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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    Going to the games with my parents when I was young and now taking my kids to the games.
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  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    83' championship game, 86' cleveland game, 98' Denver game
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    technically yes

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  1. I want the best qb available. Just don't tell me I'm not paying for it.
  2. As a STH and someone who buys the NFL ticket, I do pay a portion.
  3. Jeremy Bates?

    You're right. Imagine what he could do with real talent and the opportunity to call the plays
  4. Jeremy Bates?

    strongly agree provided the Jets give him a QB to work with
  5. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    He gets cut now and is designated a June 1 cut, I believe.
  6. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    His knock coming out of Temple was that he could get lazy and disinterested at times. Once he got paid, all these issues surfaced.
  7. Does Reich Take A QB 3rd, FA or Luck?

    What offer? Not being a jerk, did I miss something?
  8. Just to add to your roster from yesterday, these are the starters that Bill brought in for the 98' season. Some were from 97'. Testaverde, Martin, Byars, Mawae, Fabini, Lyle, Ferguson ,Logan, Pleasant, Johnson, Cox, Smith, Henderson, Hall, and L. Johnson. That's 5 offensive starters, 8 defensive starters, 2 special teams .
  9. Nothing emotional, it won the game. NE had just scored and were set up for their famous double dip ( score at the end of the first half then get the ball in the second). That TD won the game. The strip sack was great, but you if it didnt happen, who knows if they score? Regardless, ONE defensive play all game, ONE!!! Its terrible football.
  10. Biggest play of the game was the 4th down call before the half for a TD.
  11. Very true. What we watched last night was not football. They used a football and dressed like football players, but that is not football. 1100 yards of offense most of which was passing. What, one punt I think? No tackling. ZERO defense. Change the five yard chuck rule to ten yards. Eliminate the PI spot foul, make it 15 yards. Of course this will not happen because we need to appease the fantasy playing audience.
  12. I lived through the Jets years, I remember the roster well. You can list the players, go back and look at the change. You need to read the Parcells book, it will answer your questions.
  13. George Young followed Parcells orders. You need to read the Parcells book and you will know his complete history. Great read. You also need to go back and re visit the Jets 96 97 and 98 roster to see how much they changed.