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  1. Not that I really want to defend him, but if I had the choice of opting out or playing for Gase, I would be tempted to do the same.
  2. Goodbye to Edoga and another Mac wasted pick
  3. That cheap of a contract? Wow!
  4. I hate the Titans helmet, that is god awful. Don't like the black one either. The others are good. Personally I like the one from the '80s
  5. I'm not, I'm saying YOU are. You need to get over it, Mac didn't select Mahomes, nor would he have IMO even if Adams wasn't available. Hence why I evalauted the trade on it's own - not playing what if games with a GM that couldn't find talent even if it hit him in his face.
  6. I understand that, but for the comparison you're trying to make, you would also have to account for the regime they would have been drafted under. Would either have had the same level of success under Mac, and Bowles and his staff? More food for thought - what if Wilson becomes the next Mahomes/Watson under this regime? Too many hypotheticals, and that is why I am just referring to the trade itself. Also - if Adams wasn't on the board at the time, do you think Mac would have taken either anyway? I don't - he was that bad.
  7. I'm talking about the trade itself, not passing on them to begin with which JD had no part of. And Bowles was a terrible HC, but that has been argued to no end here.
  8. If AVT lives up to the hype, this trade is a grand slam no matter what the other picks turn out to be.
  9. The article is spot on for the most part, but I don't agree that he should be paid like an elite safety with such poor coverage skills. Isn't a safety supposed to have good coverage skills? I can see Franchising him, but not elite money. Then, if he can improve his coverage skills over the next couple of seasons, give him the elite money. But we know that he won't improve these skills, nor will he stand for this. Should be very entertaining to say the least. I just don't understand why the Seahwaks didn't work out a long term contract with him BEFORE completing the trade. Did they think he wou
  10. That doesn' t mean there's a deadline then for him to accept an offer unless you actually saw this in an article. There may well not be a deadline then. IMO, JD should just give him his best offer and give him a firm deadline to sign by the end of the week or the offer will be withdrawn. No sense in dragging this out and possibly another team swooping in at the last second. Sign him by the end of the week, or look to sign someone else.
  11. I see them bringing in a vet that is cut at end of TC, assuming no injuries before then. They will give every opportunity and reps to the Morgan and White for the backup role until then. I'm hoping they get an experienced Vet at end of TC and cut White and develop Morgan. Shouldn't go into the season without an esxperinced Vet IMO.
  12. IMO, JD should get a Mulligan for year 1. Not only was he saddled with Mac's stench, but it was his 1st year as a GM and you expect some growing pains. I thought he had a great offseason, and learned from prior mistakes for the most part. Still can't understand why he can't find a kicker, and he definitely needs to sign Moses, but otherwise very happy.
  13. He should have been fired after that game IMHO. Inexcusable
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