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  1. Coach Mike Leach

    When I asked my ex what she wanted for her birthday or Xmas she would always say "surprises", like that helps me any. One time I gave her a surprise - I gave her nothing. That was the last time she ever said surprises
  2. Russell Wilson

    I think you answered your own question right there. Bradway was horrible, so why trust what he says. The real question is why he was still employed. He should have been fired as a GM and not demoted. That's one of the biggest issues I have with this franchise - they keep the turds ways too long and hire their buddies (see Kotite, Rodgers)
  3. I agree about giving top $ to ASJ - but I just don't see him getting that kind of $ n FA given his history. We shall see... As far as OL - to me it all starts in the trenches and the Jets are god awful there. Outside of QB or edge rusher, I want the Jets to take OL in the high rounds and build a strong OL. I wouldn't be opposed to using 3 picks there (depending on what they do in FA).
  4. I'm not as down on Macc as others around here, but I think his biggest mistake was letting Fitz hold him hostage and letting the players decide they wanted Fitz. Very bad decision on his part. He did try to address the QB with the Hack pick and missed. It happens. But if he can't get a QB this offseason in FA or draft, I agree he must go. And Bowles should have been fired after the Buffalo game year one.
  5. I don't think ASJ will command a lot of $ given his history and not flashy numbers. I don't want to see the Jets spend a mid round pick on a TE. The daft picks should be going to OL, QB, RB, CB. I'd even take 3 OL as the line is just that bad. Plus you still have Legget to develop.
  6. IMO it's 100% on Woody. I'm sure with all of the Cap $ to spend in the 1st year, Woody mandated to Win now instead of rebuilding. And when they almost pulled off a playoff berth, I'm sure it was all in to Win now in the 2nd year. When that failed miserably, Woody was finally convinced a rebuild was in order. It all starts at the top, and unfortunately this vicious cycle will keep repeating until Woody hires someone to run the whole show - which may not ever happen.
  7. The Ghost was a #6 pick and Drob was a #4 that cost another 1st round pick for the trade up. That cost much more than a second for Hack. The Ghost was invisible on the field so I can hardly say he made the field. Dbust set the team back quite a bit. Even if Hack never make the field he didn't cost the team as much as the other 2.
  8. Worst pick ever? Not even close. How about the Ghost at #6 and Dbust at #4 that cost an extra 1st rounder?
  9. I'll take it as long as the zombie is gone
  10. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    They both need to go and now. But all is sunshine at J&J
  11. No because he's just as ignorant as his brother. It's going to take Idziot banners to get it done, and I hope it happens. I swear Mickey Mouse could run this organization better than the J&J idiots
  12. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    The coach of the year candidate says the Clown gives us the best chance to win. So barring injury it's the clown all the way!
  13. I'm so glad I didn't make the 4 hour trek for this garbage. My heart is out to you guys that made the trip. You deserved better
  14. Todd Bowles - the Clown gives us the best chance to win
  15. Is he responsible for motivating the team? Is he responsible for game planning? 9 days off and this is the result? I see a bunch of zombies out there. Who's responsible for that