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  1. Jets will Trade down to Lions#9 and take Cutler, (who the wanted all along) Then Will take White with #29, Lawson @#35 and Joseph @#40. They will be trading down not up
  2. Sign me up.. that is the kind of trade our new guys will be looking for. that's even better than the Detroit trading 9 + 2nd rounder for 4. I know I have been singing this tune for a while, but no was do the Green & White Trade up for ML or Bush. I can see circumstance can drop bush in our laps, but know way do we trade up.. We want to stock pile enough picks to fill a bunch of holes. what ever trade goes down and there will be one, we will have a top 10 pick and another 1st rounder. I can see our guys winding up with 4 picks in the to 40-45.. I DO LIKE YOUR TRADE!
  3. I agree, no QB at #4. But consider this. Don't be surprised about the Lions making an 11th hour move for #4 giving us #9 and and an early 2nd round. don't even be too shocked if ther is a 3 way between the Lions, Jets & Texans. Impossible? Maybe, but Houston is desperate to unload #1. If the Detroit/Jets things goes down, the Jets definitely take Cutler with #9..
  4. With some these guys who have been looong suffering fans posting some nastalgia, I got to thinking.. who is the best QB the Jets have put on the field since the beginning??? I know I will get a lot of flack but for me it definitely was not Joe willy, My vote goes for Kenny O'Brien.. What say you?
  5. Good Scrip.. but I think the only move that makes sense to the Green & White is stay put or Trade Down with the Lions.. Justice or Cutler look sweet at #9.. Mangold looks like a peice of the puzzle, but might be available @#35.. #29 could be a great swing pick.. Wide open (best athlete). I know Mario is a great player but paying him #4 money with all the adjustments he has to make 3/4, 4/3 NFL kind of tough for a Rookie, don't ya think? Personally I want no part M.L... I think Cutler is a better fit and a better bargain.. What's up with Teague? that can change things quickly..
  6. Solid formula JW.. based on that Mario would be the chalk pick.. but do you think he fits in a 3/4? Who would be better suited for a 3/4?
  7. I'll sign up with ya.. JC @ @9, McNeil @ 29 and Mangold @ 35 If Teague comes our way then maybe Kiwanuka @ 35 #40 maybe a RB or a quick Wide out..
  8. I agree that Houston can be that guy.. There is no way that we take White even if he falls to 35.. It's one thing to have problems after the fact but to invest in a guy who brings big baggage is just dumb. I don't see our Mr T screwing with chemistry. What do you think White would be like behind last years line? Let's get a line 1st and give our guys a shot.
  9. Anybody out there have any skinny on Runyon or Ashworth???? Getting any or both of these guys can totally change the draft strategy.
  10. I agree the Draft Value Chart is a bunch of Crap.. It's something that is used when one team wants to justify some nonsense that they are about to conclude. Abraham will be a Falcon.. The Falcons are the one between a rock and a hard place, not the JETS.. We have lots of options for this "All about Me" knucklehead. On the other hand Atlanta has this guy signed, the public is getting excited, they need him big time and the clock is ticking for them. The trade will be Abe & Ramsey for Schaub and Atlanta's 2nd Rounder. If the JETS go for QB, it will be Cutler not the Creampuff from US
  11. Hey Guys I know I'm the new kid on the block but today's events seem to make things pretty clear.. Atlanta gets Abe & Ramsey, Jet's get Matt S. and a 3rd round pick.. Falcons owner said the only way a trade for Matt S. happens if a qualified #2 QB is in the mix.. Sound good?
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