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  1. Rex would destroy our petulant child model. Rex is into MMA and is twice his weight. When I did bjj I once rolled against a guy that had about 70 lbs or so on me. I submissioned him in quick order 5 times in a row until he realized all he had to do was squish me. The next 5 minutes consisted of him doing just that. He made no attempts to get submissions off me, as it was apparent to him that if he tried anything offensive I'd just beat him quickly. Rex has about 120 lbs on Mark and the squishing will probably be even worse. Also I assume Rex knows more about fighting than the model does, so Mark is absolutely doomed. Actually I still like Sanchez, but that is dumb. If he wanted to fight Schitty I would have been all for it. Is the reason why we still have Schitty because Sanchez needs a babysitter?
  2. Um, that is your justification for purchasing gold. The proper portfolio is getting you income throughout that time through dividend payments. Gold doesn't pay dividends, you get nothing for it until you sell it for actual money, which is the only way you have of determining value. When stocks go up, you claim it's not keeping up with inflation. When gold goes up, you claim it's still undervalued. Yet gold languished most of the past few decades. About 7 years ago or so gold was just $300. It's only in the past few years that it shot up, whereas the market has had a steady climb. Gold is the definition of a bubble. It will tank some more today. Gold under $1500 in a few more weeks. Gold only goes up when the economy goes down, otherwise gold is worthless. I'm going to put in a monster short on gold today.
  3. I am actually very hopeful for Kerley. I think he will be better than the two fossils we signed.
  4. Old people have been saying that every generation. Old people are just really cranky and generally don't want anyone to have a chance at their position in life. Also, I think it is the height of stupidity to expect to be allowed to disrespect people but have them respect you for it. Anybody that does that isn't worth of respect, for both sides. If you're unwilling to show basic respect to others, you can cry all you want that they don't respect you, it really won't change anything. I have never had a problem getting respect from people in person. You seem to try to belittle people even on the internet, and if that is an extension of your real life personality, that is the source of your problems.
  5. They like to pretend either Favre sucked because he refused to learn the playbook or he was great because of Schitty's coaching before he got injured. I guess they are just being contrarion. The fact that they are multiplying gives me pause. Before it was really only SeniorGato. Now it is CTM too. What will we do if there are more of these guys? Maybe 5 people in the world will believe it's not Schitty's fault by midseason, where will it stop? BB was a defensive coach himself. Then he decided he needs to coach offense too, since he lost his actual good offensive coaches and couldn't find capable replacements after awhile. Rex needs to do that too. No more excuses, this is your team, step up and install an offense. What worries me is that after Braylon got here he said that there really is no adjustment because the Browns ran the same offense. Holmes said just a week or two ago that missing training camp doesn't matter much and Plax will pick up the offense because it's really simple. Schitty likes to pretend it is complex but I don't think it can be because of those types of comments. I've heard smart offensive minds like Gruden and Jaws pretty much openly mock and laugh at the constant shifting. Maybe by themselves the signs above are meaningless, but taken cumulatively it's very worrying and gives me no confidence in Schitty's abilities. The worst part is I know how frustrated I'll probably get, yet I can't stop it even knowing it.
  6. I just added someone to my ignore list because I realized that person probably will never contribute any intelligent post while on JN. I'm not saying who, but this is the first time I've done this when I'm not even close to involved in a conversation! New record!
  7. Against top Ds you just want minor competence. It's been that way in the NFL for decades. QBs that can dominate top Ds are extremely rare, even the great Peyton Manning struggled heavily in his lone SB run. He came alive a few times when the team really needed it, but otherwise generally the D will dictate the pace. I'm sure this O will improve. Ok maybe not, Schitty does suck, but I think maybe Tom Moore will take over OC duties at mid-season if it doesn't improve. All I want out of this offense is maybe a TD or two a game, and a FG or two a game. Really just 10 points should win it if our D is THAT good and against a top D as well. 20 offensive points should get us a blowout. Obviously the key is no turnovers. I'd rather see a 3 and out than 5 plays and then a turnover or worse giving up a defensive TD. Meanwhile I'd like to see our defense score every once in awhile, anybody remember back when the Steelers D would score a TD a game? That's dominant defensive football right there. Really, let's at least wait for 4 regular season games to be played before rushing to judgment. Honestly I think we should be okay as a team.
  8. I would be more worried if Sanchez lit up the defense actually.
  9. I like these guys a lot and in the modern environment this is really the only way for the will of the people to be realized. People like these guys curb the excesses of the more corrupt people with power in this world, as they fear the backlash of being exposed. I wonder just how many more Rupert Murdochs we could unearth if everyone was proactively looking to find and stop them?
