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    Going to the games with my parents when I was young and now taking my kids to the games.
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    83' championship game, 86' cleveland game, 98' Denver game
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    technically yes

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  1. Yes, why not? It's not like we haven't witnessed bad games before, what's one more?
  2. My condolences. May your Dad rest in peace knowing he has done such a great job with his family!
  3. I didn't read the whole thread so my apologies if this was said: This is not the first helmet swinging incident, its the third I've witnessed. Lyle Alzado against the Jets in the playoffs, the nut bag who played for the Saints on Sunday night football about 18 years ago (cannot remember his name) and last night. Kick him out of the NFL
  4. Still cant believe the punt off their own guys head into the Pats hands is not a "thing" If that were the Jets, forget about it.
  5. Most of these guys play with something wrong, but I do credit Winters toughness. That being said, this is a business and if we can upgrade you have to. The Jets do need to evaluate why there is so many injuries this year, its beyond a "bad year".
  6. Namath had a natural quick release. But, you do know he had a propensity for turnovers right?
  7. I like it but I like trading down multiple times to accumulate 2's, 3's and 4's. We need as many good players as possible. One or two blue chip players will not do.

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