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  1. *** wildcard weekend games thread ***

    Titans p 8.5 Falcons p6.5 Jags -8.5 Panthers p6.5 -- this one I am leary on
  2. It's Official Gruden HC Raiders

    Well if anything Monday Night Football might be enjoyable again.
  3. He can be the next Col. Sanders. It's finger Lickin Good.
  4. Are the Jets good

    Better than expected. Still middle of the pack.
  5. Due personal reasons this will be the 1st game I miss in a very long time GO JETS
  6. Best bets week 7

    8-9-1. 4-2. Upset special best bets Carolina - 3. V. Bears Bills -3. Vs. Bucs Broncos -1. Vs. Chargers upset Falcons over Pats
  7. Best Bets. Week 6

    Nice job
  8. Best Bets. Week 6

    Sun sentinel Ft Lauderdale had it as a pic em Saturday mornings paper.... made picks late... well looks like Rodgers and the Pack screwed me.
  9. Best Bets. Week 6

    Last week 3-0. Overall 7-7-1. 3-2. Upset special Before I sail off on my cruise Green Bay -3. Vs. Vikes Tenn. Pk vs. Indy KC - 4. Vs Steelers upset. Arizona. Over Tampa Bay Since i will be sailing the high seas I may not make my picks for next week. I know the disappointment you must feel. Anyway enjoy the games.
  10. Best Bets week 5

    Blind squirrel finally found the nut 3-0 7-7-1 overalll 3-2 upset pick til next week
  11. Best Bets week 5

    4-7-1. Overall. 3-1. Upset pick Best bets Indy -1 vs 49ers Jets p1 vs Browns Vikes -2 vs Bears upset special Bills over Bengals Enjoy the games all.
  12. RIP Tom Petty

    Sad news on a sad day. RIP
  13. how is richardson doing with new team?

    He hit 2 home runs it was magnificent.