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  1. My problem is not the players but the plays. Very easy to read the Jets d at the game. Single high safety man . Leaves the deep third vulnerable against inexperienced corners. Most of the time its not even disguised. Why miami didn't push the ball down the field to the outside thirds in the first half is beyond me.
  2. After the next blow out loss you will see a change, Saleh will take over play calling
  3. Rex was great with someone else's roster. He broke the Jets down and ran them into the ground. His mouth was embarrassing as were his blowout losses in yrs 4 and 5. I miss 09 and 10 just like the rest of, but can we stop making this guy a great coach because he was not.
  4. Rex needs a muzzle. Salah's brother is spot on. That being said, its all just dumb
  5. I think he needs the rest of this year at the least to have a fair evaluation of any improvement or lack thereof
  6. So now we are firing the HC after half a year??
  7. I get that but I'm not so sure if it's as good for the team down the road as everyone feels. I could be wrong.
  8. The Mike white hysteria is nuts
  9. Wait to you see how fast they turn on White
  10. He did, but so did Johnson. Maybe the offense is now ready for Wilson to look good?
  11. It's cheap for a quality back up. Hopefully, White is what some of you think he is. Jury is still out.
  12. Yes, I agree. I meant his initial comments after last weeks game. You cannot create a qb controversy when you are 7 games into your number two picks rookie yr.
  13. Saleh put himself in a corner by not saying Wilson is the starter when he comes back healthy. You put Wilson in until he falters, then go to White. Not the other way around. And there are 35 million reasons for this.
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