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  1. Lets be honest. Geno is not why we are losing today - Defense was ******* horrendous, as they were in pre-season and everytime we have faced a half decent QB. Overrated unit with lucky fumbles early on. McCown and Gore don't fumble those easy turnovers, record might look a bit different.
  2. This is a huge issue and has been since he got here. We have never forced turnovers under him. At this point the issues we have had under Rex Ryan have been here since he started (sloppy offensive play -- turnovers/penalties, and on defense, giving up points before half, too many penalties).. Not sure what to do, players or not but these are killers.
  3. Brian Costello ‏@BrianCoz 1m The Jets will waive WR Stephen Hill, according to a source #nyj Goodbye Mr Hill
  4. Brian Costello ‏@BrianCoz 3m The Jets have released CB Johnny Patrick, according to a source. #nyj
  6. Certainly not all - we definitely need a game breaking #1 receiver to become a great offense. But, even without that in the past, our offense was at least serviceable when we had a reliable #2. We have been statistically one of the worst offenses when we are force feeding the ball to the likes of Holmes/Hill/Gates. Get a couple new playmakers (Top flight TE/ FA WR/ and someone like Landry as a #2 receiver, and this offense looks a lot different.
  7. Was coming in to say exactly this. He is a great fit for the offense, as he is a solid, reliable type of receiver that we have been missing. Not a game changer, but our offense has been very different since Cotchery left.
  8. Not sure how much stock I put into this report... but I thought this would be interesting to get the forums reaction. From Rotoworld: The Miami Herald hints that 49ers "senior offensive consultant" Eric Mangini could be a possible GM replacement for the Dolphins. Jeff Ireland would obviously have to get the boot first, but beat writer Armando Salguero composed an interesting list of candidates to replace Ireland. It leads off with Mangini. Owner Stephen Ross reportedly wanted to hire Mangini before the 2011 season, and Ross supposedly "loves" Mangini for reasons Salguero "is not clear on." Word is Mangini wants to get involved in front office operations. Other notable names listed as possible Ireland replacements are ex-Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, ex-Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, and current assistant GM Brian Gaine. Given the way that Mangini was disliked around here for his time as a coach I am not sure what to make of it. However, its tough not to give him a bit credit for our 2009 and 2010 AFC Championship teams. Don't know that he wouldn't succeed as a personnel guy for them. Trader Mike on the other hand... I might support that
  9. I honestly think this is one of the best posts on Jetnation. Ever.
  10. After a great win this week against Buffalo, I already "CAN'T WAIT" for next Sunday night against the Pats. I will be going to the game, and I just happened to remind myself that it will be Shaun Ellis' homecoming. Personally, I really liked him when he was here and will cheer for him if/when they announce him next week. I completely understand why he is in New England right now, and can't fault him for it. Kinda curious to see where everyone else stands..
  11. This is absolutely correct. On every point. This is why the NYJ offense is incompetent.
  12. During the game this weekend, Kris Jenkins was commenting on the game on Facebook as he was watching, and this one comment really hit me, mostly because he was a member of that locker room and really knows what it is like... Anyway, he said: "Jets got rid of the players with the heart. End of story!!!!" That really got me thinking... If you take a look at some of the players we lost this offseason: Kris Jenkins, Tony Richardson, Damien Woody, Braylon Edwards, James Ihedigbo, Shaun Ellis etc.. These were definitely some players that played with fire and passion. Now heart doesn't make up for talent, but when you have a coach that coaches with tons of emotion, you need someone else to convey that emotion in the locker room. Bart can do it, but he is just one person. I think you can see the difference in the way that we play-- and I believe we are missing a lot of leadership with these types of players gone. Now I don't think that is the only reason we are bad-- there are certainly many reasons from lack of depth and key injuries, but I think it is a one of the ways we are fundamentally different than last year, and its absolutely a regression.
  13. Before you kill me on this.. a last thought before I pass out for an early morning-- Yes our O-Line Blows, Yes Eric Smith cant cover sh*t, Yes Sanchez sucks, Shonn can't run for sh*t, BUT this season still isn't over. We are 2-2, within one game of the both leaders in the division. Also, we are still tied with of the alleged "powerhouses" of the AFC (Steelers) and we still haven't played a division game yet. New England is next week, will we beat them? Who knows... Right now it looks bleak, but keep in mind the Ravens have one of the best defenses in the league. With a healthier Mangold, and a weaker NE defense, its a possibility. All I want to do is take a step back and really assess where we are.. Its a long season and by no means is it 100% done yet. Keep a little faith for now-- its tough and depressing, but not over yet, not at all. On that note, I am pissed and we looked like sh*t tonight. Goodnight all and try not to let this game get you down this week. I will root for the Jets to beat the Pats* next week, and I know all of you will too.
  14. That was my flag football team name last year LMAO.
  15. Thanks.. I try to keep a level head sometimes haha
  16. He is under contract with Carolina, and per usual, apparently lighting it up with Cam Newton. When the season starts he should be back to normal.
  17. This past week has been one of the strangest I have witnessed as a Jets fan. Losing two of the longest tenured players is always going to be a shock to the fan base, as we have watched these guys spend their entire careers here. All in all, after the initial emotions that come from something like this, I think its important to take a step back and look at the situation objectively. I will say first, that I trust Rex and Tanny's vision for the team, and any sort of plans they have for how they want to make up the roster. If they see players on the roster that fit their vision obviously they are going to make the necessary moves to ensure we keep them. Take a look at the longer contracts we have given out over the past 2-3 years: These players are the "core" of Rex and Tanny's team. Holmes, Revis, Harris, Mangold, Sanchez, D'Brick, Scott, Leonhard, Cromartie, Pace. These are players that have long-term contracts with the Jets, and are absolutely a part of the future. It could be argued that most of these players have the pro-bowl potential, and with that kind of talent, we should almost always be competitive. That being said, I think it is obvious that the players that left this week were not part of the future. Cotchery, as much as I loved having him on the team (my favorite player), the fact that we brought in two big name WRs while he was here meant that he was not part of the plans. Cotchery obviously felt disrespected, and wanted out, simple as that. Shaun Ellis was getting old, and honestly had no future here after the draft. I actually think that the contract was a sign of respect in that he was obviously not part of the future, but gave him a chance to play here to finish out his career. Shaun had to do what he could to maximize what could be his last contract, and I have no ill will towards him. The Pats were the only other team interested, and he obviously made more money/bigger role. It is a no-brainer. No matter what people say, I believe we are still loyal to our players -- letting Cotchery go to do what he wanted was a sign of respect (look at Palmer in Cincy) as was offering Ellis a contract despite the minimum offer also. We have a lot of young players with potential. The sky is not falling, and if some of these guys can prove to be productive (Westerman, Wilson, Wilkerson, K. Ellis, Kerley, Keller, Lowery, P. Turner, Ropati, Devito, Ducasse.. etc.) we will just fine, and no worse than last year. These players may never reach all-star status, but if they can at least be somewhat productive, they will have filled their role in Rex's system. This shows Rex's confidence in his system and in these players, and I for one am still excited for the season. No matter what, we all root for the laundry and not the individual players. I think no matter where J-Co ends up I will always root for him to do well, just not against the Jets. But this team is still stacked, and I think will surprise some of the doubters. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!
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