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  1. That was one of my all-time favorite games. So exciting. Watching it again though I cannot stand watching that nose picker on the sideline
  2. Solid A. The only pick I really didn't like was Perine. Not the position, but the player. I just don't see the talent of a BP, Leon Washington, or Brad Smith that many are comparing him to. I hope I'm wrong. I also didn't initially like taking a QB in round 4, but after listening to JD's explanation I'm on bard with it. Last year proved that you need good back up QB play - so why not take a mid round prospect that you can develop and have for 4-5 years? I too was hoping we would take at least 2 WR's, but at the same time he did address all of the weaknesses and all three phases of the game.
  3. This is unreal. Never in my 45+ years of following this team have I seen this many injuries and lost games adding in suspensions on top of it all. Just incredible
  4. I'm local and wouldn't take a free ticket to watch this snooze fest in a hot south florida sun
  5. In all of my 45+ years of following this team, I can't remember so many things going wrong in one season. The injuries are are just ridiculous at this point. Mono? The prized FA lost for just about the whole season. All of the drama behind the scenes, suspensions, ghosts, trading and not trading players at the deadline, owner saying maybe the team will show up, on and on and on. It may not become the worst season record wise, but I've never seen this many things go wrong before. Murphy's law at it's finest.
  6. My point was that it really doesn't matter if the players gave up on Bowles or not he still would have been 1-5 or 0-6. Rich Kotites teams played harder for him than either of these turds teams have for them and he still went 4-28. So I didn't see the point of comparing 2 turd coaches. It's like trying to compare Idzyk to Mac.
  7. Oh I agree - the OL is the worst that I can remember for a Jets team. But what concerns me is that Gase is already losing the locker room. I also wonder why he has seemingly gone away from some of the things that were working in the preseason like designed rollouts, no huddle offense early in the game, quick throws, etc.
  8. Yes, I can't believe how many people keep saying to fire him this year or after the season. No way that happens, and I don't see them firing him within next season either. They have never fired a coach in season, nor will they ever IMO. If there was ever a time for them to do that it was last season with Bowles. Like it or not, Gase is here at least 2 season minimum.
  9. Exactly - and/or that Mac left them with no talent on the OL and poor WR's. CJ will buy that for at least another season.
  10. You're making a bad assumption that CJ is competent and is aware of what is going. I'm sure Gase would tell CJ that Darnold's development is being stunted because of the terrible talent on the OL (and that it was all Mac;s fault) and to allow his buddy Douglas to fix that issue.
  11. Except that J&J have always shown that they keep their HC and GM's for that matter way too long. There's no way CJ fires Adam Gase after only 1 season, even if they go 1-15. I just don't see it happening.

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