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  1. Yeah, what are you doing on a Jets messageboard? Also...Henne.
  2. That's extremely logically flawed. The only thing Schitty has proven is that he can fail with the allegedly sh*tty QBs he's had (like Chad Pennington and Favre whom both had great years after leaving). Schitty has not proven he could have succeeded with a young Manning. That is just your assumption, which you're trying to force in as a fact to uphold your flawed comparison.
  3. $100,000 a year? Not 20 ounces of gold a year? At least talk like the gold means something, all you ever do is use USD as your valuation method, yet you don't see how ridiculous that is.
  4. 6000 years of history says we're all poor farmers that only live into our 20s and die of the Plague. That's the history you want to cite?
  5. How come we get steered to Herm and the freakin' Eagles get Vick? How is that fair?
  6. You're the uneducated kook who thinks a shiny metal will somehow have worth when the entire system collapses, which you think will happen. If the entire system collapses, you will have no power, no security, no food and everyone will be roving around looting and pillaging. It is just such a stupid scenario to believe in. You think you're going to walk up to a grocery store and hand over some silver and get some groceries? Then hop in your car and drive back home, filling up for gas on the way back? Do you not even realize how stupid your scenario is? Gold/silver were worthless even all the way back in Rome. They initially started out as the currency then afterwards different mixes were used as currency instead. And this was thousands of years ago. About what, 30 years ago, the government just CONFISCATED all physical gold. If the currency becomes devalued into this ridiculous scenario, they'll show up at your door and take it again, even though the entire scenario is dumb. Here is what will really happen if our currency ceases to exist: You will have a bunch of shiny metals. You won't have any gasoline to drive so you will try and walk somewhere. When you walk around with your bag of gold a gang of people will just shoot you and take your gold. Then they'll walk to your home and take the rest of it, and shoot down your family. You won't be able to call the cops because apparently they aren't working anymore since currency doesn't exist. You have the most ridiculous sheltered view of the world I've ever seen. Go head out to Nigeria or some other third world country where people are poor and crime is rampant. That is what would happen if the US collapses. That is why people flock to this country.
  7. I generally don't take preseason seriously, but learning from last year, glaring problems in the offense will manifest themselves by Week 1 of the regular season if you don't correct them. Last year's Week 1 game against the Ravens was really stupid. Maybe it doesn't matter, but we should have won that game. I don't think it would have made any difference whatsoever in terms of playoff seeding, but maybe I'm wrong on that.
  8. The only value gold has is in what is assigned to it. The day our currency becomes worthless is the day gold officially becomes worthless as well.
  9. Does gold have dividend payments? No? Guess you only make money when you sell it then.
  10. Well, if he does, it's not a big loss. At least we didn't trade 5th round draft picks for the guys we might cut.
  11. At least Sanchez is better than this guy: Arizona Cardinals QB: Consider Arizona a work in progress that needs to be closely watched. A new QB and a receiving corps with only one seasoned vet lends for a scary combination. In its opening scrimmage, with only three days of practice under his belt, Kevin Kolb threw three picks and one touchdown to WR Larry Fitzgerald. Haha...that's just funny.
  12. Eli is clearly better. Without cameras Brady can't even win a playoff game, meanwhile Eli beat him straight up in the SB.
  13. What I don't understand is how people are elevating Schitty over Moore. What has Schitty done to prove he is better exactly?
  14. Geez that's terrible decision making then. If you're banking on a career year you don't trust Alex Smith to get you there! If I was him, I'd have tried to take that $1M on the Saints or another team similar to that. Heck, maybe the Eagles, they sign everyone anyway.
  15. Well, you need to have some perspective though here. How often do really bad teams let go of "busts" only to see them get better on a good team? I mean it is the Bills. There's a chance that he doesn't suck as much as the Bills made him look?
  16. If he's fast enough maybe he'll be a safety lol.
  17. Even Schitty acknowledges that. I can't believe we have some Schitty defenders that are so devoted they will discount proven great offensive minds. It is one thing to argue something like Bill Walsh vs. Tom Moore, it is a whole different thing to argue Tom Moore vs. Schitty. I mean come on.
  18. This is why I've always said getting a franchise QB is more important than getting a player on the OL. Yes OL is very important and you need to build a good one. But one bad player on the OL and suddenly it's not that good anymore, and it's hard to have all 5 at a high level all the time, also expensive. Once you have your franchise QB and a few targets for him, you just keep getting OL and a few new targets every several years, but you're more or less set. Get an OL and even when it's good you're the freaking Carolina Panthers.
  19. I think it's still down about 5%. Remember the Dow was around 12,900 less than a month ago, and now it's what, 11,500? S&P is still only around 1200, whereas before the drop it was at least around 1333 or so. These are all better numbers than the 10,400 and 1050 or so bottoms 2 weeks ago, but most people are still trying to get back to even from a month ago. Unless you're an active trader, your pension plan and such are all still down sizeably. Stocks generally take the stairs on the way up and the elevator on the way down. 2 weeks wiped out 2 years worth of gains pretty much. 1 week isn't going to get that back, if you're very hopeful maybe about 2 months, and then it'll probably pop down again, this time even further.
  20. Jon Stinchcomb, RT, got released by the Saints. Started for I think 8 years. Should be able to come in, shouldn't cost more than a few million.
  21. Mark Sanchez as my backup QB in fantasy football is not looking very good right now. Since I only really need him on a bye week I guess I can cope with it.
  22. Amen. It was obvious last year the Jets only cared about beating the Patriots. I also hope we talk trash the entire run through. I'd rather be a champion that is hated than a runner up that is mocked. For the longest time the Jets were classy losers that were mocked by everyone. Now that mocking had turned into hate. Next this hate will turn into bandwagon fans. After we win the SB we should close this forum from all new members so it's just those of us that have stuck through everything for so long.
  23. Well, he also had Pennington and Favre but failed with them too, as others have states. What good coaches do though is get more out of their players than the talent on the team would indicate. With the salary cap in place really the talent levels are roughly similar across the league. Sure teams like the Eagles show up every once in awhile, but they don't last long either. Andy Reid has made the playoffs every year for a decade or something. Look at what Rex is doing with the defense. This defense is not anymore talented than any other average unit, outside of Revis, who didn't even play well last year. But Rex gets them overachieving and gets a top ranking defense on the field. Incidentally the Ravens have pretty much fallen off of a cliff. The Steelers are the same thing, no matter who they plug in it's a top defense. The Colts always put out a top offense as do the Saints. Josh McDaniels and Mike Martz go from team to team and make even scrubby teams look good on offense. Look at the QBs these guys have had recently and tell me they are working with more talent than Sanchez and the Jets.
  24. The pass wasn't the problem. It was the play action pass there iirc. IIRC I was in the gamethread getting annoyed, and 1st and 2nd down were run up gut run up gut for losses. And I posted something like "watch for play action pass sack fumble on 3rd and long!" and then it happened pretty much. We didn't try a play action on 1st down all game until then, which is when you'd run it. Ah well...strangely I'm at peace.
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