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  1. That's one game dude, you and I both know historically the Jets tend to run these 3 plays: Run up gut loss Run up gut 2 yard gain 3rd and long pass behind the first down marker Punt Then when the Jets are down, I love this so much, the plays change to: Run up gut loss Run up gut loss 3rd and long PRAAAY ACTION PAAA----sack fumble/INT pick 6 You see how that play action pass fooled them? Since the Jets run all the time I mean on 1st and 2nd down. And don't deny it, just watch the AFCC game against the Steelers again and cross reference the game commentary thread, where I call the play action sack fumble defensive TD. I didn't see the last game and I've said that repeatedly, listened to parts on the radio and asked people for how the team looked. Most people said awful, and Sanchez takes a lot of the blame, maybe all. ESPN radio today says he is hesitant and gives up shots downfield, and what I heard on the radio during the game confirmed that. And I'll make my comment on the chemistry in another post.
  2. If we're going to use dropped INTs against Sanchez, what about dropped TDs and dropped 1st downs? He probably leads the league in those.
  3. If Sanchez becomes half the QB Joe was, we're in good shape. But I don't take everything Namath says these days as gospel. I listen to it, but I don't necessarily just accept it. If the Jets O fails this year it isn't on Burress, it's on Sanchez and Schitty.
  4. I might spend this year watching the Saints. As I posted earlier I didn't get to see the game, plus it's preseason so I can overlook a bad performance. Although the level of ineptitude I heard and have read about is extremely alarming. If Sanchez pulls this same crap in the regular season however, it's just not entertaining to watch. I'll watch the big games and the playoffs, like I do for every team, but I won't tolerate multiple Sanchez sh*tty games. Look, I'm probably the biggest Sanchez pumper on this board, but he can't just keep going out there and sh*tting the field every week. Even I can only blame Schitty for so much for so long. With all that garbage about Jets West and his problems with underage girls, Sanchez is quickly looking more and more like a tool to me. Stop talking and start doing already. The bar is not even set high. It's a freaking passing league too. Honestly I'd rather watch him throw 5 INTs a game in the endzone than these type of garbage statlines. If you can't push the ball up the field at all, just throw it into the endzone on bombs every play. It's like a punt.
  5. Sounds like he was as bad as he sounded on the radio. I still have no power so I listened a bit on my car radio, and it seemed he was just ignoring open WRs, especially Burress. I don't like how it sounded. If Mark doesn't put it together by the end of the year, draft another QB in the 1st round. Doesn't matter if Sanchez gets it together next year, with the rookie salary cap in place there is no reason now to keep drafting QBs until you hit on one for sure. Back when the Niners had Montana they still developed Young and I think 2 other big name QBs whose names I forget now. GB always would do the same thing too. More recently, the Chargers had both Brees and Rivers. The freaking Giants had Warner and Eli. The Cheatriots cheated with Bledsoe, Brady and Cassel, but they probably don't count. Still the idea is don't sit on your laurels. I would like to have the Eagles situation on hand, then just trade QBs to other teams for king's ransoms.
  6. Those INTs and drops are probably why 2 of those WRs are gone. I don't remember if it happened to Holmes, but I can't imagine Plax or Mason just handing the ball over like that.
  7. I still think it's his fault we lost in GB, but everyone always gives him a pass.
  8. I agree totally. October is going to be absolutely brutal for bulls.
  9. I think the NFL needs to stick in an arbitration process. Rookie contracts should only be 3 years long, and then after that there is arbitration for the 4th year at the option of the player and team, then 5th year functions the same as a franchise tag, in that you pay the average of the top 5 in that position but you won't lose the tag. The franchise tag itself should only be useable for 1 year on a player, although you can use it on another player. Since you already get the 5th year of the rookie contract, that gives you 6 years. If you can't figure out a contract within 6 years to keep someone long term, then you have no more rights to that player and you shouldn't have them either. That's the type of system I think they should have looked to. It would have balanced FA, drafting, rookies and vets with both team concerns and player concerns. The actual system they put in place is going to be a colossal mess, I think within 2-3 years there will be another stoppage. This time a strike.
  10. He wanted less than DAW got, they never even offered him anything. Now after DAW, Fitz, and the Titans long posturing and bullsh*t games, he understandably has returned fire. The Titans are sh*t at negotiating. I've negotiated a ton of deals, I don't go into negotiations looking to belittle and annoy the other side as much as possible. I think they have a bunch of clowns running the show ever there, and I honestly think they are talking to the Bengals for advice.
