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  1. We drafted Sam Darnold I wanted Josh Allen.

    We drafted Zach Wilson I wanted Justin Fields.

    Am I doing this right? 

    I actually thought the second coming of Revis  was going to be spectacular.

    I was positive one day we would see Herm Edwards and Chad Pennington hold the Lombardy trophy as well as Rex and Sanchez. 

    I think every RB we draft or sign is going to tear up the league. Haven’t had anything close since Curtis left. 

    Sure there are some more but it’s early.

  2. CBD edibles were my main go to last Football season. Made the games so much  more tolerable. Chocolate and gummies were the best. But as noted before try a half piece to start that is moe than enough.  Enjoy

  3. 13 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    I posted in the "Fantasy" Forum because we do not have a regular betting forum.  Anyone playing today?  Best betting day of the season, IMO.  

    Thread is in the fantasy forum here:  https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/158073-2021-championship-sunday-betting/

    If there is any interest, maybe a new forum for betting?  Or change the name of the fantasy forum to incluse legal betting?


    We used to have a betting section years ago with daily wagers. Just points no dough. I also used to make best bet picks every Sunday but it never caught steam. Plus the fact I suck at it. There is a good reason I don’t gamble. 



    chiefs and packers to cover

    but i a sneaky suspicion the bills are gonna burn me.

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