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  1. CBD edibles were my main go to last Football season. Made the games so much more tolerable. Chocolate and gummies were the best. But as noted before try a half piece to start that is moe than enough. Enjoy
  2. We used to have a betting section years ago with daily wagers. Just points no dough. I also used to make best bet picks every Sunday but it never caught steam. Plus the fact I suck at it. There is a good reason I don’t gamble. Anyway chiefs and packers to cover but i a sneaky suspicion the bills are gonna burn me.
  3. Airline work...Covid sped it up a year and half but I was in a good place financially so took my ball and went home.
  4. Born and Raised in North Babylon L.I N.Y 1961-1986 Houston TX 1986-2012 Chicago 2012-2020 Happily retired in Florida 2020-???? Mets Jets Islanders Knicks Left NY 1.5 months after the Mets won it all have not had a Championship since. Cursed I tell ya.
  5. I was 7. Went to the movies with my brothers. Only thing I remember was my dad won a bundle on the Jets. So as far as i am concerned I never really enjoyed watching them win the SB. SOME DAY.
  6. This way they can put their heads together and make an ass of themselves.
  7. Jets p11 2 over. Barely 3. Jets 1st score and TD will be a pick 6
  8. Went to a Birthday dinner on Sunday so 1st time in a bit I did not watch. Kept tabs and gave up at 24-6. But if I were watching I probably would have turned off after the 3rd and 31 play. Not to sure if i would have thrown something thru my TV at that point.
  9. Seattle. -2.5. Vs. Falcons Chargers -3. Vs Bengals Jets p6.5 Vs Bills
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