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  1. Wow, what a categorical argument!!! Plenty of teams with a few superstars have succeeded.
  2. They really ought to at least restructure Coles. But I don't see why they need to cut him. Woody's got plenty of money -- it's the cap figures that matter, not the actual money spent.
  3. Abraham can't stay healthy, can't play the run, has no experience with the 3-4 and is overpaid. He fits into Mangini's plan in exactly zero ways. To get a first-round selection would be fantastic. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets have to give up a second-day pick in any deal involving Abraham and a first-rounder.
  4. Agreed -- it's important to obtain as high a pick as possible, but I don't see teams offering a first-rounder higher than #20 straight-up.
  5. Agreed, there's no reason to believe the Pats won't win the East this year. The Jets and Bills have no chance, and I personally believe Miami needs at least another season. I don't think they were as good as their 9-7 mark last season, anyhow.
  6. That's a patently false claim. The '04 offense was easily superior.
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