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  1. Jets p11 2 over. Barely 3. Jets 1st score and TD will be a pick 6
  2. Went to a Birthday dinner on Sunday so 1st time in a bit I did not watch. Kept tabs and gave up at 24-6. But if I were watching I probably would have turned off after the 3rd and 31 play. Not to sure if i would have thrown something thru my TV at that point.
  3. Seattle. -2.5. Vs. Falcons Chargers -3. Vs Bengals Jets p6.5 Vs Bills
  4. My wife does the same...also adds bits of bacon with it good stuff
  5. I was at a show with the Rats opening. But I think that was 79 as I was in High School still. That was my 1st Rush show.
  6. So many t go thru in no particular order 1- Pink Floyd - The Wall 1980 Nassau Coliseum (note Roger Waters doing it again 30 years later was just as impressive) 2 Kansas 1979 Point of No Return tour (one of the most underated bands ever) 3 Iron Maiden 2010 Houston TX - 1st time seeing them in 27 years thought they would be a shell of what they once were, they blew me away 4 Rush - countless times but the best 1981 3rd row Coliseum 5 Rainbow - 1978 with Dio — AC/DC opened and were bood off the stage. Blackmore was incredible. 6 Kiss 1977 MSG 1st concert ever — 7 Foghat - 1977 Commack Arena - 2nd concert and 1st time smoking weed. Listen to Foghat Live and that is pretty much the show we saw.(it was recorded 1 week before my show) 8 Yes - Countless times but the 90125 was the best for me. 9 Dixie Dregs 1982 Somme dinner theater on Long Island — just incredible 10 Van Halen F.U.C.K tour — with Hagar — was perfect from beginning to end.
  7. slowmoe57

    Dad jokes

    My alphabet has only 25 letters. I don’t know Y.
  8. After working in the Airline biz for 34.5 years Covid 19 has sent me to an early retirement which means I am allowed to smoke again. 1st movie watched stoned — “Dr. Strange” needless to say I enjoyed it.
  9. A co-worker says season 3 of Ozark was amazing
  10. Sa born Brooklyn moved to NH when he was 6 -- in case you really needed to know
  11. Just finished episode 8 of “Hunters” on Prime. Good watch worth it during this incubation period. Will finish it off tomorrow. Another show from the list would highly recommend is “JUSTIFIED’ also would add Daredevil on NETFLIX
  12. Just caught up with “Peaky Blinders “— Good show. Not “The Sopranos” and does tend to get a bit slow but worth it.
  13. Left Texas in 2012 and in Chicago now, Son graduated college and wife lives in Florida with her mom commute every few weeks til i retire next year.

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