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  1. Yes, and very sad John Ritter died so young.
  2. Nope. I'll be on a beach in ft Lauderdale scoping out the bikinis and enjoying myself. Already made plans for the day. Enjoy watching Bowles getting owned by the Bills
  3. 45 years for me and I'm there with you. The Johnson's are worthless owners, but I don't see them selling anytime soon so I doubt much changes
  4. I'm not watching another game with the clueless idiot coaching the team. I've got better things to do with my time. Unfortunately, I don't think letting the Johnson's know will do anything. They need to be embarrassed or have intense media pressure to make a change
  5. billo83

    Jets vs Bills at Metlife Stadium

    I'm not watching another game that the toilet is coaching
  6. billo83

    Jets vs Bills at Metlife Stadium

    If you go to to a game, wear a bag over your head. Time to embarrass the hedge fund babies
  7. billo83


    I wanted the toilet fired after the meltdown in buffalo with the playoffs on the line. Both guys were consulting on the decision on who to hire, so I blame them both without info to the contrary
  8. billo83


    As long as he's fired that's all I care. This season is lost already. I'd prefer to see him fired right away, but as long as he's fired that's all I care about. And he can take that loser coffee drinker with him. Absolute garbage at the helm. And Wolf recommended this?
  9. billo83


    For this first time in 45 years I'm actually rooting for the Jets to lose out. It's the only way I think the clueless owners fire this incompetent regime. I'm utterly disgusted with this organization as never before. And that's saying something
  10. billo83


    2 FG's and a Safety?
  11. Kotite coached into the playoffs, something the toilet could only dream of. But we are arguing over shades of dog poop so I digress
  12. Unfortunately embarrassing the ownership is the only way to get these bozos to make the right decision. Sign me up for banners, billboards, flyovers, boycotts
  13. Yet his players never quit on him, and even in the 1-15 season were more competitive on the whole then under this pathetic loser. Sorry but I've been through them all including Holtz. I've never hated a coach more than the toilet. I'm not watching another game that the toilet coaches, and I've never done thst before in watching this team for over 45 years

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