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    Going to the games with my parents when I was young and now taking my kids to the games.
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    83' championship game, 86' cleveland game, 98' Denver game
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    technically yes

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  1. The only thing that concerns me is his mechanics in a clean pocket. His hips, feet and shoulders rarely align to the intended target. This causes bad throws. Its an easy fix, yet he still has the same problem from college.
  2. Gale was smooth as glass on the field, great man off. He will be missed
  3. The US Open was great this year, better if Wolff won haha. I disagree on Bryson though, I think you cannot keep up that body type into your 30's without back issues. Hope I'm wrong for his sake.
  4. Why not pick up year 5 and move him anyway during year 4 if he loses out to the draft pick? There is always someone who will trade for a high draft pick qb still on his first deal
  5. if you have the #1 pick you take the best qb. Let him and Darnold compete, then trade the other.
  6. I still believe the Jets business model of both coach and GM being on equal ground is the wrong model. GM should pick the coach and the coach should report to the GM, GM to the owner. Douglas should pick the next coach without the owners influence.
  7. Its not the loss, its how they lose and the repeated patterns of ineptitude that bothers me. I cannot speak for others.
  8. 11 is fine on 3rd down with this group. 12 all day long, sorry. Five new starters on the oline, two ok wr's, two good rb's, two good te's. This team has no business being in spread formations
  9. I supported him last year, I cannot now. The Jets have no receivers and no corners. The offensive game plan should be two and three TE sets, run the ball, play action short and intermediate passes. What does Gase do, spread offense, shotgun all day. No flow or plan to his play calling. He's awful!
  10. Nice, I'm 12 years your junior. Hope you had a great day!
  11. Happy birthday, we are one day apart but I'm thinking a few years lol.

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