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  1. Brown Payton Sanders Dickerson Smith Top five?
  2. I felt like Saleh should have gone for it on 4 & 5 when the score was 20-17 with only four minutes left. Should not have punted it back to them, defense was on it heels.
  3. Some good moves in there as well. Most teams have similar amount of moves throughout camp and the season. Joe made a mistake not bringing in a vet qb this year and his line needs to get better, fast.
  4. Hired on June 7th, 2019. That's two years. First year was NOT his roster or his coach. I dont mind hammering someone but lets at least get the facts correct please
  5. I get it, we are all frustrated but I dont agree with your time table. Coming on the job in July of 19 leaves that yr on Mike. 20 was his first draft and had no choice but to live with gase. Another wasted yr. This is now all on him. His coach, his qb, his team. Very young team at that. This will take time regardless of how frustrated we all are. Lets see how the team plays at the end of this yr
  6. I think we are five games into a new beginning. Dont be soft
  7. Nice win but never happens if Clifford stays in
  8. From my seat in the corner Mezz you could clearly see the misses and some were waaaay off. Not panicked though, this is a normal progression for a young qb. He seems to be trying to catch up to the speed of the NFL and is not really setting his feet for the easier throws. Hoping this game settles him down and he just plays relaxed and confident. The off script plays were amazing and his comments after the game were even better. His grasp at reading the defense was very evident in the post game comments. That was music to my ears.
  9. No, because Nick would have changed the call at the line and picked up the guy coming right at him
  10. Edoga, yes, sorry. He's not listed on the team's injury list. They have him listed as the number two tackle on both sides
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