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  1. Angelo kept trying to explain to the other host that Brandon Flowers would be an asset on the team, but the cost must be taken into consideration. They went back and forth for awhile. Reminiscent of the old Mike and the Mad Dog show.
  2. you make the call at 18

    Injury history is a concern,especially since Stephen Hill has been a lame bust to this point, but Lee would be my choice.
  3. Mid Free Agency 1st Round Mock

    I agree. He shouldn't be considered in the first round.
  4. Mike Evans officially visiting Jets in the coming weeks.

    He won't get separation against NFL cornerbacks. Even at the collegiate level,his best move was pushing off defenders.
  5. Folk Signs a multi-year deal with Jets

    Just reported multiple sources
  6. Geno played poorly,and our secondary didn't cover anyone today.
  7. Cimini: Cro Hurt

    Manish Mehta ‏@MMehtaNYDN11m I'm told that Antonio Cromartie's knee injury is not season ending. Not overly serious. However, his status vs Steelers is in doubt #nyj Details
  8. Impossible to listen to the host who trashed Sanchez for an hour. I hoped for better on this podcast.
  9. Which would you prefer at #9?

  10. who would you take at 9?

    Cooper starts between Nick and Brick. Pro bowl potential at huge area of need.
  11. JetNation Radio

    Good job on the broadcast!
  12. Who y'all like in 2013 Draft for Jets?

    Patterson can certainly create yards after the catch.