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  1. I still don't get why everyone loved him. The guy is a bodybuilder, not a football player. I will take my chances fighting Gholston over fighting Manny Pacquaio, even though Gholston is much bigger.
  2. I agree with this. Back in the Ram's SB year they'd just get up big, and then their defense would just go right after you. That defense wasn't even all that great, but with opposing teams absolutely desperate they'd just get turnovers and put games away. Then other teams tried to outscore the Rams and started with onside kicks. The Rams turned around and did it right back, so everyone pretty much rolled over and lost until the Patriots cheated the next year and the Rams decided for some reason to get rid of Warner instead of letting him recover from injury. When you play tight it's way too easy to make mistakes and then you can't recover anyway. When you play loose you start taking advantage of an opponent's mistakes and the game just gets easier and you look much better. You can't win by expecting to never make any mistakes. You're going to make them, everyone does. The goal is to not be reckless, and just forget a mistake after it happens rather than tightening up because of it. Considering Sanchez had 20 passes in the first half, we might be on the right direction. Pass the first 3 quarters, then run in the fourth. if opposing defenses start being deathly afraid of the pass and play us nickel for 3 quarters, that's when we run the entire game. That will happen maybe twice a year, opposing defenses don't just play the pass even against top passing teams like the Chargers and Saints. Unfortunately this is where you need a good OC, so we might have a problem. But Sanchez needs to improve his completion percentage, and to do that he needs more chances to pass. I want to see a 26/33 game from him one day, or thereabouts. He is capable of it.
  3. Folk is likely gone. Hard to get worked up over a preseason game. Next week is the last one that the starters will even suit up, hopefully at least the offense can get some consistency going into the season.
  4. The more articles I read the more I feel like the Pats are going to be a 5-11 team this year, despite how crazy that sounds. They had a pretty good system up there but now they just seem desperate, signing any crazy old guy they can find and trying to pretend that the moves are brilliant.
  5. Every team in the league can string together a 17 point half. What we need is consistency. Consistently picking up yardage and sometimes getting those lucky big plays like on that final drive. Definitely scoring TDs when in the red zone. The Jets blew one of those INTs and just turned it into a FG, and I think I remember Folk missing another FG. Basically we're looking for an offense that consistently hits singles, often hits doubles, and sometimes hits homeruns. What we've gotten the past several years is a lot of strikeouts and sometimes homeruns. The homeruns aren't the problem and we need to stop trying to just hit homeruns. Hit the singles. Play small ball like the Yankees used to back when they were awesome.
  6. There should really be only 2 preseason games, and then a week before the regular season begins. 4 preseason games and then right into the regular season is a waste of time. The starters almost never play that last preseason game either. They play 1 series the 1st preseason game, maybe a quarter the second, and up to a half in the third. Yet it still doesn't matter because it has zero connection to the regular season.
  7. I never once attacked you until you said I was arrogant and uneducated. I had always been civil before you resorted to that, and in fact have frequently been on your side even if I disagreed philosophically. It's all on you.
  8. Crazy talk. As a Jets fan I still give the Pats the edge. The Jets have a lot more to prove. Also a 5 game span doesn't erase the 10 games or so before that.
  9. You really think you'll be around in that time for it to matter? The USD will last at least another 50 years. We'll be dead around then so who cares what happens after. Can't take anything to the grave with you.
  10. Hmm those fractions don't look as sexy. So let's just put win/loss instead! Right now we are 3-2 against them. 3/5 looks a bit more dominant there. A win again puts us at 4/6 as you said. That doesn't look that impressive either but 4-2 looks a bit better. 5-2 is where it's probably ownage. So let's win the next 2.
  11. I doubt they make it this year. The Chargers are flaky and probably won't either. So my pick is the Raiders. The silver and black will be back! I just hope we don't lose to them in the playoffs. Also maybe they can knock somebody off for us before we beat them.
