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  1. The Jets went 5-0 in the preseason once. I believe that was Kotites 1st year. If the Jets win next week, there will be talk of sneaking into the playoffs. That's how it goes around here....
  2. Indeed. I understand the frustration, but anyone not expecting a disaster out of the gate was fooling themselves. Lets see where they are at end of the season. But no one has the patience for that.
  3. WTF? Why would JD trade Zach for a worse prospect - because his mommy is going to vent on social media? LOL, if he did that, not only would he be fired - he wouldn't get an NFL job again.
  4. Well that is a what will happen. I doubt JD gets fired until his contract is up. Lets see what things look like by end of season. A lot of this will be deterrmined by how Saleh weathers the storm
  5. JD certainly can certainl be blamed for a lot of what is going on, but I think some of what you mentioned should really should be placed on Saleh. The Mims mess falls on the coaching staff, as well as the terrible game planning tha has been put in place. Not having a verteren QB at worst should be on both of them. This certainly was the HC decision IMO. My biggeset complain with JD is the OL which you would think he would have some good knowledge on.
  6. JD is not going to be fired during the season. When has J&J fired anyone in the FO in season?
  7. Wow, lol, wow! Think that was the most entertaining preseason game I've ever seen.
  8. And the Tuna wasn't that good of a GM as it is IMO. Tuna the HC bailed out Tuna the GM quite often. JD is already a better GM than the Tuna ever was IMHO.
  9. Not that I really want to defend him, but if I had the choice of opting out or playing for Gase, I would be tempted to do the same.
  10. Goodbye to Edoga and another Mac wasted pick
  11. I hate the Titans helmet, that is god awful. Don't like the black one either. The others are good. Personally I like the one from the '80s
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