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  1. Well the last time we were i the playoffs I would touch all my Jets memorabilia and just say J E T S JETS JETS JETS. It seemed to work. Did the next season and it did not. So I felt silly and stopped. My wife is a Jinx. Whenever she would walk in the next play would be an Int. Fumble or some goofy crap. This happened on several occasions. One day during an intense game (again going back to our last playoff run.) it happened again and she just laughed. I turned on my Ralph Kramden "GET OUT.......OUT!!!!!!! YOU DO THIS EVERYTIME OUT. She still busts my balls over it.
  2. For the record I was totally fine with the Finale.
  3. From what I remember nothing super suspenseful. Pretty much keeps the same rhythm throughout, But it was a good watch nothing fantastic. And they do have a closure movie on HBO next month. Supposedly takes place 10 years after the show ended.
  4. so Bosa and Williams go 1-2 since the Jets don't need a QB why would the Raiders need to move up a spot when they would get Murry anyway??
  5. Had a 4 hour wait in Miami last week so started to watch "Black Summer" on NETFLIX. I know another Zombie Apocalypse show. But I am pretty hooked on it. Very well done and some edge of your seat moments. Tonight is also the Finale of "Gotham" loved it's run but it is time to end.
  6. Always liked Sabretts -- but must be off a stand in the dirty water. NO KRAUT Boar's Head make a good Hot Dog
  7. OH BTW if any of you are planning Miami. That coincides with The annual Boat show so Hotels go fast in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Just FYI
  8. Miami is locked and loaded DC is a maybe Kinda thinking road trip to NJ for the Cowboys game
  9. Will he go down as a cheater?? Perhaps. Will he be remembered as one??? Hell No.
  10. if home Browns or Steelers 4PM If road prob be Ravens at 1 pm. My guess.
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