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  1. I'll watch the Super Bowl, but that's it. Could care less until then.
  2. I would assume so. It's not like these jobs come around very easily, especially given his track record so far
  3. As much as I'd like to see Saleh gone, it's not Woody's MO. Gase was a Chris hire and fire. Just don't see it. If anything MLF will be gone
  4. Jelly Bellies for sure
  5. Don't like it, shouldn't come down to who has the better kicker. I mentioned in another thread awhile back to have a shoot out similar to hockey. Each team tries a 2 point conversation until it is decided.
  6. Good post. I agree with all except: 2 feet in bounds for a catch for both 2 minute warning: if you get rid of it, need to give 4 time outs instead of 3. IIRC, many moons ago they actually had 3 timeouts per quarter and then changed it to the current format. It may have been 2 per quarter, just can't remember exactly.
  7. Well, at least the draft talk is starting in January for a change instead of in October
  8. I don't think this team will score another touchdown this season
  9. I think this is the first time I've ever agreed with something you posted, lol. Agree 100%. Well done.
  10. Yourself and a few others need to read the OP again. The key points were progression and that they are in position to make the playoffs this late in the season makes it a success based on expectations at the beginning of the season. I don't think anyone can argue these points from the OP
  11. Um no. Some of the biggest whining around here was we want to have meaningful games in December. Check. Another one was that we wanted to see the rookies play really well. Check. And actually, a big thing was we wanted to find out if Zack is the answer or not. Well that's been answered. Most people were projecting between 7 and 9 wins. Check. Most people wanted to see a better team overall than last season. Check. You're the one with the revisionist history.
  12. Bi Polar around here. If you look at all the threads before the season started, everyone would have signed up for the progress that has been made this season.
  13. I keep hearing this about playing against backup quarterbacks. But haven't we been starting backup quarterbacks the entire season, and in Zach's case a third stringer at best?
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