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  1. Couldn't agree more. Finish building the Offense. Give me 52-49 shootouts anytime
  2. I hope Jones hires bowles to be head coach of his team. I'd love to hear Troy's opinion of bowles when he punts while two scores down and 5 minutes left to go in the game
  3. Adding to this, the Jets haven't taken a WR in the 1st round in that time span either, and Santanio Moss was the last one taken in the 1st. Before Thank you Joe Douglas Thank you, only 2 have been taken in the 2nd round this century, Hill, and Devin Smith. Simply amazing considering it is a passing league.
  4. LOL, I'd love that. The Giants would be destroyed for the next decade
  5. Were you looking to extending him before the start of the season? I imagine if JD had, a lot of people here would have been whining about it until the last couple of games. At least he's not waiting until the end of the season/FA period to do so, which the last GM did.
  6. Why not all 3? With today's pansy rules, there's not a lot of opportunities for KO returns anyway.
  7. IMO, Hall has much more potential upside than either of those 2 did. Dozier was OK, but nothing special and Enunwa was hurt more often than not. He was also one of the most overrated players on this board. Idiots draft is in the books, but the JD draft has one more year to really evaluate. We still don't know for sure on Becton and who knows on the others.
  8. Nope. Idiots draft was worse. Hall is better than anyone he drafted that year
  9. The Hall pick by itself makes that draft better than the idiot 12
  10. Woody didn't own the team when Carroll was fired. That was Leon Hess hiring his buddy Kotite
  11. The Jets went 5-0 in the preseason once. I believe that was Kotites 1st year. If the Jets win next week, there will be talk of sneaking into the playoffs. That's how it goes around here....
  12. Indeed. I understand the frustration, but anyone not expecting a disaster out of the gate was fooling themselves. Lets see where they are at end of the season. But no one has the patience for that.
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