  11. Buffet investing $5B in BAC. One thing I've learned is you never fight the big boys. DOW probably goes over 12k by the end of September. Enjoy the run up.
  12. You guys really trust Folk? I think the Cowboys will have the chance at re-signing him very soon actually, as I don't think we will keep him. Don't we have another guy competing with him right now?
  13. The Titans are arguing he is worth no more than about a 5th round pick in terms of salary. So I don't see how they can then turn around and claim he's worth a 1st round pick. If they think he's worth a king's ransom in a trade they need to just pay him. Their argument isn't that he doesn't have value, it's just they don't feel that they have to actually pay him. They're of the belief that since they drafted him, they are entitled to his services at his original draft contract, and also they maintain they are also free to cut players at any moment as well. The value argument is a poor smokescreen. If you think somebody has no value you cut or trade them for whatever you can get. They say a QB has way more value, and some say WRs have more value. In that case, he can't be worth a 2nd rounder, like Kolb was, and probably not a 4th like Randy Moss was. Maybe he is worth a 5th, like Holmes was. How can he possibly have more value in a trade than what you are willing to pay him as a player? That's just logically incoherent to me. It is a complete dissonance.
  14. This may or may not surprise you, but I have a small stack of silver. I got it when silver was around $22. It's actual physical silver, some in bars and some in coins. I have little desire to add to it, but it's roughly doubled twice now before dropping a bit again. But to my knowledge it has never dropped back to the price I paid for it in the past several months. At this point it's probably worth at least about $500 USD. I don't anticipate ever using it in your barter scenarios, but if it comes down to it, I have it. If the Gold/Silver ratio really holds true, it will increase in value much more until the ratio is restored anyway.
  15. I'm going to clean out my garage and put my car in it. Then I will...take an umbrella with me to work for once. Maybe a raincoat.
  16. I guess back in 94 when they moved the line back in the first place, BB's argument should have been: "Why even kick off? They obviously want more TDs scored, why not just give each team a TD every kickoff?" BB has gone senile. I seriously think he is now an idiot. That Patriots team is going to go 5-11 this year.
  17. I did say this would happen. I closed out at market close, took my profits. I leveraged it 2x so it was a pretty solid day for me. Generally nothing goes straight up or straight down in a line. S&P support should be re-established at 1171, and I expect next leg to 1191, but I don't know if it will clear that by Friday. I will probably short S&P a bit before the news Friday, as selloffs are predictable while the HFTs get re-programmed based on the news. Usually you get rally up early on in the day, then a small selloff before the news, then a huge selloff about 10 minutes after the news. Then a possible rally 30-40 minutes before. This isn't exactly scientific, just personal experience and something to play with. I won't touch gold again until I see my next short opportunity. As I always tell everyone, the only way to make money off the market is to be an active trader. Buy and hold is such bullsh*t, I really dislike how many people get screwed over by Wall St. for trusting them to manage pensions and such.
  18. I don't even know why they drafted Spiller, but I was laughing when they did.
  19. The Titans should have just paid him. Now the price is going to be higher because of DAW and Fitz, as it probably should be. The Titans and Bengals will always be losers. Anybody remember how the Titans handled McNair? The guy gets you to an SB and plays through injuries for you, and then you turn around and treat him like he slept with your wife. What a joke of a franchise. I doubt they'll ever win more than 5 games a season again until that management and philosophy changes. And even then I don't know if it will help. It's like those businesses that screw over customers so bad that they have to put "under new management" signs to try and get people back. Usually it won't work and they just go out of business anyway, even though it might not be the fault of the sucker that bought it.
  20. He won't be for long. I think he's out of the league within 2 weeks.
  21. I remember when our players were humble. The media and other NFL fans used to call us the "Jests" and New Jersey/B. They'd all make joked about how much we sucked. When our players went onto TV shows the actors characters in the shows would dismiss them as losers. Ordinarily I don't like trash talk, but when the media and the other fans talk trash to you, you need to turn it back on them. I want the rest of the league and the league's fans to hate our guts out of jealousy than to mock us out of contempt. I hope our boys continue to talk trash and annoy everyone, and then beat them.
  22. Just a small tremor for me. Hope there's no damage to my car...
  23. Look at who is our OC. He will find some way to screw it up. God I hope I'm wrong.
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