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    Going to the games with my parents when I was young and now taking my kids to the games.
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    83' championship game, 86' cleveland game, 98' Denver game
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    technically yes

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  1. Sunday Games Thread

    NFL is a joke and done
  2. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    2.5 yes, 250k, no way
  3. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    You cannot afford that house on a 250k salary. No wonder the feds were on him.
  4. Would Eli To The Jets Be A Possibiity?

    No thank you. Time to break the old qb cycle with Jets.
  5. I just want a fair game decided by the plays and players, not officials.
  6. Game off, done

    Completely agree. Qb driven league, no qb, no chance. That being said, jets were screwed today and it was blatant. Lots of pats fans around me today. Made for a real fun day at the stadium.
  7. Andrew luck question

    If his shoulder is stable, yes.
  8. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    says his lawyer
  9. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Bingo!!! Been saying this for years. What is the connection between steroids and CTE? Also, I'm a bit skeptical of this report since the lawsuit is on the behalf of his daughter. Sounds like a money grab.
  10. Game Observations (BUF)

    Who is going to want him?