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  1. slowmoe57

    Jets playing in London in 2019?

    As it stands now with the Jags and Jets in last place means the Jets will play in Jax. Next season. So there’s my guess.
  2. slowmoe57

    Jaguars-Titans Thursday Night Football.

    Exactly what I said -- pathetic. But I do have Henry in fantasy so there's that.
  3. The Jetsiest of jets loses this year. Somehow knew it was coming.
  4. slowmoe57

    Jets - Titans Game Thread

    My golf is done for this year. Good thing I have a couple of Florida trips this winter . Never had a hole in one but did get my first Eagle last year.
  5. slowmoe57

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Well watched "Hereditary" the other night. I read here it was a great flick- I was not disappointed. Awesome watch.
  6. slowmoe57

    Jets - Titans Game Thread

    NFL Network says Sam likely to start today -- will see
  7. slowmoe57

    Gambling Picks Week #12

    Jags -3 Bucs - 3.5 Eagles -6
  8. slowmoe57

    2019 New York Jets tickets

    I would love to join in on one but def. have to wait for the Sched. to come out
  9. slowmoe57

    Army Black Knights

    My niece got a full ride there....Lacrosse scholarship.
  10. slowmoe57

    1st snowstorm of the season: Vic is pissed

    Yes and when a Hurricane comes barreling down on them they are like "please pray for us boo hoo hoo... No f... em
  11. slowmoe57

    NFL Analysis - NY Jets

    If you keep throwing these rays of sunshine at me I am going to get sunburn.
  12. slowmoe57

    NFL Analysis - NY Jets

    Make no mistake about it, the Jets offensive line has exceeded expectations. They were expected to be terrible, but they’ve only been bad i feel so much better now.
  13. Then again the Jets make most teams look like Super Bowl contenders.
  14. The Haunting of Hill House on NETFLIX is pretty damn creepy -- Horror fans will love it. But beware it bounces back and forth alot.

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