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  1. Really??? Learn something new.
  2. I will am very sorry to hear this. Met him several times down in Miami. Always nice despite the nickname. RIP
  3. Last year opening day I drove from Bradenton Florida to The Villages Fl. After living with my Mother in law for 4 months as my house was being built. Pouring rain the whole way up as I was relocating to a rental until move in. Got to the sports bar 2 minutes til kickoff and was lucky to get in as I did not have a reservation (never occurred to me to have one)Well after one of the worst opening half’s of football I have ever seen (96 in Denver number 1). I posted somewhere 3-13 here we come. Which was pretty darn close Now resettled I have invited old and new friends for an opening
  4. We drafted Sam Darnold I wanted Josh Allen. We drafted Zach Wilson I wanted Justin Fields. Am I doing this right? I actually thought the second coming of Revis was going to be spectacular. I was positive one day we would see Herm Edwards and Chad Pennington hold the Lombardy trophy as well as Rex and Sanchez. I think every RB we draft or sign is going to tear up the league. Haven’t had anything close since Curtis left. Sure there are some more but it’s early.
  5. I would have added Jets finish over .500. But that’s me.
  6. Just 1 game for me. But a combo of Sam lights out and Robby going gonzo would piss me off a bit.
  7. Sunrise Hwy. God so many nights in that place. Back on topic. Took the wife to see Michael Bolton and Celine Dion. That’s it.
  8. Did anyone else notice the Chicago Bears have no consecutive home or away games. Back and forth all season. i thought that was strange.
  9. So I heard. 5 minutes after I posted. Let the fun begin.
  10. 2 of last years worst teams starting off MNF. Not thinking so but a 4 P.M Sunday game perhaps. This has a TNF feel to it. Then again Sam started in Detroit to open the season on MNF. Will see tonight.
  11. Latest bad movie Da 5 Bloods. Horrible movie but I will say it had the funniest (unintentional) death scene since the Black Knight scene from M.P and the Holy Grail.
  12. In the words of Yogi Berra “It’s deja vu all over again. So no.
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