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  1. Then why not post the content of the post that you disagree with, instead of labeling it a homer post while admitting that you only read half of it? That is silly, plain and simple. I don't think anyone is saying you trashed the article, but take exception that you are complaining that it is homerish while only reading half of it. Dispute the content if you feel that way, instead of complaining that someone is being positive.
  2. Nor can you only talk about doom and gloom, and how much Zach and Saleh suck. How often is there talk evenly around here? As others have pointed out, a rainbow thread gets 10 posts for every 100 of a doom, whining, and he sucks thread. What does that tell you?
  3. Yes, it's so much better to talk doom and gloom, whine, and how much Zach sucks. Not enough of that around here!
  4. A classic case of a POS calling out something else as a POS. What a hypocrite
  5. No, the blame goes to Mangini on the Ghost. Many around here want to give Mangini credit for Brick and Mangold, etc. so you put the blame on him for the Ghost as well. Either that or Tanny gets the credit for those picks good and bad.
  6. I forgot about that one. He has no game situation awareness at all. But hey, he's a nice guy so....
  7. Agree with all if this. Punting while down 2 scores with 5 minutes to go in the game is all you need to know about this guy. He was awful in all aspects of being a HC. I doubt much changes other than having superior talent across the board. Barry Switzer part 2
  8. I can imagine what the outcry would be around here if the Jets lost a playoff game using last year's rules because they lost the coin toss. Talk about a total meltdown
  9. I agree with the premise, but not have it decided by the kickers. I like the USFL rule. Each team gets one play from the five yard line to score. The first time one team scores and the other doesn't the game is over. Very similar to the shootout in hockey and extra innings in baseball. The one thing about the USFL rule is that they would have a minimum of three chances for each team, and then it would be sudden death. I would just make it sudden death after each team has a regular possession without a victor under the current rules
  10. I'd be good with that. I like what JD has done thus far, but I hope he's not counting on a high draft pick to produce right away
  11. Wondering if his torn ACL plus his age had a lot to do with it. Need to get a decent vet in here.
  12. + The #4 pick and another pick. Even then , he probably would have opted for Raiders
  13. When was the last time the Jets drafted a good wide receiver? When was the last time they drafted one in the first round? That's not coincidence. They need to draft one in the first round.
  14. If he was drafted in 2015, and they're talking about 4 seasons later, then this is referring to the 2019 season. So those stats are irrelevant
  15. I had to double check to make sure it wasn't the cheaters playing in the last drive for LA. That was atrocious to say the least. The NFL is a joke plain and simple
  16. Yes, I used to really enjoy getting that back in the day. It was pretty good for the times. I remember getting really disgusted with the Jets at the time and wound up canceling the subscription and that was last time I read anything from Jets confidential
  17. I paid 2k to see the Saints/Colts in Miami. I'd probably pay up to 10k to see the Jets in a SB.
  18. Couldn't agree more. Finish building the Offense. Give me 52-49 shootouts anytime
  19. I hope Jones hires bowles to be head coach of his team. I'd love to hear Troy's opinion of bowles when he punts while two scores down and 5 minutes left to go in the game
  20. Adding to this, the Jets haven't taken a WR in the 1st round in that time span either, and Santanio Moss was the last one taken in the 1st. Before Thank you Joe Douglas Thank you, only 2 have been taken in the 2nd round this century, Hill, and Devin Smith. Simply amazing considering it is a passing league.
  21. LOL, I'd love that. The Giants would be destroyed for the next decade
  22. Were you looking to extending him before the start of the season? I imagine if JD had, a lot of people here would have been whining about it until the last couple of games. At least he's not waiting until the end of the season/FA period to do so, which the last GM did.
  23. Why not all 3? With today's pansy rules, there's not a lot of opportunities for KO returns anyway.
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