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  1. I can't speak for the OP, but to me it means that you shouldn't assume that the Jets will be competitive in the AFCE (future) just because the upcoming offseason looks to be very promising (now/current). The theme of the episode is don't assume what is true today (Gold is worth a lot of money) will be true in the future (Gold becomes worthless). Or simply stated, "don't count your chickens before they are hatched". If you get a chance, watch that episode. I believe they are still available on Netflix.
  2. That was a classic episode, and one of my favorites. One correction: The last guy remaining didn't drop dead before encountering the couple, whom he wanted to buy water from with a bar of gold before dropping dead.
  3. I don't know what the right answer is, but there is something inherently wrong that as a fan I have to root for my team to lose in order to be able to draft a "generational" type of talent. A true race to the bottom of the barrell. This is wrong on so many levels and really is sad that we have to resort to this. But I'm not sure what can be done to fix it without making it worse.
  4. He should be fired on the spot for making that call. Unbelievable
  5. Great article. I wouldn't worry about who would be replacing Gase as they would only be an interim coach - and you'd be hard pressed to find someone worse than Gase. Another thing about CJ that bothers me is that he is not holding Gase to the same standards as Mac. Isn't the main reasons that he cited for firing Mac was that he was not respected/liked by others in the Organization, combative, and isolated himself from others? Sounds like a portrait of Gase to me.
  6. I live a half hour from the stadium. Not only am I not going to attend, I refuse to watch this pathetic excuse for a team for the time being. Maybe I'll watch again if/when Gase is gone. I'll go to the beach instead and enjoy myself a lot more when the Jets are losing 56-0.
  7. A better idea would be for the NFL to force the Johnsons to sell the team, and as a reward they could own the expansion team. As an expansion team, it would be expected that they would be winless, rudderless, and have a complete lack of talent - so no difference there for the Johnsons. The team nickname can be the NJ Dumb and Dumbers, or the NJ Incompetents - a direct reflection of the owners.
  8. It all starts at the top. It will never get better unless Dumb and Dumber sells the team or they are forced to change the Organizational structure. Neither is likely to happen unless their is very intense media and fan pressure to do either.
  9. And Gase still wouldn't be fired. Only Dumb and Dumber
  10. He also "drafted" one of the biggest busts in league history in one Vernon Gholston.
  11. I know that you’re probably the most negative poster here (and that’s saying something), but what do you think JD should have done that he didn’t do to build a winning roster and/or one that will fail? Overpay in FA? Pay Adams 17-20M a year? He tried to re-sign Robby who signed for the same $ elsewhere. Most of the “experts” said the Jets had the best, or one of the best drafts this year including perennial Jet haters. So what else should he have done? If you want to say he didn’t try to build a winner, tell us what exactly you would have done differently if you were the GM?
  12. Oh certainly, but you can't count on a rookie. It's nice to have someone that can start in place place of Adams from the get go. Plus I do believe Williams is going to have a lot of 3 safety sets.

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