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  1. Reality is Bowles has a good defensive mind, but is not cut out to be a HC, nor will he ever be. It's just not in his DNA. Some guys can be good coordinators, but can never cut it at the next level. And Bowles is one of the worst ever that I have seen
  2. Who was cut to make room for him on the active roster? I'm assuming he was on the suspended list to start the season
  3. billo83

    Joe must go, Joe must go

    I wanted him gone after the Buffalo let down. I knew then he wasn't head coaching material. He has gotten worse year after year. Why can't the J&J bozos see what the Jets fans can?
  4. billo83

    Bowles is a quitter

    Another good example
  5. billo83

    Bowles is a quitter

    Sorry but to me punting while 2 scores down in that situation is quitting, period. Look no further than the Denver game last year for ample evidence let alone all of the other times punting with 2 scores down
  6. billo83

    Bowles is a quitter

    No he is a quitter. What did managing the score get him, they still lost by 3 scores
  7. billo83

    Bowles is a quitter

    There's no excuse for it - he just quit because Jax D was just too tough for him to overcome. If I were the owner, I would have fired him after the game for that alone and told him to take a bus back
  8. billo83

    Bowles is a quitter

    What do you call punting with 2 scores down with 4 minutes left? That is quitting. What about the Denver game last year? What about all of the other games he punts down 2 scores and little time left. Yes he is out-coached every week, but he is a quitter and there's more than enough evidence to support that
  9. He has proven it once again. Punting 2 scores down with little time left is inexcusable. What's the worst thing that could of happened there, lose by 3 scores? Oh wait, they did wind up losing by 3 scores! Bowles is completely useless as a head coach, but being a quitter to me is the first thing that he should be fired for. We've seen this time and time again, and he flat out quit against Denver at the start of the 2nd half last year. Bowles should do us all a favor and do what he does best and submit his resignation immediately. Quitter.
  10. billo83


    You need to embarrass the Johnson's to get them to do anything. This would embarrass them. Do it next week
  11. Parcells would have told him to walk home. No accountability with this idiot whatsoever. Funny, this is one of criticisms of Rex as well. Why can't this team find a component HC. Never mind, I can answer my own question: J&J
  12. billo83

    Kevin green

    What experienced HC would you hire right now?
  13. Actions speak louder than words. I read something similar to this (about Chris not endorsing the toilet) not long before he got the extension. I don't think any other team would have extended this incompetent statue other than the Jets.
  14. He had the perfect opportunity to fire him last year, but didn't
  15. Highly unlikely. IMO he should have been fired after the 1st season after the Buffalo meltdown. It's ludicrous he's still the coach right now. It's time for the Johnson's to sell the team to competent ownership

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