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    Overall, I'm a nice guy... very generous and forgiving. I got a temper but I'm workin on it.
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    I'm a full time college student at ECC

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    Jets defeating the NE Patriots at Foxboro in the snow in 2006.
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    When Doug Brien blew 2 big FG's vs. the Steelers X_X
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    All of them =D
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    I wish

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  1. not the OP, but I'd think 9-10 million dollar range. I'd be fine with signing Decker at 6-8 million, so we'll see what happens.
  2. I can. First, it's only day 1. Plenty of quality free agents still out there. Two, this is usually the day a lot of days goes crazy and overpays for a player that doesn't deserve the money. Third, this team is still has a lot of holes, so there's no need to go on a spending spree and panic to try and fill those holes. Bad teams do that. See the Redskins and Raiders. Good teams build through the draft and supplement their roster in free agency. The teams that usually "win free agency" don't go very far. Fourth, it's not surprising it was a very quiet first day given the history of Idzik. Dude is patient as hell, so he is not going to make any brash signings for the sake of signing someone. And the free agency class is mostly filled with second tier players to begin with. The top name was a safety for god sakes. There's still plenty of time for the Jets to make moves. But they have to be smart ones.
  3. Ebron or Amaro would be great picks in the 1st and I'd be happy with either one.
  4. Even he played for free I wouldn't want him back. He's a locker room cancer and basically Jeremy Shockey of the Jets.
  5. You must have wanted Brett Ratliff, Kellen Clemens, and Greg McElroy to play too.
  6. This is the same the guy who said the Devils were going to sign Damien Brunner. He ended up being right, but about 2 months too early.
  7. My mind is blown. @AdamSchefter 29s Filed to ESPN: Browns RB Trent Richardson to Indy for Colts' first-round pick.
  8. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/05/02/dyer-i-hate-to-break-it-to-you-but-the-jets-are-no-longer-a-circus/
  9. The dude's been in the NFL for 5 days and the media is already killing him. Let the kid play a damn down and see how he deals with things then you can criticize him all you want. The New York media and the media in general have a problem speculating and trying to guess what kind of person a player is. It's so dumb and causes unneeded drama.
  10. Chrebet should definitely be in it for sure. No one has used #80 since he retired.
  11. Bump @RichCimini: RB Chris Ivory didn't receive $10M, as widely reported. It was 3 yr deal, $6M, including $2.25 signing bonus. #Jets https://twitter.com/richcimini/status/329323616518938624
  12. Can't go anywhere but up at this point.
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