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  1. That's not the point. To make a statement to dumb and dumber, you need to embarrass them, What better way than to have a stadium nearly empty, and those in attendance wearing bags over their heads. The NFL front offices certainly wouldn't be too happy with this sight in a NY market. I doubt this ever happens, but I get what the OP is saying. Embarrassment for the dynamic duo is what is needed.
  2. Who could they sign at this point of the Season that isn't a third-string level quarterback? And you'd want to give up draft capital on top of it? How can you be creative when the offensive line couldn't block a 90 year old grandmother with a walker? This is the worst line I have seen in at least 20 years. Did you see Winters whiff earlier in the game? And supposedly he's better than any of the back up guards. Please
  3. Kotite won 1 game his last season and 3 the year before.
  4. How is the Steelers OL compared to the Jets OL? WR's?
  5. You have a 3rd string QB starting and a garbage OL left by Mac. Not sure what you're expecting
  6. Gase answered the question as any other head coach should. He's not going to say his line isn't going to be ready. Pollack was also supposed to be an upgrade for coaching the line. In my opinion it is a combination of factors. Injuries during the preseason is a major factor. Add in that Kalil thus far is a major downgrade and Osemele looking like toast, and the talent has gone from poor to terrible. Add in zero playing time together and here you are...
  7. I'm not saying Gase is any good, but if there is one thing that has been consistent in this league is that the games are won and lost in the trenches, even in present day. You can't scheme your way around a horrific line that the Jets currently have. I'll pass on judging Gase until the line is adequately addressed, or if it improves as it gells. Remember that there were multiple injuries for extended periods of time during the preaseason and they haven't played as a unit for very long. That being said, a healthy Darnold wins the Buffalo game despite awful line play but capitalizing on all of the turnovers
  8. Right, and I've been following the team for 46 of those years. But I'm not calling for the heads of the new HC and GM after 2 games, not mentioning all of the injuries and suspensions
  9. This place has become unbearable. Patience, patience
  10. The thread started out being about the Idz 12 draft. But around here you can't mention how bad Idz was without someone bringing in Mac to the discussion or vice-versa. They both were horrible, but I'm not sure why you can't talk about one without bringing in the other unless you are stating one was the worst ever, which was not what the OP was about. It's like starting a thread about how bad a coach Bowles was, but then bringing up Kotite, Coslett, and just about every other HC the Jets have had.
  11. First, my bad on Geno vs Cutler - I missed that in No Bowles post. However, Geno dropped to the 2nd for a reason and probably would have dropped farther than he did if not for the mighty Idz. At any rate, there is NO excuse for the mighty Idz not to take a QB in the 1st round in the next draft when it was painfully obvious to everyone that Geno was not the answer. Instead he takes that Bum Safety Pryor who is no longer in the league. I would be careful with the sharp comment. Stating that Idz was a good GM is the polar opposite of being sharp. Why don't you tell us one thing the mighty Idz was good at other than cap management (which is debatable as previously pointed out), which you didn't argue is not the most important aspect of being a GM.
  12. These are the type of excuses one makes when they can't admit they are/were wrong. I second everything No Bowles said. You seem to think Cap Management is the most important aspect of being a GM when it definitely is not. That is something that can be delegated to a competent accountant.
  13. In your mind. Sure there's a few over the top supporters (just like you with Idz), but most of his supporters knew it was time for him to go after not having a winning season since 2010.
  14. What's irrational is your love of Idz. What exactly did he accomplish here? Clean up the salary cap that anyone on this board could have accomplished the way the salaries were structured? Please. The hatred of Idz is not irrational, you only need to look at the Idz 12 draft - one of the worst in history considering the number of picks, let alone his previous draft. I may have missed where people are blaming Idz for Rex firing - most of his supporters even acknowledged it was time for him to go.
  15. As an accountant - big deal. What does Rex getting a job have to do with Idzik

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