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  1. I think by the end of the year he will start over Cromartie, making the Cro signing pointless since he won't tackle either. It's too bad Cro won't tackle, in terms of coverage he is far more like a safety than a CB imo.
  2. Haha he says that now, but after his first a$$ reaming from Tom Moore for running it we'll probably never see it again. Do you people honestly think Moore won't absolutely blow up after seeing it run?
  3. Dude, what you're doing is tax evasion. I'm not a big fan of taxes but don't just pretend you're doing something that everyone else is just choosing not to do. Heck I'm all for not paying taxes. Timmy doesn't pay his taxes and look where it got him. Just realize if you get caught they'll come down harder on you than they did Timmy. Good luck and I hope you keep evading the tax man. It's not like GE and the big corps pay taxes anyway, they should probably go after those guys first.
  4. I had some time so I started looking back over all the information I could. Maybe there will be a short term drop from the retail investors, but I think most of them already sold out yesterday. The smart money already factored in the downgrade and sold off before then, notably by Wednesday at the latest, and now if you look at P/C ratio/volume throughout Friday you'd notice a bullish trend. I actually expect a big rally starting Monday, perhaps by the middle of the day. I don't think this was the real crash, which I project happening in October at some time.
  5. We should laugh in their faces and just refuse to pay that money back, then turn around and mark up all their imports into our nation destroying their cheap goods manufacturing base, and then dare them to do something about it while mobilizing the Navy just offshore of China.
  6. Are you kidding? There are plenty of homers on here, you are just reading the wrong posts. Personally I think this fanbase overrates its star players, but every fanbase does.
  7. We managed to retain most of our guys, really we only lost the drunken diva. I had wanted to keep him but after seeing what a headcase he is, I am not going to keep harping on the guy's run blocking...it's not THAT big of a deal. We need Sanchez to step up, that's the big thing. Revis without the holdout is hopefully back to his old form. Next year...Ngata is an FA...I say that's the guy we want in a year.
  8. That signing bonus is earned when he signs, unless the contract says otherwise. When you make a non-refundable deposit for something you don't get to have that money back if you change your mind. When you hire an attorney and pay an availability retainer you don't get part of it back if you later decide you don't want to pursue the case or you want a different attorney. The reason for these arrangements is precisely because you can change your mind later. The Bengals can cut Palmer whenever they want, hence why they pay a signing bonus. Also if I already had $50M or whatever Palmer has made, I wouldn't bother playing for the Bengals. I would just travel the world instead and be retired.
  9. What is stopping these guys from showing up and then playing Nintendo DS all day instead of practicing?
  10. Have some compassion for your fellow human beings man. I wouldn't wish playing on the Bengals to anybody. Hell even Tom Brady, whom I despise, or Phillip Rivers. Nobody should suffer like that. Anyway it backfired completely on the Bungles. Nobody is willing to sign with them. They are literally sitting on this huge salary cap required spending floor and nobody will play for them. They can't re-sign their FAs and nothing but the absolute garbage of the garbage FAs will sign with them. You can't screw over your players and expect other players to want to play for your franchise. The Eagles and Jets are both known for being player friendly now, so they have a far easier time in getting quality FAs than other teams especially like the Bungles. I don't blame Carson one bit. He ought to just show up in practice and then do nothing.
  11. The funny thing is corporate profits are still at an all time high and these corps are sitting on $1.5T in cash. This sell off has been purely fear driven.
  12. I think it might already be priced in. The markets really tanked after the debt deal, I think a lot of people just didn't think it was enough. There might be a short drop on Monday, but then it will be way oversold and a great time to buy. This is more along the lines of what I was looking for. I think I might take Monday off so I can monitor and trade. I'm looking at a few blue chips specifically.
  13. Favre deserves this. He brought it upon himself. I hope more reporters bother him.
  14. I still don't understand why we want this guy. I'd rather roll with Patrick Turner as our 3WR or play some other young kid. We're talking about the 3WR position here. Even if Plax can't go and you need a #2, that person would still be the third target behind Holmes and Keller.
  15. We are fine with what we have. I also don't think Cotchery will get a starting spot anywhere.
  16. You do know the post you quoted is from November right?
  17. lol I thought you said you weren't a trader? I'll check when I get back home but I'm sure I took at least another 5% loss today. I don't mind as much today though, honestly with a full time job where you can't enter orders during the day it's not worth stressing over anything. My plan is to sell in December for the tax losses...I think I can carry them over or something anyway if necessary. EDIT- I of course mean short term trading, since you mentioned not caring about the day to day anymore. Personally I really don't see how any other form of trading is reliable.
  18. Good because....financials are my biggest holding right now. I told myself I wouldn't look though. Yesterday a co-worker basically talked me off of the ledge. I just wish I had added to my positions. If financials rally, we are set. At worst I guess I can probably get back to even on my financial plays. I still don't truly understand the big drop...corporate earnings have been great, and the bad economic news should have been factored in. The primary trend should have still been up, and you can't really change a primary trend with an intermediate/short move...in theory.
  19. I've been refraining from looking, but that'd be good news. I would rather have the squeeze right now and get back into positive...I am now negative on the year last I checked. It doesn't look like financials are in this rally. There is no sustained rally without financials and tech.
  20. I haven't sold out anything, but I used to be a trader. If I was still actively trading I would be up about 30% in the past week. Thing is I know work a full time day job and I'm specifically banned from trading. I make less money than I can trading but it's a steady paycheck, easier and with much less stress. Actually no real stress. But old habits die hard. I will probably buy more when I start seeing an upswing, I do not think this is the bottom. I don't actually need any of the money I have in securities so it doesn't matter, but just purely psychologically I have not enjoyed the past few days. I'm a lot better today, decided I don't care until I get home and then I'll check. My day job pays me well enough and I have plenty of cash in reserve...just wanted to get enough through the market to pay off my student loans in one shot by next year. Was on a great pace to do it too (before taxes). Oh well...
  21. Since yesterday you've lost more money, since it passed 30 yesterday and according to you that's when you bought. And I'll take you up on that offer in 6 months. Let's add a Jets playoff game to the deal just for fun.
  22. Ok, you go and buy things up right now. Go ahead. You probably don't even own any securities.
  23. Because there are certain technical indicators that show problems. One is called the VIX, that is a fear index. It topped 30 yesterday, which is a cutoff point for recessions. Back in 2009 it hit that too...at no point in the past 2.5 years after that has it gotten over 25. Until pretty much the past week or two. Second is technical levels in moving averages on the S&P as well as key support levels. Those were breached yesterday as well, hence the big drop. Stocks tend to drop quickly but move up slowly. We'll see how things go today, I want to see a move up a bit the next 5 days or so.
  24. I thought he wanted to go to a winning team with a good QB. I don't know how he thinks he will get that in San Fran. Maybe they make the playoffs but really...I don't know, as crappy as those teams are they've all improved more than the Niners will with this move. At least they will probably have 2 teams without losing records this year.
  25. The mods would take it down so fast most of us would never see it though. They don't like female boobage for some reason.
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