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  1. kerley: 5'9" 188 4.56 40 cooks: 5'10" 185 4.33 40
  2. yes wld be cool kind of but talk about the circus talk costume change...
  3. They should He's earned recognition and maybe deserves the chance versus tougher competition
  4. That's why I say switch it up. Go in an unconventional direction.
  5. Cant wait to see the media call the jets a circus with Matt Simms at the helm
  6. Only guy that throws on a rope See what he can do if Sanchez hurt Two quarters Simms/Smith vs Philly
  7. Is give Simms a chance. Signed, the Beatles
  8. Started following - I'm Rozy_Brozy. Hope we move beyond the taking pix of joe namath baseball cards and expand the real game photo operation tho
  9. it almost has to be...or a DT. but then what about the OFFENSE????
  10. what they do at 13 and on the second day will tell me more. You still have Jarvis Jones, Margus Hunt, Damontre Moore and others out there. But i will say this - defense and the team has to built from the snap of the ball out. Getting rid of Revis was an opportunity to change the dynamic of the defense to attack as opposed to passive/defend. But this also tells me they wanted Tavon Austin.
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