of the doubt and a love for trees. I love trees too.

    The stupidity on this board becomes more obvious, more abundant, and less tolerable with each passing day.

    It's ridiculous that you call others homers simply because we don't subscribe to your "I hate my life and love to be miserable" POV.

    What 4 people? I'll put them on notice.

    Those have to be worse than my comment that SoFla originally had a problem with.

  4. Well I think this debate just came to an abrupt end. So long.

    If I get banned, at least 4 people in this thread should go with me. It's just ridiculous. It's okay to disagree and say someone's post is bad, but several times here my intelligence is directly attacked, and this guy wants to focus on an off hand comment *I* made?

    That's pathetic.

  5. Yea right? I don't know what is going on on this board lately. It's almost like the majority of Jets fans don't know how to handle success. It seems it was easier to be comfortable with mediocrity and fighting about stupid crap like all time QB completion percenatges vs super bowl victories. I'd rather have the Jets we have now than the ones we had under Groh, Edwards and Mangini-even the teams we had with the great Parcells and Belichick-run defenses weren't this good.

    Success is winning a championship, not eking out wins over the Pats in the playoffs. Success is being consistent and being considered an elite team in this league. Success is being the Packers or the Saints or the Patriots or the Colts with Peyton. That is success.

    The amount of talent this team has, there is no excuse for it not to be mentioned among the league's elite. The reason they aren't is because of the inconsistency and the crappy offense, which is either on Sanchez, Schitty, Rex or a combination of any of them.

    Jets fans are homers but will also justify anything. This team has been towards the bottom in most offensive categories for years. But fans are acting like we have the Saints out there.

    We SHOULD be closer to the Saints than the Chiefs, but we aren't. If you're happy with that, then you're a loser. I root for SB wins.

  6. BOOM...you got me. I am wounded. so severely...wounded... :sign0102:

    just trying to make the point that you can't keep running the RB if he is not being effective...that is how you end up with a ton of 3 and outs.


    I think I read that the Jets offense had the most three and outs last year but I don't know where to find that information. I'm pretty certain the defense forced the most three and outs, but I don't know where to find that either.

  7. I think the time periods are roughly the same in effective training, I guess Luke's is a bit shorter but Vader is weaker by then anyway too.

    Anakin started at around 6 or so, those first 10 years of training aren't really that great. They're important as a foundation, but a dedicated couple of years in your late teenage years/early twenties can probably be more important.

    I mean compare a kid playing peewee and HS ball, with someone like Antonio Gates who learns his position in 2 years and is great.

  8. Exactly. What Rex needed to do was to have the league's lowest-ranked passer throw the ball 44x per game starting with game 1 of his rookie season (after bypassing his senior season). How dumb is this Rex guy? We'd be so much better off with Mike Martz who would have Sanchez attempting 650+ passes a season right away.

    Gotta go down swinging. I would much rather see a game like Sunday where Sanchez makes mistakes but also makes plays, than the slow death of last year Ravens opener.

    If Sanchez can't win in this league, I want to find out, so we can get a new QB that can.

    In football and everything else, you've got to take calculated risks for big rewards if you want to get anywhere. As you posted/implied in another thread, banging a back into the line for 2 yards a pop just so you can get an 8 yard run in garbage time is a terrible strategy.

    Did anyone else watch the Eagles game? They just kept throwing even with Vick only hitting about half his passes. Vick would miss on 1st and 2nd down, and then on 3rd down he'd keep getting it right. Then finally by the 4th quarter the Rams just crumbled under the pressure and McCoy and Vick absolutely crushed them--rushing the ball.

    You don't need to bang into the line to open up the run late, defenses tire just as much or more from being constantly forced with the threat of the air game, even if you don't really succeed at it.

    Most people say Vick is a terrible passer, so if Vick's terrible passing can pressure so hard, why can't Sanchez?

  9. ESPN/Dilfer is mentioning what I've said many times. I've repeatedly stated Sanchez reminds me of Elway (do post searches).

    Elway was stuck in a conservative offense with Reeves. Elway looked like trash for 3 quarters and then great in the 4th playing catch up.

