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  1. well now that Norv appears to be off the board and going to Cleveland, I think they need to at least look at Mularky. If not they gotta think outside the box and look for a young upcoming OC........
  2. Fire by the Jags, so whats the thought on taking a look at this guy as O coordinator? Per Wikipedia: ( Take it for what its worth ) Mularkey was hired as the Pittsburgh Steelers tight ends coach in 1996 and held the position until the conclusion of the 2000 season, when he replaced Kevin Gilbride as the team's offensive coordinator. He has a reputation for being an offense-oriented head coach with a penchant for trick plays. His skill for creating special packages to utilize multi-dimensional players such as Hines Ward and Antwaan Randle El earned him the nickname "Inspector Gadget".[3] Even with his creative imagination, his philosophy of being the most physical punishing offense helped the Steelers average 10+ wins a year during his 3 years as offensive coordinator. - kinda sounds like the attacking offense BS that Rex was throwing around at the Press conference.
  3. Chad may not have been the best QB in the league, but he played with more heart and knows more about the position then sanchez, a pussy huh...the guy played with half an arm (pussy?).......now I remember why I dont post here much....people just piss on your thoughts
  4. I agree with this.... I think the he is about to hold out again....the return of Meavis
  5. My thought was now that Sparano is running the Offense, maybe we Can get gid of Matt Cav and hire Chad as QB coach. he is a smart dude and knows how to play the position, just didnt have all the physical tools and was often injured
  6. I agree with most of what you have said....except for the fact that he can block, for a "blockihg TE " he sucks, he has been beaten easily many times this year....not impressed!! got be a better option somewhere, for the good of the team
  7. I agree there is a size diffrence, but when you cant block or keep from taking penalties its worth a shot, Mulligan is terrible and I would rather see someone else get a shot....LT is one of the smaller guys on the team and probably one of our best blockers.
  8. Why not just cut him and Give the kid Josh Baker a shot at it ...he is listed as a TE/FB. Cant be any worse then Mulligan and Baker already plays ST so whats the diffrence?
  9. Per Yahoo sports, too bad it wasnt before this week, guy was all over the field on us yesterday ! http://sports.yahoo....urn=nfl-wp13155
  10. If Plax cant go, I think you will see Mcknight line up at WR in certain situations, could be a big day for Kerley or Holmes
  11. One of the only sustained drives the Offense had today, we should have been in the Damn no huddle......HELLO its the 4th QT you need 2 scores, wake up Shotty !!! He is the most clueless O Cordinator in the league !!
  12. This team is gonna have up's and Down's through the season, this loss just sucked ! But now they can get up and fight or cry about one loss. There are 2 real tough games coming up...need to get there SH** together !! After 3 weeks most of the top teams have had a Hiccup...Baltimore crushes Pitt then loses to Tenn.....Pats looks unstoppable then lose to Buffalo....Giants Lose to Washington then pound on the "dream team " Eagles.....Jets beat Dallas then crush Jax, before losing to Oak. My thinking is ....its a long season and I know how important games can be ....but we need get our ship righted !!! Oh and Shooty's play calling is some of the worst I have ever seen !!!!
  13. Great play !! Joe Mcknight seems to be fighting for playing time and thats good to see, he made the play of the game !
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