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  1. He also "drafted" one of the biggest busts in league history in one Vernon Gholston.
  2. I know that you’re probably the most negative poster here (and that’s saying something), but what do you think JD should have done that he didn’t do to build a winning roster and/or one that will fail? Overpay in FA? Pay Adams 17-20M a year? He tried to re-sign Robby who signed for the same $ elsewhere. Most of the “experts” said the Jets had the best, or one of the best drafts this year including perennial Jet haters. So what else should he have done? If you want to say he didn’t try to build a winner, tell us what exactly you would have done differently if you were the GM?
  3. Oh certainly, but you can't count on a rookie. It's nice to have someone that can start in place place of Adams from the get go. Plus I do believe Williams is going to have a lot of 3 safety sets.
  4. You didn't even mention McD who by all accounts is at least a starting caliber safety.
  5. I think it's been painfully obvious Kraft and Belicheat have been bribing the officials for years. The NFL has become the WWF and a political organization. It's very sad what the NFL has become. It's nothing like it was when I was growing up.
  6. That was one of my all-time favorite games. So exciting. Watching it again though I cannot stand watching that nose picker on the sideline
  7. Solid A. The only pick I really didn't like was Perine. Not the position, but the player. I just don't see the talent of a BP, Leon Washington, or Brad Smith that many are comparing him to. I hope I'm wrong. I also didn't initially like taking a QB in round 4, but after listening to JD's explanation I'm on bard with it. Last year proved that you need good back up QB play - so why not take a mid round prospect that you can develop and have for 4-5 years? I too was hoping we would take at least 2 WR's, but at the same time he did address all of the weaknesses and all three phases of the game.
  8. This is unreal. Never in my 45+ years of following this team have I seen this many injuries and lost games adding in suspensions on top of it all. Just incredible
  9. I'm local and wouldn't take a free ticket to watch this snooze fest in a hot south florida sun

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