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  1. The Rams defense looks like its trying so hard, but the crowd keeps getting silenced anyway lol
  2. I need streams, can someone PM me a good site? I want to see Ravens-Steelers as well as Bears-Falcons. My usual sites got shut down apparently.
  3. I thought they did do that to get Peyton too in the first place. They know how important that top QB prospect is. Especially if you get Peyton to tutor his heir apparent (and he would do it too without hesitation). I'm still sore at Parcells for pulling that crap and not getting us Peyton when we had the chance. Both Mannings would have been in NY that way too.
  4. And missed FGs. If Folk hits them both the Jets probably win 6-3, as they don't give the Packers a short field and have to gamble to score on defense. That game was noodle arm all over again. I hated noodle arm games where the Jets O so obviously can't score a TD against a good defense. God I hope Sanchez develops so that doesn't happen except extremely rarely if at all.
  5. Haha yeah he does sound really jealous. Jeez, the guy has an SB ring and is considered one of the elite in the league, but here he is whining about another QB. That's hilarious.
  6. I wish our OC had the same philosophy. When you find something that works keep doing it until your opponent finds a way to stop you. This principle has been drilled into my head in every single competitive endeavor I've ever engaged in. I'm stunned that Schitty doesn't follow this, especially on a team where the HC so obviously does, at least on defense. Sure you need to mix things up too, obviously Ryan is only using that blitz 6 times rather 40 times, but the idea does hold true nonetheless.
  7. This is true. He can probably make top 10 if Sanchez steps up and the offense gets more open. I really don't understand why you'd pair a great defense with a conservative offense. The Jets D forces the most 3 and outs in the league, while the Jets O I believe is very high on the 3 and out list as well. So just go for broke. Your defense will bail you out but the defense will be far better off if you give them a few big leads here and there instead of asking them to carry you 20 games a year. Instead, try playing 19 games and the defense only needs to carry on say 10. The Jets D seems to be worn out by the end of the season and especially the AFCC game every year.
  8. My power came back late yesterday. I hope things work out for you on the basement Max.
  9. I've probably forgotten more football than you and Smash together have ever known. But keep it up, it's really amusing. You suck at being funny, you suck at talking about football, and you even suck at trying to make people angry. In fact, honestly, when you try to make people angry that's the only time you can ever be funny. Since it's not intentional however, you don't get credit for it. Rage some more. What's wrong, did Crusher not want to have sex with you today?
  10. LOL! Looks like I hit a nerve! Even you know you don't know football, that's why you're overcompensating so bad and lashing out.
  11. I actually agree with this too. When I want porn I get porn. When I want football, I want football. Staring at a girl bounce around while I want football whom I can't see naked and/or have sex with just doesn't work for me.
  12. I'm on LI. You don't have homeowner insurance? I'm normally against insurance, but for a home it really is a good investment. Getting $8k for the roof.
  13. Well the other reason is to attract FAs and retain future rookies. Look at the Bungles, they may never be able to sign another good player after that Palmer debacle. Players talk to each other and word gets out. The Eagles and also now us, we have a general reputation of doing right by players. So when players have a choice of where to sign, that plays a huge factor. It's no guarantee, but it helps a lot. The Bungles will have to pay something outrageous to get any talent out there.
  14. Nope. Ryan was a surprise, Stafford was expected to be a total stud. I still actually think Ryan kind of sucks.
  15. Another reason why I like JN so much. Other sites have a bunch of minimum wage earners jealously whining about greed while all trying to give the image that they are rich businessmen like the NFL owners, who take "all the risk."
  16. Personally I've always enjoyed the "your an idiot" and all of its variations (such as the loverly "ur"). That always gets me. I'm no grammar nazi but for some reason I just love that.
  17. Stafford was clearly the top prospect. A lot of people thought he'd be like Peyton. There is no question he was ranked far ahead of Sanchez and Freeman. Stafford is always injured so actually it's better that we didn't get him. I bet he gets injured again this year and continues his Pennington-esque injury history.
  18. He was talking about you, and you have to admit you don't know much about football honestly.
  19. Lucky bastard. I still don't have power!
  20. Brees had a much younger LT too, although LT claims Sanchez is further along thus far in his career than Rivers and Brees were at the same time. LT probably knows what he is talking about, but he may not have spoken the complete truth either seeing as he is Sanchez' teammate currently. But really, we're just looking for Sanchez to not suck. He's been bottom 4 during the regular season both years I believe in most categories, if not all. We're not comparing him to Brees. I want to see him perform like Bradford, Freeman, Stafford etc. I want to see a guy that doesn't look completely lost every other game. That's not too much to ask is it? Some consistency, some flashes! See a guy that looks comfortable! The only time he ever looks comfortable is in late game comebacks, of which he loses over half of them anyway. It's nice to win those, but that's a piss poor place to constantly put yourself in. Why is it some sort of mortal sin to want the Jets offense to be better? People are catching some serious feelings on here when anybody posts anything negative about the Jets offensive performances. They need more yardage and more drives. They go 3 and out way too much. Even if it's 10 plays and a punt that's better than constant 3 and outs.
  21. I agree on Leonhard. That guy's intangibles and smarts are off the charts. He'd be the best player in the league at his position if only he was athletically gifted. Also--anybody that managed to get Kerry Rhodes to throw a fit gets extra points.
  22. Exactly. That's why they always need to make comebacks. Because they do nothing for 3 quarters. Against good teams, wasting a half takes you completely out of the game and you can't come back. Against the bad teams, you can come back maybe half the time, that's why they're bad teams. Problem is there are less bad teams this season. This offense needs work, are you going to deny that?
  23. New WRs, lack of chemistry, lack of practice etc. is all a load of bunk. Exhibit A: Sam Bradford Exhibit B: Sam's WRs, who all got injured week after week forcing him to throw to a new one. I think that's more than enough. If Sanchez can't in his third year match a rookie on the worst team in the NFL the two years before he got there, Sanchez should be cut and we need a new QB. No excuses. Start producing, bottom line.
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