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  1. under the road sched. is brutal. Unless we make major changes but I have no faith at this time.
  2. Floridians in Winter "In Florida we salt our Maragrita's not our sidewalks. Floridians in Summer "OH MY GOD A HURRICANE PLEASE PRAY FOR US." Yeah screw em
  3. Gettleman wants a guy he can control, a guy who will be indebted to him for giving him his first Head Coach job. McDaniels would have been a threat and pushed back on Gettleman basically saying, "I've won multiple Super Bowls, what have you guys won?  2 against you
  4. The Tigers Will win close game I hope anyway Tigers 34 Tigers 30
  5. Who is number 1 ??? my 5 takeaways 1 - Lamar Jackson is good 2. Sam Darnold could do better 3. Defense was not very good. 4. Gase is a dummy head. 5. Baltimore is a better team.
  6. Ravens 45 Jets 7 but since I just picked up Baltimores D in FF Jets 45 Ravens 7
  7. I will not eat any Pies or Cakes that contain any fruit. I hate Corn on the Cob
  8. "The Irishman" Long,slow and quite boring. But since I love Mob movies I enjoyed it.
  9. Happy when they win mad when they lose. By noon Monday I am looking to the next game. Once I get to the " I feel so much better now that I have given up all hope." phase of the season. The anger is a lot less. This year was the MNF Patriots game.
  10. This is ripe with the "We are back again" vibe. Only to get smacked in the mouth with a crushing "Oh no we suck again" loss. Pretty sure we got this one though.
  11. NY Daily news said Giants lost to the Lowly Bears.
  12. Good win we now have equaled last years win total. 8-8 or 7-9 is about what some here were picking to begin with. Not thinking my 9-7 will happen - But it could have. On to next week.
  13. Watched "Dolemite is my name" with Eddie Murphy. Worth it very enjoyable. Now I have to watch the original movie.
  14. Does the D get a pass because C.J Mosley hurt his nut sack?
  15. Best part this year you can walk up before kickoff and pick almost whatever you want.
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