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  1. I think the Pats will win their yearly Regular Season Championship again. 7 years running now right? At least this will put Sanchez in the record books for most playoff road game victories in NFL history. Right now he is tied for the record.
  2. lol he's injured too? The problems just keep coming for this guy! I seriously think he might be out of the league after this year.
  3. Only two days left to close up on the week, doesn't look like the market will make it. All it takes is 2 consecutive days of gains though to reverse the entire momentum.
  4. Yep, JP Morgan has been manipulating Silver prices for a long time now. Actually, I believe they recently got some law passed that only banks like them can speculate on silver now, it was supposed to go into effect last month but I haven't kept up. If they say Gold will go up, more than likely they're trying to screw people over. Whenever Wall St. packages something to the masses it is time to get out. I know you only have physical so for you it won't matter. For traders though, this is where you set tight stops and if you get taken out you don't worry about it.
  5. I think we will be much better without Ellis. Ellis was solid but never great. I think Wilkerson will be better than him by mid-season.
  6. Vick and the Eagles have a much better chance of winning the SB right now than Sanchez and the Jets do. And this is coming from someone that is a huge Sanchez fanboy and posting on a Jets mb, where I've spent a considerable amount of time these past few NFL seasons. There is no such thing as a guarantee for sports, but there are odds, the Eagles are in a very strong position.
  7. Yeah, I think it is. At least some psychiatrist wrote something about it back while TO was still with the Niners.
  8. The HFTs were kind of ridiculous. The volume from about 3 PM on was off the charts crazy. You can't really compete with that as the little guy. Still, it was actually easier to make money the past 2 weeks and today than usual, because all it really did was go straight down for 2 weeks and now straight up for probably another full week at least. You can play the smaller intraday swings, I did today, but you don't really have to when the large moves are as big as the past 2 weeks were.
  9. No, not really. Maybe it bounced up 1 story.
  10. Since you don't believe in paper money or trading, your gold, which I assume is physical, has not actually gone up in value at all. Since you never sell, you don't actually make money. You will have the problem of unloading it in the future. If it is really worth as much as a house, then those of us with houses don't have any real need to trade you a house for it. Land always has value, there is zero point in trading it for a shiny metal. What else are you going to buy with gold? A thousand boxes of slim jims?
  11. Less than 40 minutes to go. If we close positive put on your seatbelts, the rest of the week will be a quick ride up. I suppose I'll go back into work tomorrow.
  12. Looks like we're stabilized and will be going up from here. Fed announced keeping interest rates low. No mention of QE3 yet, and the markets are up anyway. I think I should be back up by the end of next week.
  13. Oh in that case, anybody vs. Henne=Dolphins are the worst team in the NFL. Seriously. Sanchez is a top 15 QB easily, but regardless, the best QB doesn't always win. If they did, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees would have taken turns winning an SB the past 10 years.
  14. I expect it, but it's hard to know how the market will react these days. For the most part it seems to like going down, but futures seem to have stabilized a bit so we may have reached an actual support that will keep for a bit. In that case, we will get at least a small up move. Gold is a safe hedge and is still moving up a solid amount even now. I think Gold is a better bet than treasuries, I actually think treasuries are an absolute short right now.
  15. Vick is the easy #1 and is virtually always the top QB off the boards. I see him going as high as #2 in some drafts, although #4 is more common and definitely before the end of the 1st round. Rodgers is second. After those two who are 1st/2nd round talents, no other QB is worth a pick until maybe round 4 or 5. Brees, Peyton and Rivers round out the 5. For value pick, Romo is the only one worth drafting at his ADP, outside of Vick and maybe Rodgers. Vick gets so many more fantasy points than everyone else that he is an easy #1 QB. The chances of him not being #1 are about the same as Brady missing the entire year again from an injury. The simple fact is that outside of the top 2 there is generally not enough difference between the QBs for it to matter. The rest of them will all probably get around 4k yards and 30 TDs. Brees might go off for 5k yards so move him up to #3 if you want, otherwise they're all pretty interchangeable. Rodgers is also a running QB and that's why his fantasy totals are high. The usual setup is .25 for passing yards and .1 for rushing yards, that's how those two get so many points. Some leagues have a 4 pt passing TD vs 6 pt rushing TD, which adds up too. For leagues that give full credit to passing TDs, QB becomes a much more important position. For leagues that don't, they are not really that important.
  16. They sort of do, they sometimes pump random stocks and that's when you know to sell those. They pumped silver around $50 and then Soros sold out and it came tumbling down. I might consider silver, I have to see if it's not too late to short a few things tomorrow, I think there is still a bit more room down.
  17. It's the employment laws. In the other countries generally there are mandatory vacations of one month a year, as well as frequent holidays. Work hours are generally capped to about 35 a week as well. Most people, especially on the EC, average maybe 10 hours of work a day minimum. That's why we're so unhealthy.
  18. The truly stunning thing is there seems to be no bounce whatsoever, all the support levels seem to be nonexistant. We just crash right through and keep crashing. Even dead cats are supposed to bounce.
  19. This is actually comical. I should have listened to my father and quit my day job 2 weeks ago. I'm now down more than I make in half a year.
  20. I'm pretty sure at least 80% of American citizens will never have that much in a bank anyway.
  21. They won't let it fail, although I do expect it to tank another 50%. Even if it does fail, FDIC should have you insured up to $200k. If you have more than that, move the extra amount out.
  22. The panic selling is kind of funny to me, it's obviously way oversold and pure panic selling but that doesn't mean it can't get even more oversold. I believe the market is waiting on the QE3 announcement or just some type of direction. If the S&P closes around where it is now on Friday that to me indicates the Bear market. If we start rallying and finish above current levels, especially if it is appreciable, I believe the panic sell off could be a whipsaw and we will continue to make new highs as the primary trend would still be a bull market. I am hesitant to commit more capital as a result right now. How tight are your stops?
  23. What are you looking to go long on? Do you see this as a whipsaw?
  24. The penalties are actually kind of small. I've seen a lot of tax returns for multi-millionaires who underestimate by about $10mm, iirc the penalty was something like $100-300k or so.
  25. And what are Sanchez' stats after each of those? What are the results of the drives the Wildcat is used generally? To me it looks like a momentum killer and I usually watch Sanchez struggle due to these types of dopey decisions. Again, Tom Moore will be vehemently against its use.
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