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  1. A co-worker says season 3 of Ozark was amazing
  2. Sa born Brooklyn moved to NH when he was 6 -- in case you really needed to know
  3. Just finished episode 8 of “Hunters” on Prime. Good watch worth it during this incubation period. Will finish it off tomorrow. Another show from the list would highly recommend is “JUSTIFIED’ also would add Daredevil on NETFLIX
  4. Just caught up with “Peaky Blinders “— Good show. Not “The Sopranos” and does tend to get a bit slow but worth it.
  5. Left Texas in 2012 and in Chicago now, Son graduated college and wife lives in Florida with her mom commute every few weeks til i retire next year.
  6. My box of Chrebet Crunch -- never opened and full
  7. Joined the Air Force at 19 to get away and see the world. Grew up on Long Island and ended up stationed in Jersey much to my disappointment. Never got the chance to go anywhere else (long story) anyway I did work in an Airline type job and lo and behold gave me my thirst to work in that field and as of today i have a 35 year career with NY Air/Continental/United so there’s that. Was never really cut out to be a Military guy so be sure you are. Good luck on what you decide. Oh as for basic training. 6 weeks. A breeze compared to the other branches of service.
  8. Lots of pretty women in Texas. Surprised not on there.
  9. Way too many But I watched one from the 70s the other day. "Across 110th Street" with Anthony Quinn . How about 'The French Connection" Loved those cop movies from that era.
  10. Favorite Dio Most powerful (that I have heard live) Rob Halford Phil Collins Best tough to chose but I will go with Mercury
  11. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-peart-rush-obituary-936221/?fbclid=IwAR3wWbI1HEkzTPFtdn7OgtAQLCVVKnkII-qzKkNmnUf8brZCe3tBNwQOw-s THIS ONE HURTS -- Took my son to see them 5 years ago because I always said everyone should see at least 1 Neil Peart Drum solo in their lives.

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