  10. lol don't worry, Flacco doesn't throw to WRs anyway. All he does is throw dumpoffs to Rice all day long. Maybe he will throw to a WR sometimes too, but he never gets past his first read so it makes no difference if they have more than 1 WR. The only thing this move does is ensure that Boldin gets the stats that Mason stole last year. And if we play them in the playoffs...bwahahaha...Flacco won't even throw to the dumpoffs correctly. Flacco is probably the worst pressure QB I've seen in my life.
  11. I was one of the bigger Braylon supporters, at least over Holmes. I'm still not too in love with Holmes but it's just clear as day that Braylon's issues are huge and nobody in the league is willing to roll the dice on him with any real money. It's all going to be on Sanchez anyway. Yesterday I watched Vick throwing pinpoint lasers to nobodies. Just carved the Ravens right up. I know it's preseason, but still.
  12. Braylon is injured too for what it's worth.
  13. There are lots of homers too man. You're just seeing what you want to see. It looks like you're a cynical person so that's all you notice.
  14. He already passed that date, so that is no longer in play. It was never a serious issue though because he has zero interest in becoming an FA, he's looking to get paid now. They really should just pay him. I think what will happen is they will secretly work out a deal with him beforehand, then he will show up to camp and him and his agent and the team will all go sit in a room for a few hours and chill. Afterwards they will all claim they came to a quick agreement after CJ reported and everyone is happy with it. The Titans will never admit they had the deal worked out beforehand so it doesn't look like they caved, whilst CJ2k will basically claim the deal was worked out insanely quickly showing how much the team valued him after all. Both sides claim victory and only the fans buy into any story.
  15. I wrote that too. Keller needs to be a lot better imo before even mentioning Dallas Clark, in comparison to him or no. I want to see a lot more out of Keller this year than the last few years.
  16. I was responding to the guy that claims Dustin Keller is the best Jets TE of the last 15 years.
  17. Swam about 15 years ago in HS for a semester. Was pretty good at it. Haven't swam since. Post how to swim and how to tread water. Tell me how long it'd take to be good at it again too.
  18. I don't know if that a$$hole Bloomberg still does it, but he used to get dropped off in a limo at a subway station, get all the reporters and cameramen to take watch him go in, and then ride it for about 2 stops and then get picked up in another limo and go the rest of the way. Somehow Bloomberg thought by doing this he was "proving" that he was an every day middle class person and we should all take public transportation all the time. I don't want to make this political, these are his actual actions though. I just dislike hypocrisy. I think it's really cool that Sanchez is taking it, and I bet lots of pro athletes do. Except Braylon, who just drives while drunk instead.
  19. Uh, based on record profits? The $1.5T in cash assets the big corporations are sitting on? Just because Main St. is struggling doesn't mean US companies aren't at all time highs. Big players like KO get most of their profits overseas anyway. Outside of very limited exceptions, the US companies generally lead "emerging" markets since the barriers to entry are generally high for the big US companies. And the swings are great for full time traders. The only people the swings mess with are the fools with their 401Ks and the buy and hold types. But those people never make money to begin with and they can just ride this out. If you buy now and just wait 3 weeks you are going to have huge gains and won't need to trade the rest of the year. I bought, sold, shorted and closed out positions all day on Tuesday before going long yesterday for good. I'm back at work and won't worry about this for weeks, until I close out for good on the year, or at least until I'm sick of working a regular job. I only work maybe 6 months a year at most at a regular job so I can avoid the retarded self employment taxes and quarterly reporting requirements.
  20. I hate preseason but I'll watch a quarter.
  21. That says more about the crappiness of this franchise. Sanchez is already the best QB in Jets history probably, in terms of overall statistics and playoff wins. If he's not #1 he's definitely only behind Namath. Don't compare Keller to other Jets TEs, although Johnny Mitchell would have had a great career if it wasn't cut short, compare Keller to current TEs. Is Keller in the top 10? Nope. Dallas Clark is though. When you start comparing yourself to Dallas Clark you have to be better than Keller is. If this was a player on another team Jets fans would have been all over the guy, but Keller is getting a pass from you right now out of true homerism.
  22. I wonder what holdings bit has, it would be very interesting to hear his trading strategy and results the past couple of weeks.
  23. The Eagles, not content with simply collecting all stars for their starters, are now in the process of building a second viable backup team that is probably better than the Arizona Cardinal's starters. Maybe their new plan is to play half the team the first half and then the second half to finish the game.
  24. Well part of the problem is, outside of Schitty's awful play calling, Dustin Keller really does himself no favors in terms of going for the ball. I think only one time last year did I say Keller make a real, honest effort to fight for a ball. Usually he looks so complacent and if the defender isn't off of him and the ball perfectly delivered he won't make one step to adjust to the ball. It's really just mind boggling.
  25. I think they beat the Falcons, I'd have to look at the schedule from last year but I think they played and beat them easily. I don't really see how the Falcons would score...Matt Ryan is awful against good defenses (sound familiar?).
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