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  1. If you like him or think he could be good, I hope you're right. I dont see it.
  2. and the ball flying through his hands and bouncing off his chest. The dude stinks
  3. From the tape Sauce looks really good. He needs a pass rush though to help him out. Teams cannot just take away one WR and expect to win. Days long gone by. I'll support any pick
  4. They didn't win because of Ramsey, you're skipping most of their important moves like getting a real QB. Yes, getting WR's is the key. Five receiver sets on most downs means one shutdown CB is worthless. You need a pass rush and you need o line.
  5. I want nothing to do with any CB at #4, wasted pick. Yes, Sauce is talented. Its an irrelevant position in today's NFL. Shutdown CB's mean little. Any lineman on either side of the ball is the way to go in this draft. No WR's worth the pick either. Hope we do well!
  6. Miami is two years ahead of us in the rebuild, they are the better team. Giving away tons of draft capital and a major cap hit for a 28 yr old wr is not the right move for the Jets at this point. An exciting player and certainly a ticket seller, but not the right time. Jets need to continue and build the line on both sides, stick with the plan and it will all come together.
  7. Woody is right. This guy turns 30 next month, no thanks
  8. WILL upgrade center
  9. Over the past ten years the HOF has let too many players in that I feel do not meet the criteria of a HOF'er. Examples are Cortez Kennedy (RIP), Edgrin James, Jason Taylor, Tony Boselli ( not enough games), ect.. This years class is awful. So, I can understand Cimini's point, I dont think Staffords a HOF'er either, but he will get in based on the new voting process.
  10. Lol, what does that have to do with their concussion protocol?
  11. How was he not taken out for evaluation??? Joke, NFL
  12. Jets need to worry about themselves and all will be fine
  13. I did this morning, thats why I apologized
  14. I did not notice the sarcasm, my apologies
  15. I'm guessing you dont have a daughter?
  16. Man, this guy is some folk hero now. I dont see it
  17. If you have a top five qb where more than 20 percent of your cap is committed to him, you need to be all in on offense. If not, you need a balance or at the least a decent pass rush. Shutdown corners are worthless in this NFL
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