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  1. I don't agree with adding Williams/Wesco to the list because they have not played a down yet. Hopefully they are all that, but let them have a year under their belt before claiming they are in the top 10 list.
  2. The praise that some around here give Mangini is hilarious. If this guy was so great, why isn't he a GM somewhere? This is the same guy that brought us the Ghost - a major all time bust and top 10 selection, and the Boar hunter. The same guy that got fleeced by Tanny to get the #5 pick? A 2 time failure at HC and not much of a DC. What's he up to these days? I'm not much into conspiracies, but you may be onto something here.
  3. And who was the steak, Lexus, and house the Jets passed up to keep Mac?
  4. He's not someone you want to quote. He has an agenda, so anything that comes out of his mouth is garbage
  5. Now Cimini is an authority, lol! I think my dog knows more than that joff
  6. Hogwash! Mac didn't trade down, so the draft sucks!
  7. This. People here are acting like Mac turned down some great offer to move down. If he was offered pennies on the dollar, would these people still want to trade down? I'm sure Williams had a big say in who was drafted at that spot, and unlike Bowles and company actually knows what he is doing. Let's see what happens the rest of the draft before going off the cliff.
  8. Nope. I'll be on a beach in ft Lauderdale scoping out the bikinis and enjoying myself. Already made plans for the day. Enjoy watching Bowles getting owned by the Bills
  9. 45 years for me and I'm there with you. The Johnson's are worthless owners, but I don't see them selling anytime soon so I doubt much changes
  10. I'm not watching another game with the clueless idiot coaching the team. I've got better things to do with my time. Unfortunately, I don't think letting the Johnson's know will do anything. They need to be embarrassed or have intense media pressure to make a change
  11. I'm not watching another game that the toilet is coaching
  12. If you go to to a game, wear a bag over your head. Time to embarrass the hedge fund babies
  13. I wanted the toilet fired after the meltdown in buffalo with the playoffs on the line. Both guys were consulting on the decision on who to hire, so I blame them both without info to the contrary
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