    Sanchez gets unfairly criticized for being stuck in the dumb Rex Ryan super conservative offense.

    There's a reason Buddy, despite defensive genius, was an awful HC. His fat son is probably the same.

  10. Jets coach Rex Ryan said he intended to run the ball more in Sunday night's win over the Cowboys.

    Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan was constantly blitzing, leading to 44 Mark Sanchez pass attempts versus 16 running plays. "I don't want our numbers to ever be like that," Rex said. Look for Shonn Greene to push for something closer to 18 carries against the Jaguars on Sunday


    Rex still thinks it's 1985. I can't blame Schitty (well, he does still suck) entirely, I place 80% of the blame on Rex for his 1985 offensive philosophy.

    Rex would rather run Greene 18 times for 30 yards than have Sanchez pass for 300 yards and win a ******* game on offense.

    We will never win an SB with Rex Ryan if he keeps this retarded philosophy. QBs and offense win SBs now. Heck we'll probably never get past the AFCC, there's always a good QB in that game.

    Rex/Sanchez relationship is up next on ESPN Cowherd. Should be interesting, allegedly the relationship isn't as good as people think.

  11. Every top team in this league extensively uses the hurry up. All of them. There is not one that only uses it for the final 2 minutes or late in a game down by a lot.

    Typical Jets fans, we try something once and it fails against BB, so we give up entirely. Meanwhile we try something else 99% of the time and it fails too, but we keep doing it anyway. I just don't get it.

    Did you think you could do one thing and it would work all the time? Have you people ever competed in anything before? We stopped NE's offense that one time, did they just abandon it entirely afterwards?

  12. Miami fans should never speak again.

    I'm amazed that they and the Jills fans never learn. They always run their mouths, get embarrassed, then don't learn the lesson and just do it again.

    I've met these types of people before. They're the people that are so broken and used to being giant losers that nothing you say to them bothers them. They can get mocked, humiliated and owned but they just hang around until you leave. On one level it is very impressive, but mostly it's just an incredible level of pathetic.

  13. Did he get hurt? Hopefully he made it through the broadcast in one piece.

    It's only a matter of time before the next shoulder injury. Heck, constantly lifting a microphone to your face might even be more wear and tear than throwing a regular football.

    Has Hermy been consulted? Are there any plans for a Hermy-Chad duo?

  14. We actually went with what worked in the second half, that's definitely not a Schitty staple. We stayed in the hurry up, and used LT2 heavily. Greene is on my fantasy team but I don't know how he can possibly beat LT2 out...until the man hits the wall by mid-season anyway.

    If only we could get a full year out of LT2, he'd probably notch roughly 1400 combined yards (mostly receiving).

  15. The offense only scored 17 points really, if that much (maybe I forgot some other defensive score or position). That isn't a "good" performance unless you are Hermy.

    We need to use hurry up right from the get go. All the top QBs have used it a lot at least at some point in their careers. It annoys me that Jets fans don't want it, and point to the NE debacle last year when they tried it.

    Why is it our OC will give up on the no huddle when it fails one time (and works most of the rest of the time better than his usual) but he will also stop using something that DOES work even when it doesn't fail, instead of doing it over and over again.

    I don't even know anymore, it's just so stupid with this offense. With the talent on this team there is no excuse for their usual sh*tty performances.

  16. Well, he is different than Big Game Romo in that Sanchez doesn't fall apart in high pressure situations most of the time. He can actually win playoff games and in crunch time.

    Romo starts visibly cracking every time it's a tough situation in a huge game.

    Involving Keller and using the hurry up attack style mentality seem to be all Sanchez needs. There's a reason why most of the top QBs seem to heavily use it. It works.

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  17. Primetime game, getting a ton of hype, everyone counting out the opposing team's offense...

    Well, it's only one drive, but yes, I expected this.

    Now to cross my fingers and hope we see Sanchez and the Jets passing O attack this terrible Pass D of the Cowboys.

    Hopefully I don't see run up gut run up gut short/incomplete pass punt for 7 of the first 10 series in the game.

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