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  1. No, it is on Idziot. He makes the final decision. If he didn't like Pryor he could have selected someone else or trade the pick. Idziot has more than just Rex in the war room and pre-draft. If he doesn't listen to the right people it's on him, period.
  2. He may be done as a HC but he'll get another gig as DC if he wants to
  3. Lol. I give no quarter when it comes to the Idziot. That boob set this team back more than anyone I can remember since Kotite. And at least Kotite found Chrebet.
  4. Idziot shouldn't even get credit for clearing up the cap. The salary structures of the players dumped were set up so that they could be easily cut when Idziot took over. Any of us here could have made the same moves as he did and cleared the cap. That was set up by Tanny, another favorite of Mrs. Idziot.
  5. No. You post said it was a "very healthy" unit not a "fairly healthy unit". That's a huge difference. I made no comment to the overall line play, just that it wasn't very healthy. Remember too that an interior lineman's play can and does affect the play of the lineman on either side of him. Winters should not have been starting and his play was materially affected by injury. So any way you want to slice it, it wasn't a very healthy unit
  6. He was more than partially injured and it affected his play significantly. I don't consider that "very healthy" when you're starting guard play is materially affected by an injury. That side of the line was the weak link and injury was a major cause of it
  7. The CBA expires in 2020. Hard to speculate given that it could change dramatically
  8. Winters played hurt all year long and probably shouldn't have started. That's not a very healthy line
  9. billo83

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    I haven't read through the entire thread, but was that really his stat line with Oakland? Wow. You are correct - the evaluations of him were all across the board. I don't hate Mac like a lot around here do, but I was really disappointed in the pick. Not so much about the round picked, but that Mac was spooked and most likely took him before he wanted to. Pretty weak.
  10. Exactly - he gives us the best chance to win, blah,blah. I like Chris Johnson so far, but I don't think he has the guts yet to force a decision on the HC. He should of gotten rid of Bowles when he had the chance to last year.
  11. Week 4 is good in theory, but if McCown does start the season does anyone really believe that Bowles will make a switch outside of an injury? I don't see it if McCown is at least playing average and even a little below average for that matter. He'd have to be stinking up the joint or get hurt. So I'm hoping that Sam wins the job outright to start the season.
  12. IMO, The Giants are not a great RB away from winning another. Eli will further decline this year and was never great to begin with. Huge mistake not getting a potential franchise QB when by most accounts there were 3 and possibly 4 coming out.
  13. billo83

    Long old off season, OTA dates.

    I've always thought he is the biggest Jets bust ever given where is was taken and his actual production which was about zero.
  14. billo83

    Long old off season, OTA dates.

    I remember Gholston being affected by this rule. Not that it would have made much difference........