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  1. Impossible...that's Lucas Oil Stadium which I believe is Indy?
  2. Probably Matthew Hatchette...he dropped more than Braylon did iirc. Was supposed to be our new #1 WR haha
  3. Apparently selling out the American middle class eventually catches up to you.
  4. Now who will Schitty design plays for? It always seemed many plays were designed for Cotch. Either Sanchez goes through 4 reads and keeps getting to Cotch, or he's a lot higher than that and the plays are designed to go to him.
  5. 5% now. How can anyone have confidence in the bozos in Washington DC?
  6. The S&P is down 4% now as I write this. Waiting until after the crash to say it's a crash is rather pointless. This is a correction signalling a crash.
  7. I don't think a small recovery will even matter. You really don't understand the crisis levels we are at. Everything is screaming recession or even worse.
  8. Dude, it's down about 11% or so from the past 9 sessions, essentially starting July 24 all it did was go down, down, down. And yes nobody posts when it is up because it's obvious it's up but it was disconnected from reality. That's why we're in correction now. It's funny, everyone knew Wall St. was phony yet as long as it stayed up we didn't care. Now we do... And if it's just a down 3% today and we start retracing up starting tomorrow to the levels from before? I shall buy you a steak dinner.
  9. Someone please, please bump and quote the threads with the Phins fans claiming Henne is better than Sanchez, and even worse, Jets fans acknowledging their point. It was so retarded to anyone that had eyes and football sense, which we know Phins fans don't but it was depressing to see so many JN posters join them in their ineptitude.
  10. Yeah the economy just crashed. I've lost about $20k the past few weeks (lol...it's not really funny in a true sense but just looking at it...lol). So the question is now, who do we blame, and where's the bottom? I don't see any support until 10k on the DJIA and 1k on the S&P.
  11. I don't think we really fleeced them last time, although I guess I don't know who they took with that 5th.
  12. When i was younger I could never understand the point of sports games. You're playing a game, why not just physically play that game, or play a game that is more fun and not really constricted to real life? Now I'm old and haven't tossed a football in roughly 6 years or so. I suppose I can play these games now...except I don't care enough even now. I do like Tecmo Super Bowl with updated rosters on NES however.
  13. I don't know how Orton ever even wins any games. His ducks are just as bad as Captain Noodle Arms were.
  14. I can't wait to watch them both cry together after Revis shuts down Ocho moutho and Wilkerson puts Cindy on his back where he likes it best.
  15. You people are idiots and I hate you. Semper Fi
  16. Why would he randomly charge the busboy? Come on, make the story believable please. Even psychotic people don't behave randomly.
  17. What about the women? They had no problems right? If it's a Jets player or fan and the person is male you will always bash them, we know that. It's part of your man and Jet hating schtick. We get it. For the record, Plax will perform better than that scrub Ocho the Pats got. That guy is completely finished.
  18. Even as a run first offense, Sanchez in his second year averaged I believe 30 passes a game, which is a decent amount. Braylon also placed in the top 20 of WRs. Assuming further improvement and a bigger commitment to the pass this year, as the CS is saying there will be, if he can crack top 10 statistically he will get a nice contract next year. Provided he doesn't get thrown in jail at any rate, which he seems to be getting closer and closer to doing.
  19. The Eagles are a Madden team. They have no O-line but name players everywhere else, led by the greatest Madden QB of all time Michael Vick. Vick was already the best QB in Madden when he sucked, I can only wonder how beefed up he is now that he can pass.
  20. Braylon is a head case, that's why he is gone. If he never had those concentration problems and all of his legal problems we would never have had a chance at him and he would have been considered much better than Holmes. But as the old saying goes...if the Queen had balls...
  21. Signings seem to have slowed down. For the most part all the top FAs are signed already. BE still seems to be getting no interest. He's going to have to settle for the 1 year $4M or less contract.
  22. How long have you been following the Jets? Why would you want the Jets to get any credit or respect? We suck when we get that. Hell look at what this team did after beating the Patriots in the playoffs, they were done. No, I want the media and everyone to disrespect this team even after they win the next 3 SBs in a row. I want the media to write articles about how the Jets were "lucky" and it was a fluke after the first one, then after the second one for them to say "2 SBs is nothing, 3 is a dynasty and the Jets have already won as many as they'll win in the rest of franchise history" and hell if they can make up something after the third SB in a row let them do that too. The last thing I want to hear is "Jets are SB favorites" or even "Jets are the best team in the AFCE."
  23. Outside of Drew Rosenhaus I don't think any other agent is willing to be associated with him. Don't blame the agent for this mess, Braylon is the one going out there getting into trouble all the time.
  24. Breaking news: Eagles sign Zach Miller. Just kidding...for now.
  25. Looks like most people aren't taking this retirement seriously lol. I had a feeling when the Jets couldn't sign him that the entire issue was money. No team in the NFL wants to give him big money, but his giant ego won't let him take less. Eventually his agent will convince him that taking a smaller contract this year of a few million (Burress got $3M, so it's reasonably for him to get maybe even above that a bit) could lead to a bigger contract, and at worst case scenario it's still money vs. no money.
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