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  1. sounds good    cell 832-498-5218 -- hope to see you Sunday

    1. Lith


      My number is 224 465-8574.  I will text you when I get there on Sunday and let you know where we are.

      - Larry

  2. Today marks the 600th month I have spent on planet earth -- What no b-day greetings anymore -

  3. Its Vacation Friday -- yahooooo


  5. Off to see Roger Waters perform THE WALL

  6. Less than 1 hour of workm left then off for the weekend -- Off to Detroit to meet fellow JN ers -- Pray for me.

  7. Islanders 6 Rangers 4 today is off to a great start

  8. I am packed and ready to go -- Ft. Lauderdale here I come

  9. Denard Robinson -- Heisman winner???? Could be

  10. AAAAAANND the Buckeyes make another -- Damn Canes keep shooting themselves in the foot

  11. of cource not it's Sunday -- Have a happy holiday I will assume you are in the Hamptons

  12. FreeMarketchampion I know one its a firm called UP YOURS catchy title don't you think.

  13. A Mets come from behind victory and a possible Revis signing in a 24 hour period -- I am playing the lottery.

    1. Lil Bit Special

      Lil Bit Special

      it might just be God toying with you.

  14. Now we know who you play with.

  15. ran 3.4 miles on 8/7/2010 at 9:35 a.m the cops were chasing me.

  16. Mets suck Football can not get here soon enough.

    1. Lil Bit Special

      Lil Bit Special

      Only a few more weeks my friend... then we dont have to worry about those losers.

  17. Does that mean y6ou masturbated in the shower 744 previous times????

  18. How much longer til v-bookie comes back????

    1. slowmoe57


      thanx for getting back with the info....

  19. would not be the 1st time.

  20. Every year at least 1 team has a hold out. This year is our turn Things will turn out in the long run I don't like it as much as the next guy but **** it lets just concentrate on what we have on the field now and focus on the season.

  21. where is my v-cash --

  22. called them -- got some off not 150 but im satisfied. - thanx

  23. Been there done that -- But we always find a way through. rob peter to pay paul crap like that -- keep the faith -- later

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