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  1. I doubt the egg shell makes it through one game with this line. So yeah, I'd expect to see Hack very soon
  2. It may be time for the Fire Idzyk guys to start a new banner demanding the team to be sold. IMO, the toilet is a worse overall coach than Kotite was. At least Kotite knew the game unlike this turd
  3. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    I didn't know 4th rounders were franchise QB's either. Perfect place to find a quality backup though, which is what Petty should be
  4. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    I don't get some of you. Do you really think Petty was drafted to be the franchise QB in the 4th round? If he becomes a quality 2nd string QB I'd be happy
  5. Not to the degree they are around this week and weekend. I've never seen so many and I've LIVED here for over 6 years full time
  6. One wasn't a indiscretion. A QB taken in the 4th round is normally projected as a backup, which is exactly what Petty is. So he blew a second. Elway blew a first on Lynch which a lot of people around here wanted. I'd give him a chance. What's the alternative, replace him with someone else working with Macs staff?
  7. Hats off to McCown

    Oh give me a break, are you a woman? He was paid a lot of money to lead this team to 5-8. Wow. Yes, it wasn't a great roster, but he had a big role in 2 losses and didn't show up for 2 more. He's a career loser, and no different here. Should I give some love to Fitz too? Oh, I wasn't a Glennon fan either
  8. One was a 4th rounder while he was evaluating Geno. Don't think he was considered anything other than a backup. Looks like he missed on Hack but it was a 2nd. I'd give him a chance this draft, but if he misses or doesn't take one in the 1st, I'll be on the fire him agenda
  9. No problem. IM me if you want more info
  10. I'm actually in Lauderdale. Delray is nice, especially if you're on the younger side. I recommend anywhere between Delray and Lauderdale on the east side of 95
  11. Hats off to McCown

    Let's not forget he had a big hand in at least a couple of losses and was an absolute no show I'm Tampa and today. His presence prevented an evaluation of the other 2 young ones. Yes that's not his fault, he's competing as he should, but I view him in the same light as Fitz in that regard
  12. You get used to the summers here. I was raised in NY but will never go back because of the winters. There's A.C. everywhere here and you can always go to a beach or pool to cool off. There's women in thongs everywhere as an added bonus.
  13. They started chanting Brady at a bar I was at, and I yelled cheater, and a fight nearly erupted. I was joined by fish fans. What a weird situation that was, lol
  14. It is on him that this team continues to come out lifeless on the road and after byes and long weeks, 4th quarter collapses, countless penalties, clock mismanagement (see end of 1st half), and not controlling the locker room. The team quit on him today. Enough of the excuses for this turd. He hasn't learned d*k and is the same buffoon as year 1.
  15. As an added pain in the a$$ from today's cluster f*k, South Florida is being invaded by Cheaters fans in town for the Monday night game. I want to puke looking at all the cheaters gear. I don't think I've ever wanted the fish to win a game so bad before. Not only does it help our draft position, but I'd love to give cheaters fans a nice goodbye. God, is this what a Jets fan has become?