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  1. So on the 10th every game will include Italian language and sub-titles? If so, I can live with that. With the Fins it is driven by Jennifer Lopez and her maricon hubby. Is every show in the *USA* bilingual for the month??? BTW, I am sick of "press 2 for English"!
  2. Are you so phucking dense that you do not understand that one has nothing to do with the other? Drafting McKnight has nothing to do with not signing Charity and her hubby. Che stronzo!
  3. As much due to inept coverage and tackling as anything else. Chargers have been burned on KO returns all year -- and it is early.
  4. Don't know if it will make him quicker, but the extra exposed skin should help the alcohol dissipate more quickly.
  5. You *are* kidding, right? Otherwise, you are a $#@%ing retard.
  6. Herm's BBQ does not translate to Texas 'cue.
  7. The only thing our ground game is missing is that quick, change of pace back. I have no idea if McNightmare will ever grow into that position. What I am sure of is that Leon is incapable of being that guy any more. So far as leadership is concerned, we have plenty of vets and character guys in the locker room. Leon, being greedy and too $%#!ing stupid to take what the Jets put on the table, hardly qualifies in that role. I predict he will not be in the league by the start of the next season. He is as done as done gets.
  8. You know, Jenks knee did not just break down and fall apart under his weight. That was a nasty hit and bending the knee in a direction it isn't supposed to bend was the cause of the injury. He might just be serviceable. Not saying we should bank on it since we need to get a young stud at the position anyway. I just would not completely write him off so quickly.
  9. You are such a moron that you do not even know who you are talking to and how off base you are. Time to quit, kid. In a match of mental jousting, you are the equivalent of an unarmed man. Or, more accurately, an unarmed boy. Get back to your parents' basement.
  10. I am definitely in. This is like winning a Trifecta. A long overdue Super Bowl, the tattoo and giving to a good cause all in one shot.
  11. BE has no trade value. UFA next season and coming off a not-so-smart move. WTF are you going to get? Have to keep him.
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