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  1. Use Parcells model and build the team from the middle first. His first signing was Mawae for a reason, you need a good center. It starts at center and builds out. Everyone can bitch and complain about Wilson, but the real issue is on the line. Period. Douglas is failing his team.
  2. Not a good look at all. I'm sure he would like to have that statement back
  3. Yeah. Seriously. How many sacks? How many drops? How's the running game?? Now he throws a pick in an obvious passing down and its on him down 23-0? Stop
  4. Its the mentality of society as a whole, immediate gratification. When I was young, 70's and 80's most qb's did not see the field until their 2nd and 3rd years. The speed of the game is so much faster from college to the pro's and some guys take longer to get comfortable.
  5. I don't get this, sorry. Why would a rookie head coach not play someone who would help the team win? Maybe they see things we don't? Maybe Mims does not know the whole playbook yet and they do not trust him? He'll play this week I'm sure with Crowder still on vacation.
  6. But they didn't, and here we are, so let's see how things unfold. I for one think Wilson will be very good. Hard to compare a 4th yr qb against a two game qb.
  7. You know I love ya brother, we are section mates but I think this is a bit harsh. The 96' Jets were a talented team with a very bad coach. The 20' Jets were not talented. Coach Parcells and coach Saleh are not equals in terms of walk in the building immediate respect types. Saleh needs three SB appearances with two wins first. I do see guys going all out but yes, they are missing assignments and last week had some dumb penalties. Some were also bad calls. Lets see how the year unfolds. See you next week
  8. NYJ37/12

    RIP Savage69

    Terrible news. Was a great Jets fan and always enjoyed his posts. RIP
  9. He was not under any pressure yesterday compared to the first week. He may have have played cover 2 man under but regardless, there were guys open and he missed them or chose another route. He'll get better, but this was no "ghost" game
  10. I dont agree with this angle which is what all the media says as well. Zach should have taken what the defense was giving him, and being at the game and seeing the whole field, I can tell you there were guys running open. He wanted to take more and he got burned. No confusion from Beli, just bad choices from Zach.
  11. Zone blocking scheme takes a while to sync. I know we don't want to hear that but its true. Maybe mix some man power plays in?
  12. Local kid, went to Pope John high school in Sparta, NJ
  13. I'm a firm believer in playing your starters in pre season but in this case I may either sit him or have a very controlled 15 play script with no five step drops
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