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    Going to the games with my parents when I was young and now taking my kids to the games.
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    83' championship game, 86' cleveland game, 98' Denver game
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    technically yes

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  1. He's running for his life on every pass play. How could he ever be comfortable? I agree with the yips, I have them just watching this oline
  2. I did some of that yesterday. Rest is up to my son and daughter's bf.
  3. Fantastic!! Extremely nice man and one of the best to ever play. Congratulations Joe!
  4. If you like him or think he could be good, I hope you're right. I dont see it.
  5. and the ball flying through his hands and bouncing off his chest. The dude stinks
  6. From the tape Sauce looks really good. He needs a pass rush though to help him out. Teams cannot just take away one WR and expect to win. Days long gone by. I'll support any pick
  7. They didn't win because of Ramsey, you're skipping most of their important moves like getting a real QB. Yes, getting WR's is the key. Five receiver sets on most downs means one shutdown CB is worthless. You need a pass rush and you need o line.
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