  12. Naked shorting is supposed to be illegal in general, but the SEC never does anything about it. That's how the scam market destroyed Chinese stocks incidentally. They just naked shorted all of them. I wonder if China will eventually get pissed off enough to do anything. I'm surprised gold is still exploding actually. Might indicate the tipping point has passed. I keep looking to short gold but I don't see any weakness in it, and I try not to fight trends. If my cheating buddies can't keep the price down who can? I would love to short gold back down under $1500/oz, I'm pretty sure these guys want to as well. So I'm on the sidelines waiting to ride their coattails. I don't know how to beat them so this is how I trade.
  13. People infect each other with Herpes all the time. This guy just managed to get caught somehow. I guess she must not have been sleeping around or something.
  14. As soon as this deal is signed and the Giants can't back out, I say we spread the whole Jetlife stadium name until everyone calls it that. I think we can do it too, we just need it to go viral. Then those snooty Giants will see how it's like!
  15. That's exactly how I am, but I'm also the type that will return double how others treat me. That is why in person most people that know me consider me the nicest person they know. Yet there are lots of people that consider me the biggest jerk around. Most of my friends actually have figured out the system quite well, if they meet someone new and that guy badmouths me, they immediately avoid that person. In my life I've found that the biggest jerks are generally the ones that are busy trying to convince everyone else how they're good people and other people are assholes. I've never met a truly good person that will go on a campaign to turn people against someone. I will give an honest warning about someone to protect people from getting bullied or scammed by that person, but that is as far as I am willing to go generally. Too many people have a herd mentality of piling onto someone just because someone else does. I am guilty of this sometimes too, but I try not to engage in this. It doesn't matter for Vick and Burress but still it's a life decision on my part to avoid it anyway.
  16. I read that it's hosting the 2014 Super Bowl. Does that mean there is roof in it after all?
  17. It's only been 3/5, that's not really owning. It's just we are at least on equal footing thus far. I want to see that number go up to 5/6 and then it becomes ownage. 6/7 if we face them in the playoffs, that's 3 losses to the same team and even if they have no other losses all year that's a passing of the guard and the Jets even without winning the division become the best team in the AFCE. I do not think that is likely however. I would expect a split this year and then not see them in the playoffs.
  18. I thought he looked great actually, especially with no name WRs since the starters were out. More importantly, would you trade Vick and Lynch for Ray Rice and Big Ben? I have this trade offer open for me, that would essentially give me a team with LeSean McCoy and Ray Rice as my RBs, D-Jax and Maclin as my top 2 wideouts, Ben or Eli as my QB, Dallas Clark at TE. Sure I have no real 3WR but that's a loaded team. I had Braylon but I cut him for Roy Williams, and have Plax, those 2 will share 3WR duties. Actually let me list the teams: Current: Vick/Eli D-Jax Maclin Roy Williams/Plax/MSW LeSean McCoy Ryan Grant/Lynch/Daniel Thomas Dallas Clark After trade: Ben/Eli D-Jax Maclin Roy/Plax/MSW LeSean McCoy Ray Rice Dallas Clark Both teams look loaded to me, just which do you think is even more loaded? Probably one of the better teams I've had in fantasy.
  19. I think that GQ thing is another trap. Like the Ryan foot fetish thing of last year. The Patriots thought they could mock Ryan and it would make him and the Jets feel like losers, but then it backfired and I saw a Patriots team that was physically afraid for talking. And that's probably because the Jets team had Ryan's back and made it clear they should be. Now the Patriots are going to mock Sanchez. And it will happen again and they will be scared during the games and just lose.
  20. He did fine last week, was that newsworthy too?
  21. Who cares its preseason. The Steelers apparently are trying hard, that's actually a bad sign.
  22. Where is my card for the past few years? I did not get them.
  23. And clearly you are wrong. Just as you were about Chad Henne the Pro Bowl QB for the next 10 years.
  24. I was merely trying to avoid the appearance of personal bias to prevent any impeachment on my grounds for the banning of said poster.
  25. Please ban JetsFaninDenver. I am not even in this debate but it's getting me angry seeing him waste space and not contribute anything to this board. I almost always seem to disagree with #27Dom too, so if anything I'd have a bias against him but this annoys me that much.
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