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  1. Airline work...Covid sped it up a year and half but I was in a good place financially so took my ball and went home.
  2. Born and Raised in North Babylon L.I N.Y 1961-1986 Houston TX 1986-2012 Chicago 2012-2020 Happily retired in Florida 2020-???? Mets Jets Islanders Knicks Left NY 1.5 months after the Mets won it all have not had a Championship since. Cursed I tell ya.
  3. I was 7. Went to the movies with my brothers. Only thing I remember was my dad won a bundle on the Jets. So as far as i am concerned I never really enjoyed watching them win the SB. SOME DAY.
  4. This way they can put their heads together and make an ass of themselves.
  5. Jets p11 2 over. Barely 3. Jets 1st score and TD will be a pick 6
  6. Went to a Birthday dinner on Sunday so 1st time in a bit I did not watch. Kept tabs and gave up at 24-6. But if I were watching I probably would have turned off after the 3rd and 31 play. Not to sure if i would have thrown something thru my TV at that point.
  7. Seattle. -2.5. Vs. Falcons Chargers -3. Vs Bengals Jets p6.5 Vs Bills
  8. My wife does the same...also adds bits of bacon with it good stuff
  9. I was at a show with the Rats opening. But I think that was 79 as I was in High School still. That was my 1st Rush show.
  10. So many t go thru in no particular order 1- Pink Floyd - The Wall 1980 Nassau Coliseum (note Roger Waters doing it again 30 years later was just as impressive) 2 Kansas 1979 Point of No Return tour (one of the most underated bands ever) 3 Iron Maiden 2010 Houston TX - 1st time seeing them in 27 years thought they would be a shell of what they once were, they blew me away 4 Rush - countless times but the best 1981 3rd row Coliseum 5 Rainbow - 1978 with Dio — AC/DC opened and were bood off the stage. Blackmore was incredible. 6 Kiss 1977 MSG 1st concert ever — 7 Foghat - 1977 Commack Arena - 2nd concert and 1st time smoking weed. Listen to Foghat Live and that is pretty much the show we saw.(it was recorded 1 week before my show) 8 Yes - Countless times but the 90125 was the best for me. 9 Dixie Dregs 1982 Somme dinner theater on Long Island — just incredible 10 Van Halen F.U.C.K tour — with Hagar — was perfect from beginning to end.
  11. slowmoe57

    Dad jokes

    My alphabet has only 25 letters. I don’t know Y.
  12. After working in the Airline biz for 34.5 years Covid 19 has sent me to an early retirement which means I am allowed to smoke again. 1st movie watched stoned — “Dr. Strange” needless to say I enjoyed it.

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