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  1. Well they all had the Jets as the worst team last year and some saying winless. Never put stock in these or power rankings
  2. IIRC one of the stated reasons Hess didn't like Shea was the bathrooms were terrible
  3. Hess was certainly great in the oil business, but was one of the worst football owners ever. One doesn't have anything to do with the other. Steinberg wasn't a good GM and IIRC Parcells wasn't even his idea in the first place
  4. "I'm 80 years old and want to win now"
  5. Exactly. He was a great HC no doubt, but terrible otherwise. For the Jets, Tuna the HC bailed out Tuna the GM quite often
  6. Change the thread title before you give half the board a heart attack
  7. F*ck the NFL!

    Don't watch the SB. I'll miss the 1st one in 3 decades, and I'll let the nfl know about it. They won't care at the time, but their product is going down the toilet.
  8. Which team can pay off the refs more than Kraft? That's your answer
  9. Exactly. It's beyond ridiculous. I wonder what the league average is per team for penalties per game versus the cheaters. I'm so disgusted with this league right now. Might as well rename it to the Bob Kraft and Goodell league. Truly disgusting
  10. New England Refereeiots. That's all that needs to be said. Screw the SB. Not watching it for the first time in decades
  11. Script going according to plan. WWFNFL
  12. Our time is near

    Sadly, I don't think that will every happen under the Johnson's ownership. As they say it all starts at the top
  13. Our time is near

    2 words - Todd Bowles. Reality check
  14. Add to that he is a quitter. He royally screwed over the Bucs back in the day