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  1. slowmoe57

    2018 Road Trips

    Heed this warning.
  2. slowmoe57

    2018 Road Trips

    Chicago...I can walk to Soldier Field. Jacksonville for sure. Contemplating Detroit for the opener.
  3. I would be in -- how many tix depends
  4. I am def in for Jacksonville and late October here in Chicago is perfect -- Thinking on opening night in Detroit but will see.
  5. slowmoe57

    "What would you rather have" Thread

    To be the man you gotta beat the man. Can't beat him while he is on crutches. Besides KC tried doing us this favor like 10 years ago. Didn't work.
  6. I could easily see a Ryan Leaf type Bitch slap coming Mehta's way.
  7. slowmoe57

    RIP LE Grande Orange!

    This one stings. One of my all time favorite Mets. Saw him one day at LGA. a very large man.
  8. slowmoe57

    Things Less Painful than being a Jets Fan

    Sitting in a bar next to a Jets fan as he explains to me how they really have a shot at the Super Bowl. This and my balls getting kicked over and over again.
  9. Welcome to Jetnation.
  10. slowmoe57

    Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    I believe it was me -- they are fun to watch.
  11. slowmoe57

    *** wildcard weekend games thread ***

    Titans p 8.5 Falcons p6.5 Jags -8.5 Panthers p6.5 -- this one I am leary on
  12. slowmoe57

    It's Official Gruden HC Raiders

    Well if anything Monday Night Football might be enjoyable again.
  13. He can be the next Col. Sanders. It's finger Lickin Good.
  14. slowmoe57

    Are the Jets good

    Better than expected. Still middle of the pack.