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  1. I am 52 and I meant to say who cares? The Dolphins will always be our rival
  2. I cant agree with that. Dolphins are our rival and division opponent. Who cares what the Giants do?
  3. Would you prefer he goes to the dolphins?
  4. Could you imagine how many yards Marino and Montana would have had in this NFL of clean pockets and wide open receivers?
  5. This will never happen with the Giants ( Watson)
  6. It's been several years since we've had an increase. Seat prices dont bother me, the beer prices do and the parking
  7. The decision to fire Flores can be summed up with one word: Relationships. His relationship with Grier and Tua had deteriorated to a pretty bad place. Along with constant staff changes, owner Steve Ross no longer saw Flores as a healthy fit in Miami,” Darlington wrote
  8. I keep reading the same posts over and over regarding Flores. He does not work well with others, that is why he was fired! Think Mangini. He could not keep a staff together. He may be a good coach, but if you cannot manage your staff, you're useless.
  9. It was rumored before the year started, that Flores was having an issue keeping and hiring a coaching staff. He's an ass.
  10. And I put that on Smith. Horrible route
  11. Riley screwed that up. Did the same thing on the play before, not getting deep enough
  12. Great write up as always and thank you for doing this over the years. I try not to get caught up in the "franchise" definition when describing young high draft pick qb's. To me, I just look at the player in general and ask if we can build a team with this qb and so far the answer is yes. He displays leadership, obvious arm talent, clear athleticism, intelligence and he's coach-able. All traits that you need in your starting qb right? Now its up to Douglas and the coaching staff to mold this young qb into something special.
  13. I actually think Bill Polian changed the pattern of how games were called. After the playoff game where Ty Law picked off Manning several times with aggressive play, he made sure the five yard chuck rule was enforced. Fantasy football influenced the now passing NFL that we have. Its all about the scoring, just like the NBA and the three point shot.
  14. Zach was pretty good. Good decisions, quick with his reads, pulled the ball down, ran, took some sacks. Accurate. Second half there was a free rusher on every play, EVERY PLAY! Defense could not stop the run. Offensive line was bad.
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